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Sleeping Difficulties

She looks innocent, doesn’t she? That was her at the playground earlier today. She ended up going to bed a bit late tonight, but she spent two hours moving around, talking, and making a poor attempt at sleeping. I’m tired.

Anyone else have trouble getting their kid to bed?

My Daughter Amazes Me

Now more than four and a half years old, it’s hard to believe it’s been so long since she was a non-verbal baby. Now, she talks. She talks non-stop! It doesn’t matter if it’s in Japanese or English, she will continually talk until everyone is hoping she’ll be quiet for a few minutes.

The rate at which she’s acquired English is amazing. She’s become conversational in English, although her grammar is still odd. That’ll sort itself out over the next year, I think. She still lacks vocabulary, but she’ll learn quickly. School starts in September for her, so she’ll have a great opportunity to speak more.

But there’s something I’ve noticed this week. She can negotiate. She’s a bit manipulative. She’s stubborn. And she is very strong-willed. She wanted something to eat, and she asked for three of something (I don’t remember what!). But that was too much. We said just one. She settled on two, and we said okay. And tonight, while going to sleep, she was being so incredibly cute, I would’ve loved to have had the conversation on camera. She wanted to hold our hands, then she wanted my wife and I to hold hands. She said she loves us, and we’re her best friends. She was very happy to have us cuddling with her. She was happy to just be with us.

We’re doing something right. She’s actually quite generous. She’ll ask for some gummies, candy, or something else, and she’ll give everyone a piece. She likes to share. But she can be bull-headed and refuse to do things when we ask. I always have to talk to her about not listening to us, and she always apologises. Have to be stern with her sometimes. But in the end, she’s happy.

She’s my best friend.

My Daughter Will Be a Rock Climber

My daughter is a climber. She’s fearless. She will climb anything, and will get up pretty high. She has a very strong grip and sure footing. I think she’s going to be a rock climber.

Although she’s only four years old, she seems to have little trouble getting up anywhere. She played with a boy who was about a year older than her, and his father had him wearing a bicycle helmet to climb onto anything. But I noticed that my daughter climbs faster than him, and has far better technique.

You may ask if I’m afraid if she’s going to fall. Sure, I’m worried about if she falls, but I can’t hover around her. She needs to learn to be independent on the playground, make friends by herself, and resolve conflicts on her own. I’m not going to be the kind of parent who micromanages his child. I’ll make sure she knows when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing, like throwing sand or pushing other kids. I’ll let her climb up the slide backwards. Lots of kids do that, and it allows her to use the playground equipment in her own way. I’ll let her make her own mistakes. If she falls and gets a scrape, this only helps her learn. I sit back and just watch.

I want her to become independent, use her own judgment, and learn how to take care of herself. And maybe she will become an amazing rock climber.

The Kindergarten Follow-Up

We went, we played, we cried. Well, my daughter cried.

So, everything went well at my daughter’s school at first. She tried playing with a lot of toys. Amazing how she just picks something up and starts playing with it. About halfway in, the kids went to the library where the kindergarten teachers did story time. The parents went back to the kindergarten classroom to listen to the Principal talk. Nothing new, but some parents asked questions. That’s when it happened.

The kindergarten teacher brought our daughter to us. She was crying. Why? Because we were gone. She had no idea that we’d left her there without us. Well, the meeting was over anyway, and it was time to leave. But she didn’t want to go. She cried again, saying she wanted to keep playing. I explained to her that everyone is going home, so we can’t stay. She was angry.

Hopefully, when school starts, she won’t be crying when it’s time to go home.

Resurrecting a Blog

Now that I have some new ideas for my YouTube channel, I have some ideas for my other YouTube channel and a blog I haven’t updated in quite some time. You see, those two go together.

My other YouTube channel is dedicated to my daughter and I, and I may start using it for parenting talks, as well as fun stuff my daughter and I do. My other blog, Foreign Dad in Japan, was created to show what it’s like to raise a daughter as a foreigner in Japan. But now that we’re going to Canada, it’s kind of a strange title to have for a blog. I’m going to start using it for parenting issues, especially about being a father. I’ll probably update weekly with something, and with my new project with my daughter, learning to do her hair, I have some things to talk about very soon.

So, stay tuned and watch for updates!

The Trouble With a Three-Year-Old and Video Editing

This is my three-year-old daughter.


Cute, isn’t she? Well, she’s three years old, which means that she’s wild, often uncontrollable, and has a huge attitude. Yes, a threenager.  She’s at that age when she thinks she can do what she wants. She doesn’t have the rules down yet, and demands everything. Tonight, we went to the local festival which is near our apartment and watched a bit of entertainment. When we left, she became incredibly angry.

We ate dinner at home, then we went back to the festival to watch more. However, she decided that she wanted to get on stage with everyone. I told her that she can’t, and she became very loud. She started shouting that she wanted to go on stage (at this time, there was an old guy doing a traditional Japanese song). She kept on shouting over and over, so we had to leave, because she was disturbing the entire festival. And she became extremely angry again.

Threenagers, what can you do? Also, she’s in this phase right now where she refuses to sleep until well after midnight. She was doing so great during summer, going to bed at a decent time. But now, she tends to get only about six or seven hours of sleep at night. She gets up extremely irritable, which is understandable. However, she will not go to bed until she’s so sleepy that she can’t stay awake. I don’t know what to do about this.

Second, I’m going to start using a video editor on my computer to edit videos (obviously). I’ve already taken a couple of videos in the past twenty-four hours, and need to do some editing. Watch for them to come soon on my YouTube channel. And please subscribe to my channel! I’m refocusing what I’m doing on my channel, and I’d like the videos to look a bit more professional. The YouTube editor does a decent job, but it doesn’t look great.

With the “relaunch” of my channel, I’ll be doing a lot of videos about Japan. My sister is coming to Japan next month, so I’ll be taking videos anywhere we go, and putting them up on YouTube. I’ll also be doing the Life in Japan posts in video form. And I’ll make videos about our immigration efforts. So, look forward to seeing those soon.

Blog Spotlight – All In A Dad’s Work

One of the top commenters and newer member of Authors Answer, this week’s spotlight is on Eric Wood’s blog, All In A Dad’s Work. He’s also known as stomperdad in the comments. On his blog, you’ll find his writing, as well as a lot about being a dad and parenting.

allinadadsworkAt first, you will likely notice the large stuffed animal header image. I think you’ll realise that his blog has a lot to do with children, as he has a couple of sons that he frequently talks about. He has a nice simple layout and a deep red background that gives it a warm feeling.

Let’s look at the menu first. Of course, we have the usual Home and About, but we also have Links and 100 Word Stories.

Going to his About page, you’ll see he talks about himself and his family. It’s simple and straightforward, and you immediately get to see what kind of person he is.

Next is Links.  It’s not a long list, only five items, but he says they’re his favourite places to go on the internet. His first link? Here! Why, thank you, Eric!

And then we have 100 Word Stories. Here you can find a few of his very brief stories of only one hundred words. There are ten to read (at the moment), so enjoy going through them.

But I think the main thing is that he blogs a lot about various topics. Just browse through his posts, and I’m sure you’ll find some things you enjoy. He posts frequently, so you’ll always have something new.

Personal message to Eric

Thanks for being such a great commenter this year. You’ve become one of the most dedicated people to spend their time here, and I agree with what you said on your links page, if we lived near each other, we’d probably be friends. Thanks!