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Authors Answer Contributors’ YouTube Channels

Right now, we have eleven Authors Answer contributors (plus more in September!), and four of us have YouTube channels.  Of course, I’m one of them. I made a video about the 2,000th blog post and I introduced my viewers to some Authors Answer contributors’ channels. Here it is:

In case you’re wondering whose channels I mentioned, and you didn’t watch the above video, here they are:

But before I forget, since this is all about Authors Answer, I also posted a video on Question 8! However, there are some big differences. That one was about New Year’s resolutions. But it’s August now! I changed the question. Now it’s this:

What are your plans for the rest of 2016 in terms of writing?

I answered it in this video:

This post was a bit all over the place, but it’s all about Authors Answer. Any comments are very welcome!

Commentition Ambitious April 2016

It’s been an interesting month. I haven’t had much time to reply to comments, and I’m still trying to catch up. I’m about two days behind, but I’m catching up. Things will be back to normal soon. But there’s something very new about this month’s Commentition. There’s someone with a blog that has no posts yet. Wonder who it is? Keep reading.

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  449 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. We have a new number one commenter this month! With 77 comments, congratulate Gradmama2011! Her most recent post is a poem, I am me… A-Z challenge. And it looks like it’s A-Z Challenge month!

2. In second place, we have a bit of a recovery! Welcome back to the top two to stomperdad, who had 73 comments. His most recent post is also part of the A-Z Challenge, something I am not taking part in this year for obvious reasons. Check out I is for… #atozchallenge.

3. In third place, we have another person who’s moving up a bit. She was new to the list last month, and returns again with 65 comments. That’s Miriam! Her most recent post is about what’s been going on recently in her life. Take a look at Mundane Monday #54 Back to Basics.

4. In fourth place, we have our recent first place regular. But she has a very good excuse for dropping down. With 58 comments, it’s Joanne Corey! Her latest post is a bit political. Check out Feeling the Bern in Binghamton.

5. Next up, we have our sole newcomer to the list, and for the first time, someone who hasn’t made a single blog post. With 47 comments, it’s leeannarcher! Does that name sound familiar? It should, because it’s my sister. She started a blog that’s intended to show her trips to Japan over the past couple year. Take a look at it and encourage her to start up some posts!

6. And finally, we have an old number one who squeaked into the top six. With 33 comments, it’s S. R. Carrillo! Her most recent post is all about writing and reconnecting with her work in progress. Have a look at Fall in Love, Again.

It’s definitely been an interesting month. There are some things that I need to catch up on: comments and social media. I’ll get caught up with those this week, and hopefully everything will return to normal. Thanks to everyone who has commented during my move to Canada. You keep this place alive!

Commentition Moving March 2016

Moving, get it? I’m moving this month. Well, the month of February had a whopping 1,017 comments, so the whole face of Commentition changed. This month, there are some more changes, including a new person, a returning person, and a drop in ranks. Let’s see who’s in the top six this month.

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  464 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. Still in the number one position, though without that incredibly commanding lead, we have Joanne Corey with 82 comments! Her most recent post is about another blog, actually. Check out The strength of honeycombs.

2. Coming in second place is stom…no, wait. Where is he? Huh. Well, coming in second place is last month’s phenomenal newcomer, Gradmama2011 with 75 comments! Her most recent post is a reblog, though she does write her own little poem in Twins! Reblog from Autumn Ambles.

3. I found him. In third place, we have stomperdad, with 60 comments. Nothing like a prolific newcomer to shake things up with the rankings. Well, his number of comments hasn’t really changed. He does a lot of blogging about parenting, and the most recent post is no exception. This time, he answers his kids’ questions in Go Ask Your Father: ISS, Light Pollution, Traffic Lights, and Yogurt.

4. In fourth place is one of last month’s newcomers. Which one is it? It’s Miriam! She had 59 posts. Her most recent post is all about murals. I can relate to this, as I’ve lived in a town known for its murals, and have visited another that has a lot. Check out Urban Art in Nar Nar Goon.

5. In fifth place, we have a returning regular! She was a bit busy the previous month, so she wasn’t able to come around to post, but she’s back! S. R. Carrillo had 24 comments. Her most recent post is all about last month, a big summary of what she did. Go see February 2016. Find out what she was up to!

6. And finally, in sixth place, we have a newcomer! With 22 comments, say hello to The Shameful Narcissist! Her blog has a lot of variety. Her most recent post is all about writing. Check out Question of the Week: 3/6/16.

And that is it for Commentition from Japan! Next time around, I’ll be doing it from Canada. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments. I’m looking forward to seeing how things change for next month. And of course, comments are always welcome!

Sleepy Middle-of-the-Night Rambling

Interesting night it’s been so far. I really have no topic for this post, since I’m dead tired and have had nothing but trouble for a couple hours. It’s 2 in the morning and I just finished eating my dinner. Luckily, it’s my day off tomorrow.

As usual, I got home, and I needed to put my daughter to bed. She has this ritual where she takes three stuffed animals/dolls to bed with her and has a book read to her before she sleeps. She needs to cuddle with me. Normally, there’s no trouble getting her to sleep. But tonight, she had other plans. For about two hours, she kept trying to kick the blankets off of her, while I kept putting them back on. It’s not hot in here. It’s actually quite cold. You can thank Japanese insulation for that. The blankets are very important. But she would have none of them. I wrestled with her for two hours, trying to get her to stay asleep and stop uncovering and freezing herself. I didn’t get to eat dinner until 1 am.

This has also delayed my planned upload of a video, which is the beginning of a vlog about our move to Canada. I recorded it while I was on my way to work, but I need to edit and upload it first. And I had also planned to write a book review tonight! But I’m so tired, I think it’ll have to wait. I’ll do it sometime tomorrow.

While I ate, I watched a video on YouTube made by some guy in Edmonton who records himself driving to catch bad drivers (and presumably for insurance purposes). He drives a truck. It seems almost every Edmonton dashcammer I’ve watched on YouTube is driving a truck. Ugh. And I realised I could easily tell if he was from the city or country. He was definitely from the country, because he had that Canadian countryside twang that’s somewhat of a mix between midwestern US, Texan, and Atlantic Canada accents. People who were raised in the city or a town near a major city don’t have that accent. They have a more standard North American average TV news accent, if that makes any sense. But while watching the video, I also realised how much space there is in Edmonton. Everything is so wide, buildings are incredibly low and rather unattractive/utilitarian. I mean commercial buildings. The buildings in Japan aren’t any better, but at least there aren’t huge parking lots everywhere. Oh well, it’s easier to drive there, I think. I look forward to that. From what I remember, drivers in Canada tend to be a bit more lawful. There are red light runners all the time in Japan.

And I saw this post by S. R. Carrillo. Welcome her back to blogging. She needs to get her spot back in Commentition. I also noticed that Tracey Lynn Tobin has rebooted her YouTube channel, now called Tracey’s Basement. Here’s a post with one of her first reboot videos. I think I’m going to spend some time reading and leaving comments on her blog tonight.

At work, a student told me that when I talk about sushi, I look very happy. Do I really love sushi so much that it affects how I talk? Wow. Now I feel self-conscious about it.

And finally, my daughter’s been saying weird things. A couple nights ago, she was drawing a picture, and she started making kissing sounds. She said, “Kiss party! Kiss party!” and made more kissing sounds. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Well, that’s it for tonight. How was your day? Anything exciting?

Commentition Jovial January 2016

It’s a new year, but are the commenters new? Or are they regular fixtures in Commentition? Well, the holidays can do strange things to commenting patterns, some people have more time, others are too busy. Let’s find out who’s at the top this month.

The top six commenters are based on the previous 1000 comments, nearly half of which are mine.  The rest go to all of you commenters.  460 were my comments, the rest went to others.  So here are the top six:

1. Retaining the top spot with 83 comments is our always epic commenter Eric, aka stomperdad. His latest blog post is an epic one: Epic Awesome. See how awesome he is!

2. In second place, with 77 comments, is the always prolific commenter Joanne Corey! But not all was well with her in her latest post: What I didn’t want to spend time on today. Sometimes technology sucks.

3. Third place is also an unchanging one this month. It’s the always amazing S. R. Carrillo with 42 comments! It looks like 2016 is a big year for her, just as it is for me. We both have lots of changes. Find out about hers in Times, They’re a-Changin’.

4. On to fourth place, I’m beginning to sense a pattern. There is no change to the ranking so far. Yet again, it’s Thomas Weaver with 24 comments! His most recent posts are reblogs of Authors Answer, but before that, he posted about something that has become a trend with big publishers, even British ones, improper use of commas! Check out Beyond the Oxford Comma. I love the Oxford comma, by the way.

5. Change! And this is a return to the top six rankings for one commenter after a few months. Welcome back, SD Gates! That’s 21 comments. Her most recent post is about that lottery in the US with the crazy jackpot: The Powerball – $2.00 per ticket to dream.

6. More change! And another return to the ranks. With 18 comments, it’s Tracey Lynn Tobin! Her most recent post is something I’m dealing with as well. It’s about children and reading. Take a look at Raising a Reader.

That’s it for January. Thanks for all the comments in 2015, and I hope to see a lot more in 2016! Who will dominate this year? Who will join the ranks as a newcomer this year? Exciting, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to sharing with you all these wonderful commenters.

Blog Spotlight – PERMASHIFT

This is the beginning of a new series of blog posts I will do highlighting other blogs I think you should see. First, as a thanks to my frequent commenters, I will highlight their blogs. This week, it’s S. R. Carrillo’s blog, PERMASHIFT.

permashiftWhen you first visit her blog, you’ll see this colourful view. It shows a list of her blog posts in summary form, and you can click to read what you like. It’s easy to navigate, and fairly simple.

The menu bar shows a search function, Home, About, My Writing, and Support Indie Authors. Looking at her About page, you can see a good, to the point bio about herself (in first person, which is what I like), a photo, and various social media you can follow her on.

Under My Writing, you can see The Soul series, as well as works in progress. She has a couple books published, so check them out.

The next one intrigues me. It’s Support Indie Authors. If you’re an indie author, she accepts review requests. You can also see author interviews, news on new releases, and more. Great resource if you’re an indie author.

So, what does she blog about? Looking at the categories, she reviews books, movies, games, etc. She also talks about her life, including Army life. She talks about her books. She talks about writing in general, as well.

I recommend going on over to her blog and looking around. There should be something that interests you. And did I mention she has a YouTube channel? Subscribe!

Personal message to Sierra

You’ve been a wonderful supporter of my blog, dedicated commenter, and one of the original Authors Answer members. I’d like to thank you very, very much for all of your support.

Got a Book Vlog? Try These.

Oh look, it’s Authors Answer regular and one of my top commenters, S. R. Carrillo!

And there’s another Authors Answer contributor, Tracy Lynn Tobin!

You can even check out my channel, here.  But I haven’t really done much in the way of book videos. I recommend subscribing to all three channels above.

If you have a book vlog on YouTube, let me know in the comments below so I can subscribe! And others can subscribe, too.


Today, this blog had its 5,000th comment.  That’s a big number.  And it was quite the comment.

So, in celebration, I’d like to draw your attention to the person who made that comment.  It is none other than…

S. R. Carrillo!

Yes, the same person who is always at the top of Commentition.  And the comment?  This is what she said:


Yes, that’s what the comment is.  To understand the context, here’s the post she commented on.

And her prize?  To have this song stuck in her head.

As for Commentition, while the top three are certain, the fourth through sixth place spots are up for grabs.  There are four commenters fighting for those last three spots! It’s going to be a battle.  Three have been in the top six recently, but the new one has never been in the top six.  You’ll find out who it is next week.