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Week in Review – July 10, 2017

Well, it’s been two weeks since the last update. My personal life has gotten in the way of posting a bit, as well as doing some more complex videos on YouTube. That and more below!


I swear, I’ll do it!


Again, current events have made it difficult for me to concentrate on this much. I hope that things will settle down soon and I can get into a good routine.


In the last couple weeks, I uploaded 7 videos to my main channel, including a live stream! I’d also like to mention that my subscribers have increased dramatically recently. That is very promising! I also uploaded a video to my family vlog.


This has stalled a bit, but I’ll get on it when things have settled down a bit more.


Nothing recently.

The Blog

I haven’t been posting like I said I would. I was hoping to get back to posting daily, but real life has interfered, and I haven’t been able to do everything I wanted. Maybe next month.



The Next Week’s Goals

Hoping things will look up this week. I’m planning on doing some more Star Trek blog posts and videos. I have several videos to do, and I’d like to get to work on reading.

How was your week?

Is the Online You Really You?

Here’s an interesting question. If you blog, do you write with your personality? Or do you sound different in your blog? Are your blog posts conversational, or are they more like formal articles? Do they show you?

I talked about that on my YouTube channel, as well. Is it really me on video, or is it scripted? Take a look.

In real life, I can be silly. I talk with a funny voice or say silly things. But on my main channel, I tend to be more calm. I’m not spontaneous. My videos are completely planned. But if you look at my vlog channel, I’m more natural. I don’t plan what happens. Things just happen and I document it.

What kind of person are you in real life? Is it any different than how you are online? Let me know in the comments below.

From Reality to Fantasy to Story

Have you ever been in a situation that would require you to behave in a civilised manner or to refrain from doing anything, yet you want to do something completely different?  For example, you see drunk man irritating passengers on a train, yet due to societal standards, you’re supposed to ignore the person.  But in your mind, you’re thinking of many things to say or do to get the person to be quiet or get off the train.

I have many train stories that ended with me doing nothing, since if I did anything, people would look down on me for not minding my business. Such is life in Japan.  Things I have seen include the following:

  • A man stole a seat from a pregnant woman by sneaking behind her and sitting down just as she was about to sit down.
  • A drunk man was talking with several passengers, then went to a junior high school boy who looked so terrified, he was looking around at people to help him.
  • A man nearly walked into my wife and I in the train station, and then he followed us.  We waited for the train, but he came behind me and kneed me in the leg, then shouted at me, saying I should get out of Japan.
  • An older man who had been hiking, was sitting between two seats, while his backpack was on a third.  He had his hiking boots off and was massaging his feet. The train was packed.  My wife was pregnant.  I commented to her that some people are so rude, and another man looked at me, hopeful that I’d do something.  I guess he wanted some entertainment.
  • Multiple times people pretended to sleep in the priority seats the moment they see an elderly person or a pregnant woman.

I can go on.  But have you ever taken moments like this, imagined how you could change it, then wrote a brief story about it?  Let me know in the comments below.