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Christmas Blog Present 13: Dab of Darkness

Now that it’s Christmas Eve, here is the 13th and final Christmas blog present.  A little darkness…and a cat.


#13 Dab of Darkness

Run by Susan J. Voss, Dab of Darkness is a book blog that focuses mostly on fantasy reviews, but also read alongs and interviews.  Looking at the tag cloud, it appears there’s a lot about Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.  But there is some science fiction, as well.

The reviews are pretty interesting.  She states what she likes, what she doesn’t like, where she got it, and more.  The reviews are easy to read.  You’ll also notice that for each review, a picture of the book has been taken with a cat.  Great theme!

The latest review is for The Human Blend.

Christmas Blog Present 12: The Bibliophibian

Here’s another newer review blog with a somewhat similar name as yesterday’s.


#12 The Bibliophibian

Although it sounds like an amphibious book reader, The Bibliophibian is a blog that focuses a lot on speculative fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction.  It only started in October, and I’ve been following it since it was still very new.

The review style is straightforward and to the point.  It’s not extremely detailed, but makes it easy to read.  There is no rating system, just thoughts about the books.

The most recent review is of Greenwitch.

Christmas Blog Present 11: Bibliotropic

It’s just after midnight, and since I have a busy day tomorrow (I guess today), here’s number 11!


#11 Bibliotropic

Run by Ria, Bibliotropic is a blog dedicated to fantasy and science fiction reviews.  And it has a fractal design for the title banner.  Who doesn’t love fractals?  Around since 2010, it’s amassed a good number of reviews.

She uses a 5 cup rating system.  That’s right, cup.  Cup of tea, since she loves tea. The reviews themselves are quite detailed and easy to read.  It’s one site I need to go through a lot.

The most recent review is of Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man.

Christmas Blog Present 10: Indie Epics

And now for a much newer review blog.


#10 Indie Epics

Run by Evelyn Basham, Indie Epics is a review blog that focuses on independently published fantasy and science fiction.  I discovered this blog on Critique Circle, and thought it was great to see a blog focusing on indie books, partly because I’m writing my own.

She focuses on several aspects as she reviews books, including plot, characters, world building (or setting), theme, and grammar/style.  These all receive a letter grade from A to D and an overall average grade.  She also comments on the covers, though doesn’t include it in the overall grade.

I’ll be watching this blog for sure.  Her latest review is of Immortal Reborn – Arianna’s Choice.

Christmas Blog Present 9: Pornokitsch

No, it is not porn!


#9 Pornokitsch

With a name like Pornokitsch, you’d be wondering what it is.  Well, this website and blog features lots of geeky things, including book reviews, film reviews, TV reviews, interviews, and more.  They seem to have done mainly fantasy, but also science fiction and other genres.  They even have their own small non-profit press. It’s edited by Anne C. Perry and Jared Shurin.

Their reviewing style is quite detailed and they use a lot of humour in their reviews.  They’re pretty entertaining to read.  I’m not going to link to one of their latest reviews, but I’ll show you a review of a book I’ll be reading soon.  This is Wizard’s First Rule.

Christmas Blog Present 8: Bookworm Blues

Another blog with an impressive list of reviews.


#8 Bookworm Blues

Run by Sarah, Bookworm Blues features fantasy and science fiction reviews, as well as interviews and guest posts.  There are a lot of reviews here, so plenty to read.

Her reviews are pretty detailed, but not too long.  It’s a good balance.  Her rating system is pretty standard, based on 5 stars.  I find the site straightforward and very easy to get around.

Her latest review is When It’s A Jar.  Check it out!

Christmas Blog Present 7: The Hugo Endurance Project

This blog was just brought to my attention this morning.  Fascinating!


#7 The Hugo Endurance Project

Run by Jeremy Frantz, this blog is dedicated to reviewing all 64 Hugo Award winners in 64 weeks, hence the name The Hugo Endurance Project. I find it rather interesting, because I’m also going to make a challenge to read all of the Hugo winners, but with no time limit. He’s also going to be running a marathon.

His reviews are pretty detailed.  He uses his own rating system, called the HEP Score, giving scores to the books in 5 different categories.  He then adds them up to get a total score out of 25.

His most recent review was of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.