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Citizenship Certificate Application (aka What’s Killing My Writing)

Today, my family’s continued adventure into the world of immigration lead us back to the Embassy of Canada.  It was a frustrating day with a few bumps.  It started out with me ready to go to the embassy with my daughter, but I did some double-checking.  That’s what brought about my first bump.  It said I needed an affidavit signed by the translator of any Japanese documents in front of a Commissioner of Oaths.  Panic time.  I thought I’d have to wait until next week.  I sent an email to the embassy, and they responded quickly.  That wasn’t required.  No affidavit.  Whew!

So, why is no affidavit needed?  Japan doesn’t have a system for certifying documents or doing oaths like that.  So, all I need to do is make sure the translation is done neatly, accurately, and typed.  Okay, that was fine.  So, we rushed out to the embassy.  I knew we’d have time to get there.  And we got there just in time, 15 minutes before the Consular Section is supposed to close.  I gave all of the documents and translations to the embassy staff.  What we had translated for my daughter’s citizenship certificate is the family registry, her birth registration, and her national health insurance card.  Next bump coming up.  They asked me if I had an original of the birth registration, because it looked like I only had a copy.  Well, I was certain that was the only copy we had. More on that later.  Next bump.  I forgot my daughter’s photos!  Damn it!  Well, they said it was fine, just mail it to them.  So, that was that.

I was done at the embassy, except for a trip to the bathroom.  You see, my daughter poured her water all over herself.  It made her look like she wet herself.  But it was just water.  I couldn’t do anything about it until we got home.

When we got home, I asked my wife about the birth registration.  What I gave the embassy was the copy that was made for us by the city.  In fact, it had never been made before.  This was THE original, first ever copy.  In Canada, we’re given a birth certificate after we’re born.  In Japan, the important document is the family registry.  When a child is born, they join the family registry, rather than have a birth certificate issued.  Therefore, the family registry is the big official document.  The birth registration document had to be typed, then given to us, so it took them some time to prepare it.

We’ve sent the photos and a letter explaining that this was the original birth registration document.  They should have her citizenship certificate application sent out next week.  Unfortunately, it’ll take up to a year for us to receive it. This creates a little problem with my wife’s visa application.  We’re supposed to include it in her application, but now we can’t.  We’ll have to explain to Immigration that it’s being processed.

I think one of the more frustrating things is that the embassy’s website isn’t very clear on a few things.  What the embassy staff says, what the website says, and what the forms say are often different.  It’s hard to know what exactly we’re supposed to do. Anyway, the only thing left we have to do is the visa application.  But that’s a lot of pages.

I’d planned to have a video done, but YouTube’s taking its time processing the videos.  I’ll put it up in another post when it’s ready.


Computerless for the Foreseeable Future

I’m writing this from my phone, as I can’t get any of my computer’s web browsers to work without locking up. This means I’m restricted to my phone for the Internet. Not the best thing for typing up blog posts. So, I won’t be able to make long blog posts without tiring myself out, because typing on an iPhone takes far too long.

So, what should I do now? I’ll be reading a lot more. I’ll be writing on paper, both for my book and book reviews. Everything will get typed up once my computer is replaced, whenever that will be.

As for this blog, I’ll try blog often from my phone, hopefully generating some discussion from you in the comments. That means it’s your turn to talk a lot on this blog. So please leave comments often!

The unfortunate thing is that my Coursera courses are being put on hold for now. One course I won’t be able to finish at all because it’s done this month. I can’t watch anything. I don’t have iOS 7, so I can’t get the Coursera app. I tried.

Anyway, please bear with me until I get a new computer. When I’m fully up and running, I’ll have plenty to say.

Time Consuming Computer Problems

Not sure if I’ve fixed anything yet, but so far, I haven’t had problems running Firefox for the past 15 minutes.

Starting this morning, I noticed that Firefox kept hanging.  It repeatedly stopped responding, and I had to force it to close.  I got home tonight, and the same thing happened.  I ran a virus scan, nothing.  I ran a tune-up program and found 229 registry errors.  I fixed that, but still the same.  It still stopped responding.  I upgraded Firefox to the latest version.  Same thing.  I restarted Windows.  Still no change.  Finally, I went into control panel and fiddled with the settings in power options, changing the hard disk power down to 60 minutes.  That seems to have solved the problem…I hope.

It’s Not Writer’s Block!

Sometimes things just won’t let you write.  Today, I had one such incident.

I started up my computer this morning hoping to get around 30 minutes or so of writing done, but what came up on my screen was aggravating.  A message saying Windows couldn’t start and was going through start-up repairs.  Well, that only took about 10 minutes and it restarted without a problem, but the damage was done.  I was in no mood to write.

It actually has me worried still.  My computer’s done this once before about a month ago.  It actually did it occasionally last winter.  I don’t think it likes cold temperatures.  It seems to do it more when it’s cold.  I wonder if it’s a hardware issue with this type of computer.  I’m wondering if it’ll start up normally tonight.  I guess I’ll try do a major cleanup on my computer tomorrow.  Run all the tests.

And this was my one chance home alone this week to write.  Not happening.