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My Daughter Is Mixed Race. What If…

My wife is Japanese, and our daughter is half Japanese, half Caucasian. In Japan, old ladies look at her and say she looks like a doll and is very cute. Many people tell me that my daughter must be cute because she is mixed race.  That’s the image of mixed race (or haafu/half) children in Japan.

We’re moving to Canada next year, and mixed race children are much more common and far more accepted in society.  They don’t stand out like they do in Japan. However, I have heard stories about fathers of mixed race kids who have had difficulties with apparent good samaritans and the police.

For example, I saw a post on a forum about a man whose wife was Asian, and their kid was mixed. His daughter looked more Asian than Caucasian. He was having lunch with her in a shopping mall food court while waiting for his wife, who was shopping. A security guard approached him and said that someone reported him to security and that the police were on their way. A woman said that he was a kidnapper. The police arrived, and started interrogating the man while his daughter was absolutely terrified. His wife soon came, and once they noticed that she was Asian, the police backed off.  But the damage had been done, and the husband and wife were absolutely furious with the police and the woman who had called security on them.  After that, the man decided to take along his daughter’s ID, her birth certificate, whenever they were out together without his wife.

The same thing happened to a Caucasian man who’s married to an African-American woman.  You can see the video here.

My daughter has brown hair, so I doubt I’d be in any of these situations. But it had me thinking, what would I do if I were in this situation? How about you? What would you do?