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Why are people afraid of gay marriage?

In recent years, gay marriage has become a hotly debated topic in several countries. It’s legal in a few countries, including my home country, Canada. In the USA, it’s legal in some states. However, the religious right are strongly against it. Why? Marriage is a civil matter. Sure, it can be done in churches, temples, synagogues, or mosques, but to be official, it must be registered with the government.

Those who are against gay marriage usually cite moral and religious reasons. But what if the gay couple isn’t of the same religion, or no religion at all? They shouldn’t have to be subject to someone else’s religious beliefs. Let’s look at some of the arguments.

“If gay people can marry, then people will want to marry animals.” You’ve got to be kidding me. Equating gay people to animals? This argument makes no sense to anyone with common sense. It’s ridiculous.

“It threatens straight marriage.” No, that’s unaffected. Nothing changes for straight married couples. Bad argument. Do any married couples actually think that their own marriage will change because gay people can marry? Other people’s marriages do not affect anyone else’s marriage.

“It’s immoral.” By whose standard? Morals are subjective. Everyone has different morals. And not everyone’s morals are dictated by a book.

“It’s against God.” So? There’s something called freedom of religion in many countries. It means that you have a right to choose your own religion or have none at all. It also means that you don’t have to follow other people’s religious beliefs. In other words, it’s like saying “Your religion does not apply to me.”

“It’s disgusting.” Grow up. That is all I have to say about that.

“It’s unhealthy.” How’s that? I know plenty of gay people in relationships, and they’re pretty healthy and happy. In fact, they seem to have healthier relationships than many straight couples.

“Their children will be gay.” Homosexuality isn’t learned. It’s been shown to be physiological. It happens whether they like it or not.

“The children need both a mother and father.” Tell that to well-adjusted children of single parents. They’ll have 2 parents. Gender roles are traditional, but in today’s world, there is something called equality.

What’s your stance on this issue? Do you have any good arguments for or against gay marriage?