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USS Enterprise Found on Ceres!

Conspiracy theorists, this is for you. The USS Enterprise has been found on Ceres! Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society has the proof! Take a look!

It’s so clear! Those bright spots on Ceres must be Starfleet bases or maybe exposed dilithium! Gene Roddenberry knew the truth!


Velociraptor Pareidolia

Pareidolia, a term that’s used to refer to the phenomenon which causes us to see or hear patterns when there really is none.  It’s the Jesus on toast.  It’s the Virgin Mary in your tree.  It’s your demonic phrases in music that’s played in reverse.  Does it really mean anything?  Absolutely not.  However, our brains are always trying to find something recognizable in random patterns.

So, I bring to you the dinosaur that I discovered, Asphalt Paint Velociraptor!  All hail Velociraptor!

If you can’t see it, the head is on the left, the tail is on the right, and the legs are below. You can also see an arm on the left.