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Cities: Skylines – A New Way to Eat Up My Free Time

I’ve been a big fan of the SimCity games, and in particular SimCity 4. I got that game in around 2004, and played it extensively for several years until my daughter managed to get the game CD out of its case and covered it with food. It was also a bit scratched up. So, there went my ability to create and run cities.

Then, tonight, I was looking on YouTube, and came across this video:

I think I’m going to immerse myself in a few of these videos. Cities: Skylines looks like the perfect replacement for SimCity 4! I love the look of it. It looks far more realistic. And the After Dark expansion looks great. I really want to see it on day and night cycles. And the ability to do cinematic flyovers makes me feel like I’ve found the perfect city simulator.

There’s a catch, though. The minimum requirements seem to exceed my computer’s CPU. But that’s okay. I do plan on getting a new computer when I can afford to. One that’s built for games like this.

Anyone heard of this game or enjoy city simulation games? Let me know in the comments below.