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Where Can You Find Me?

All of you who are subscribers of my blog can find me in your newsfeed or in email notifications. However, you can also find me in many other places. And I don’t just mean social media.

So, where can you find me? First, let’s look at the social media sites.

I’m very active in two places, though I do update in several social media sites. First is Twitter. I have more than 3,000 followers there, and I find it a quick way to talk to people. I check it several times a day, so if you ever want to talk to me there, that’s a good place. So, please follow me on Twitter! Second is Facebook. I have a Facebook page for this blog, and I update there whenever I update this blog, but it’s also a good place to get in touch with me. I only have 61 people following me there, but I’d love to have more. If you haven’t done so, please like my Facebook page.

I also update regularly on a couple others. First is Google Plus. There, I have 67 followers, so it’s not a lot. But if you’re on there, please add me to your circles. And then there’s Pinterest. All of my posts go up there in different categories. I have 30 followers, though they’re mostly friends and family. But you’re very welcome to follow me there!

Outside of social media, there are several websites where I’m active. First is YouTube. I have a channel there, and I really think you should subscribe. I have 42 subscribers at the moment, and I have a large number of videos coming soon. So, please go over and subscribe.

I’m also on Goodreads, and I’m always updating my reading there. I have a lot of books, so you can see what I like and what I want to read. Once I’ve published a book, I’ll be using it a lot more. So, go on over and become a friend.

And finally, I’m regularly at Critique Circle, where I participate in the forums and put works in progress up for critiquing. I also critique stories. I have a free plan, so I can add friends, however, I can add you as a favourite. So, come on over and add me as a favourite author, then send me a message. I’ll add you back.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on many of those websites. Are you members of them? Which ones? If you want others to follow you, go ahead and leave links to your profiles in the comments below.

Change of Weather, Change of Feelings

Although it’s still summer, the air has changed. Around mid-August, the winds change to being cooler, relieving us of the oppressive heat. It’s still hot and humid, but at least the wind is no longer hot. People’s feelings become lighter and going out isn’t as difficult.

For me, I’m finding that this change has coincided with a change in my online attitude. I’m feeling energised. I want to work on YouTube videos. I want to get involved in new things, such as Reddit, as well as start organising Pinterest more effectively. I guess you could say I’m feeling even more social online.

As far as YouTube goes, I’m planning on making a lot of videos of places I visit while my sister is here. But also when I visit different places with my family or myself.

On Reddit, I want to get involved in discussions in the writing, fantasy, and science fiction sections.

On Pinterest, I want to create new boards and categorise my posts more effectively, as well as pin other people’s pins. That should draw more people to my boards.

There are other things I want to do, but these are the most immediate.

Anyone feeling motivated lately?

The Blog Post Share Project – Share the Love

I was thinking yesterday, I’m usually giving blog posts I like a comment and a like. I get plenty of those myself on this blog. But there are other ways to show your appreciation to blogs and bloggers.

So, how about this? Whenever you see a blog post you like, don’t just like it. Leave a comment if there’s something you want to say, of course. But why not use social media to help get the word out to others about that post? At the bottom of each post in a blog, there should be buttons you can click on for various social media. Twitter is great, if you use it. Why not pin it on Pinterest? Or how about share it with your friends on Facebook? Or even Google+? If you think the post is really, really good, you could even share it on Reddit.

So, this is what I’m going to do from now on. When I read a blog post I think should be shared with everyone, I will not only like and comment, but I will share on social media. Who’s with me on this idea? Let’s share our love for great blog posts!

And while you’re at it, share this post on social media.

The Importance of Social Media

Social media isn’t just a way to advertise your book or blog, it’s an important way to communicate with other people.  One thing I love about social media is that it’s possible to get in touch with many people. I’ve had responses from some established authors, such as Alastair Reynolds (we interacted on Twitter) and Michael J. Sullivan (mostly through Goodreads, and he even did an interview for me).  Those kinds of things are thrilling.  I love getting responses from authors, and honestly, I want to do that kind of thing after I’m published.

So, here’s how to follow me.  You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

These are all different ways you can interact with me.  If you’re interested in any of those social media platforms, follow me, and we can talk.  I want to follow you, too!

On Twitter, I find it easy to give a quick thought wherever I am.  I reply to everyone.  On Facebook, I find it easy to be able to have quick discussions through my Facebook author page, and it’s easy to share many things.  On Goodreads, we can discuss our favourite books, see what each other is reading, and get some great recommendations.  On Google+, we can also have good discussions, much the same was as Facebook.  On Pinterest, we can share some great websites.  On Instagram, we can share our photos.  And on YouTube, you can interact with me on my videos.

Social Media, Marketing, and More

Well, I finally did it.  I joined Pinterest.  I’ve been a member of Facebook, Twitter, and Google + for quite some time, but I’ve decided to expand.

To market my future books, I need to use as many means as possible to advertise.  Joining social media is important, but not the biggest way to market.  However, this way is useful for interacting with readers outside of blog comments.  For each of my blog posts, I make a post on the social media sites.  I have the largest number of followers on Twitter, more than 1600 at this time, while my Facebook pages are lowest.  I’m wondering how Pinterest will pan out.

Aside from social media, I also think websites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon, and so on, are important for getting views.  Views are nice, but I want regular readers.  What I like to see are people liking my posts, but best of all are comments.  That shows I’m really connecting with people.

With my future books, I need to expand even further.  Not just social media, but also being active on other blogs, joining forums, and participating in blog tours.  I’m also open to doing guest posts.

One thing I’m going to try soon is spotlighting other blogs I find worth reading, and adding them to my blogroll.  You see the blogroll on the right side?  I like to check those blogs regularly.  I really do need to add on to it.  So, I’m going to ask this:  If you have a sci-fi, fantasy, or general book review website or blog, and would like to exchange links, leave a comment.

Also, if you would like updates on this blog, please follow this blog, or you can follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or Goodreads.