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Week in Review – October 16, 2016

Changes are happening. In more than one way. Let’s just say I’m focusing on quality rather than quantity now. Curious? Well, find out!


Almost done!!! Finally. Redemption Ark by Alastair Reynolds is now at 97% done, and I’ll be finishing it the next day I work. Feels great to make progress!


This is not where quality or quantity is happening.


This is where quality is improving. But first, I’ve done 7 videos on my main channel and 6 videos on my vlog channel. Well, the 6th vlog will be up after this post. What I mean about quality is that I’ve now started using a title screen for my main channel’s videos. I think it looks better. End card will come soon, I promise! Also, I’m going to try to focus on making my videos at least 5 minutes long, but no longer than 10 minutes. This is ideal because YouTube searches like videos that are longer, while people like watching videos that are shorter than 10 minutes. So the 5 to 10 minute length is ideal for views and search results. I’ve also been studying about SEO (search engine optimisation) for YouTube, which I really need to improve.


Nothing. Major revamp coming!


Again, I haven’t done anything. Sometimes I just get myself too busy with one thing, and neglect others.

The Blog

This is the other place where quality is going to rule. I’ve stopped doing the twice a day blog posting! I’m still doing a blog post a day, and I’ll do more if I have something to say that is worth reading. This will allow me to focus more on quality posts and other things, like my videos. And eventually, my books!



The Next Week’s Goals

I’ll be doing a lot on SEO, as well as book reviews. I need to get my last three reviews up before my new review. Also, as part of the SEO thing, I’m going to start doing transcriptions of my videos for closed captioning. This will also help improve my videos’ search rankings, as they’ll be more searchable. I think I’ll also open them up to people making translations and subtitles for my videos if they want.

How was your week?

How Frequently Should You Blog?

I’ve been having an internal debate today after reading several blog posts about blogging frequency. What’s interesting is that there isn’t a very strong consensus. However, there are very strong arguments for both sides: less is better, or more is better.

Blogging Less

I think this is the bigger camp. There are good reasons for it. Blogging once or twice a week means high quality blog posts that people will want to read. It also allows the blogger to spend more time doing other things. In my case, it would allow me to spend more time writing my book. The blogger can also spend more time promoting the posts they have done, as well as visit other blogs and comment on them. Also, people will see the blogger as having better quality posts, rather than always making short daily posts that may not have as much quality.

Blogging Daily

There’s another group who advocates blogging daily. And there are good reasons here, too. First, it gives the blogger discipline. They do it, and they become good at maintaining a schedule. It also helps a person improve their writing. If they’re only blogging once a week, they may take more time to actually get into the mood. If you’ve maintained a daily blogging schedule for a long time, you’re always ready to post. You also find your voice. However, you can burn out, get bored, or find that you’re only blogging because you feel that you need to make that blog post.

What do I do?

I blog daily. Twice a day, in fact. I don’t feel tired of doing it. I enjoy it. I always have ideas, and I have plenty of things to say. I wouldn’t say it takes away from my book writing time, because I don’t write blog posts when I’m in the zone. I write them when people are around. I can shut them out for blogging, but not for writing books. Writing twice a day started as a challenge to see if I could do it. But you know what? I enjoy it! It makes me want to write.

But you see, I can’t go down to once a week. That would mean I’d probably only be doing Authors Answer. That’s not the focus of this blog. If I were to reduce my blogging, I’d go down to five times a week. Authors Answer would always be there. I’d also work on one or two other series, including Worldbuilding. And the rest of the time, I’d be blogging about various topics, mostly related to books, book reviews, science, and education. I guess the topics wouldn’t change much at all. I wonder what would happen.

In April, I was blogging mostly once a day. Traffic dropped dramatically, and I had far less interaction on my blog. I love the comments and conversations that go on. This month, I returned to twice a day, and the traffic is better than ever, and the comments are back up to normal. Interesting results.

In the future, things will probably change. As I get more into writing my book, as well as working, I may drop down to five posts a week. I expect a drop in views, but I plan on spending more time going to other blogs. But it’s a difficult decision to make. I enjoy blogging daily. But we’ll see what happens.

What do you think? Which camp are you in? Let me know in the comments below.

Changes Coming to Amazon’s Kindle

Publishing to Amazon’s Kindle has been easy for anyone to do, and has flooded the market with self-published eBooks. They range from professionally well-done to amateurishly horrible. Amazon wants to solve the problem of substandard eBooks.

eNovel Authors at Work posted a great article about the changes and what they mean to the average indie author. To get yourself familiar with what’s happening, I suggest you read it. It may make life easier for you.

The changes come into effect in February and will affect indie authors, small publishers, online publishers, and boutique publishers. This does not affect traditional publishers who concentrate on print books. When there are errors in the book, such as spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, formatting issues, and just plain poor quality, the book will be flagged and taken offline. The author is then notified and asked to fix the problems before it can be published again. Even one complaint by a reader can result in a book being pulled. Thankfully, fixing the issues is easy, especially if it’s just a spelling or grammar mistake. In fact, Amazon will tell you exactly where the errors are. Sometimes, they’ll be foreign words. Fair enough, those don’t need to be changed. Before publishing, you can even use Kindle’s online proofer to find the mistakes. If there are no problems, publish away!

My worries are probably minor, but what if a book is constantly being tagged as poor quality because of technobabble, magic words, or unique names that the author has made up? I’d hope that wouldn’t be an issue.

On the positive side, this will force authors to make sure their books are good quality. It may discourage the lazy or unmotivated authors from publishing substandard books. They may try anyway, and get frustrated. I could see the number of books published this year decreasing because they’re prevented from publishing their error-riddled novels.

As always, I’m a wait and see kind of person. I’m interesting in seeing how this goes. What do you think? Do you agree with the new rules? Or do you have any worries? Let me know in the comments.

Two Weeks Without Reading

It’s been more than two weeks since I read a book. I used to go months without reading at times, but that hasn’t happened in a few years. In at least the past five years, I’ve read books nearly every day, sometimes going a couple days without reading anything. But this time, I went two weeks without reading.

I’ve come to the conclusion that reading is like an addictive drug. I have a strong desire to read right now, and I want to immerse myself in another world as soon as possible. I find that seeing the world or another world from the eyes of other people is incredibly desirable. I want to know how they see things, how they feel, and how they do things. I want to read now!

It’s also been two weeks since I’ve done normal updates on this blog. Of course, I’ve kept to two posts per day, but they’ve been short, and just like my reading, the number of people reading my blog has dropped drastically. But I think this also has to do with the fact that I haven’t been responding to comments in a timely manner while my sister’s been here.  Well, now that she’s gone back to Canada, I’ll get back to work on providing bigger and better posts. Not only will I be reading books again, but you’ll be reading more from this blog.

So, how were your last two weeks?