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There’s a New Post Editor!

I’d been using the old editor for quite some time. Then last year, a new editor appeared that lacked the functionality of the old one, and for some reason, only gave me the ability to see three lines in the text field. It was irritating. It only gave me a full view when I edited existing posts. It was fine for that, but not for making new posts. So, I continued using the old editor which is available on the old WP Admin Dashboard.

Well, there’s a new editor! And how does it look? It actually looks pretty good.  I like it. I may actually use it. I’m using it right now just to test it. Improvements over the previous “new” editor include a full list of categories and how they’re structured, larger visual editor, cleaner appearance, and far easier to use.

But, there’s a problem. There’s no option for adding a poll. I wonder why it hasn’t been included. I guess it’s time to visit WordPress forums and ask about it!

What do you think of the new editor?

Books versus eBooks

Recently, eBooks have overtaken traditional books in overall sales.  It’s not unexpected at all, as it seems everything is becoming digitized these days.  But which format is better?

I’m kind of torn between the two.  For publishing, I think that eBooks are the way to go for now and the future.  It’s become easy to self-publish eBooks, but on the other hand, it’s very difficult to market them.  For reading, both are convenient, in my opinion.

The case for books

Books have been around for centuries.  They are the traditional way to read.  I enjoy holding a book in my hands as I read it.  I like seeing the books in a bookcase.  I like the cover art.  I like being able to see exactly where I am in the book, not a percentage in an e-reader.  I feel good reading a physical book.  No need to worry about battery power.

The case against books

Books wear out.  Over time, if they aren’t taken care of properly, they can start falling apart.  They also take up a lot of space.  They’re a fire hazard, as well.  They can sometime be too big to carry, and it’s hard to pack them away in boxes if you move.  They’re bulky and often clumsy to read with just one hand.  If you get anything on them, they’re hard to clean.

The case for eBooks

They’re compact and easy to take with you.  In fact, you can take many in one e-reader, such as Kindle or Kobo, or even on your smartphone.  I read eBooks on my iPhone.  They take up no physical space, so no need for bookcases.  They are delivered instantly when you buy them.  They’re quick to access and easy to read.  They’re also cheaper than paper books.

The case against eBooks

Sometimes I’m not quite sure how much I have left to read.  I can’t picture the number of pages my Kindle for iPhone says are left.  Eye strain on a regular tablet or smartphone screen.  Battery power affects how long you can read.  The screen may be small, so you’re constantly turning the pages.  It just doesn’t feel like a real book!

I’m really undecided as far as reading goes.  I love books, but I like the convenience of eBooks.  I don’t think I can choose.  I want both.  But if I had a choice, I would most likely buy a physical book.  I just want to have it on a shelf.