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We Paints Our Precious Boards

We needs them. We paints them. We wants them. Nasty hobbitses wants to steal our precioussss! No, they must not haves them! We needs to paint our precious boardsss. 



I Am Literally Watching Paint Dry

I have twelve planks of wood to paint. Two are finished, but I need to wait for them to dry before I can do anything else. I am actually watching paint dry. 

I need to move them, but they’re still wet. I need that space to paint two more boards. It takes an hour for the paint to dry. Isn’t this fun?

Home Renovations Are Fascinating

I love watching shows where they renovate a house, show new houses, or build tiny houses. They’re very interesting to me. I like to see how things change and how spaces can be used. It’s fascinating to see how unusual places can be changed to look more like a home, such as warehouses, barns, and even gas stations.

But the house I’m currently living in is going through a bit of a renovation, too. Mainly floors, paint, and curtains.

Living room floor. It used to be carpeted, but will be covered with a laminate.
Temporary sheet covering the dining room window.
Basement floor. The basement will be completely finished with laminate covering the floors.

A few things will be done. Soon, there will be blinds up for the west-facing windows. Not curtains. It becomes very hot in that side of the house during summer. The living room will have a laminate floor, as will the basement. The basement’s walls will be painted, and the kitchen, too. It’s going to be interesting to see how things change.

Maybe this is why I like to play The Sims.

A Bit of Bob Ross to Improve Your Mood

Why didn’t I find this YouTube channel before? You can find all of the episodes of The Joy of Painting from the first season until the fourteenth season, and they’re currently adding the fifteenth season.

I thought I’d show you the second episode from the first season. It looks kind of amateurish, but they had a very low budget. However, you still get to see his skill in painting. I like how simple his technique was, but the paintings turn out very well. I especially liked this one. Take a look.

Were you a fan of Bob Ross’? I used to watch his show when I was a kid. I’m happy to find his channel. Please leave a comment below.

Writers, Do You Also Do Art?

I’m curious about this.  If you’re a writer, do you also like to do your own art?  For example, character art, scenery, buildings, and even cover art.

I consider myself to be pretty decent at drawing, so I can do a lot of my own conceptual art, though I’m awful at doing faces.  I’m much better at landscapes, buildings, and still life.  I can also draw animals and plants fairly well.  But I always have trouble with people.  I’m good with pencils, but terrible with paint.  I also haven’t had much experience with digital art, as I prefer good old paper and pencil.  I will be doing a lot of art for my books, except for people.

If you can do art, what do you like to draw?

Happy Little Cloud

One of my childhood memories is of watching Bob Ross on TV painting landscapes and scenery.  He was always so calm and kind sounding, and very positive.  I found it relaxing to watch his show.  I enjoyed his art, too.  I thought I’d share some short videos I found of him on YouTube.

Here he is painting a happy little cloud.

Here he is doing one of my favourite things, painting mountains.

I like art a lot, and Bob Ross is actually one of the artists who encouraged my interest.  I even drew pictures with pencil crayons using his method of painting evergreen trees.

Anyone else enjoy Bob Ross?  Do you have a favourite artist?