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Announcing an Astronomical Serial


This is the view I had today. Cloudy with a threat of rain. It’s cold today, though nothing like what my hometown is experiencing. The leaves are changing now, but most trees are still green. This kind of weather makes me want to be inside with a mug of hot chocolate. It’s great weather for writing, isn’t it?

As I was outside, I developed an idea I had for a series of short stories. In these stories, a dying man goes on a journey to fulfill a lifelong dream. He always wanted to go to the planets, and now he has some help from his friend, who happens to be a very rich man. But there’s a catch. It’s not just a leisure trip. He must do something for his friend while he explores the solar system.

With nine parts planned, this adventure among the planets will be written after I have completed Journey to Ariadne and while I write the first full-length Ariadne novel.

Keep checking back for more information about this and Journey to Ariadne.

Short Stories and Kindle Unlimited

I’m sure many of you have already heard about Kindle Unlimited.  For $9.99 a month, you can download an unlimited number of eBooks to your Kindle every month.  But what does this mean for indie authors?

Kindle Unlimited for Indie Authors

Well, it seems that there’s a pool, and self-published authors receive a share of that monthly pool, and from what I’ve read, it’s around $1 or $2 per book downloaded, as long as the reader read more than 10% of the book.  It is not based on the price of your book.  For authors of more expensive books, this would seem like a big disadvantage.  If your book is only 99 cents, then it may be advantageous to use this system.  However, if you want your book to be a part of Kindle Unlimited, it must be a part of KDP Select, which means you can only publish through Amazon.

I’ve read some accounts of how this is affecting sales rankings, since the number of titles on this new system are limited in number.  Titles that aren’t doing well normally may benefit from an increase in their ranking, which could encourage regular sales.  Titles that are already selling well would see an increase, too.  But we can’t be too optimistic yet.  It may also be bad for indie authors.  They may get paid less in the end.  We have to wait and see.

Now, imagine if you have a collection of short stories for sale.  It would be far more profitable in KU if you split them up and have them all available for downloading individually.  You’d get a better share of the money, and may make quite a bit more.  This could be good for short story authors.

So, this leads me to another thought.  I am thinking about some short stories I’d like to write.  I’d sell them for 99 cents each, and if I entered KDP Select for these titles, I may make significantly more income from them.  Correct me if I’m wrong, please.  I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about this, unfortunately.  There’s a lively discussion on Hugh Howey’s website here.

Short Stories

The short story idea I have is science fiction, and all about the solar system.  The stories take place on different worlds, and are both standalone and linked in some way.  Now, my thoughts have been about the kind of story they are.  One one hand, I could write them as serious hard sci-fi with quite a bit of suspense.  On the other hand, I could write them for young readers and make them more fun and educational.  I’m a strong proponent for science education for children, and I’d like them to find science interesting and fun.  This is one way to help kids find an interest in space and astronomy.

What do you think?  More adult stories or children’s stories?  Or maybe even both?  Leave me a comment, please.

Interested in a Short Story Collection?

I’m wondering how much interest there is in short story collections.  I have a lot of ideas for short stories, including ones from dreams I’ve had.  I’ve been thinking about writing out some of my dreams into more cohesive stories, as they were so intriguing, I couldn’t forget them.

My ideas are mainly science fiction and fantasy, and will range from simple stories to more complex ones that are longer.  Some may be related to fantasy worlds I have in mind, as well.

I’m sure some of you may be asking why I’d be considering writing short stories while I’m currently working on Journey to Ariadne. Well, sometimes I feel that I need to write something different.  It’s a kind of mental exercise, and also helps me to improve my writing skills and creativity.  If I’m not working on my main book, I want to practice writing in other ways.  This blog is one way, but it’s not fiction.  From time to time, I’ll work on some short stories and hold onto them until I’m ready to publish a collection.

What do you think?  Leave a comment.

Revisiting the short story debate

Last night, I posted about whether I should write a novel or have three separate short stories.  After 24 hours of sleep, work, and thought, I may have come to a decision.

The first short story, not one of the three, will be published first.  Later, the other three will be published in one book.  It will not be a standard novel, though.  They will be three separate stories, though they are linked.  Each subsequent story is a result of the previous story.  They are self-contained stories, so it’ll be like a single volume trilogy of short stories.

This is how the plan stands for now.  I can’t guarantee that it won’t change.  I may start writing it and feel that it should be a novel.  It all depends on how the writing goes.

Important question to myself: Short stories or novel?

I have a bit of a problem. Maybe it’s not a big problem, but it’s got me thinking.  As you may know, I’ve got a short story and novels planned for a science fiction world I’ve created.  I also have ideas for stories within the same universe.  This is where my problem is.  I have three stories in mind, yet they are all connected.  At this point in time, I don’t have an overall plot in mind, but three separate plots.  These stories aren’t long enough to constitute entire novels, yet they may when put together.

In many novels I’ve read, there’s an overall story, but also some subplots, each with its own beginning, middle, and ending.  But they flow together very well.  My three story ideas have no flow.  They’re related, but the characters have no connection with each other.  In essence, they are completely separate stories, though they are connected.  One story leads to the next one.  The second story is a result of the first, while the third is a result of the second.  I may get novellas out of one or two of them, but the third one may be a bit short.  I may just bundle them together as a compilation of short stories with an overall theme.  Or I can release them one at a time, making them available at a low price.  I guess I have a lot of thinking to do.

These stories are very important in establishing some fundamental aspects of this world.  They provide a basis for why things are the way they are.  They also give the world a whole group of characters that’ll make things more interesting.

I think short stories are important, especially for someone who is starting out with self-publishing.  It gives readers something quick and easy to read, and hopefully wanting more.

What do you think?  Do you like reading short stories?

Introducing my world with short stories

My world has been in development for years, yet I haven’t completed any stories for it.  Well, now is the time to change it all.  I am ready.  I have a story, I have the characters, and it’s all been in my head for 12 years.  And what will it be?  A short story.

While writing a novel is my goal, I think it’s best to start small.  I plan to write a series of short stories based in my created world, and the first one I am writing will set up the entire premise of the my universe.  It will give a beginning to the story, and it doesn’t require a novel.  It will be a short story, or possibly a novella.  I will introduce you to my world and the characters that live in it.  It hasn’t had an official name, but I have one in mind.  You see, this world is a planet orbiting a real star, one that is similar to our sun and has been a target for a search for exoplanets.  None have been discovered so far, but that doesn’t stop me from writing science fiction about it.  That’s what’s wonderful about speculative fiction.

I’m getting my creative juices going now. I’ll be writing whenever I can.  I hope you’ll enjoy the final product!

My book plans, part 3

Finally, I’d like to talk briefly about some other stories I have planned.  It’s related to the novels I mentioned in the previous post.  They are short stories.

I’m planning to write a few short stories about some events that are important to the timeline, as well as to introduce some other characters that may be referenced in the novels, but don’t appear in them.  But they are important characters in their own way.

Short stories can be a good way for new readers to get introduced to the world, and they can spend a much shorter time reading.  They will certainly have a lower price, and may be re-released in the future as a collection.  It also gives me a way to write about some things that I don’t think are long enough to become a full novel.  It can also provide readers something new to read while they wait between novels.  Some short stories may even turn into novels, if I feel they require more time.

Well, that should be it for my future books for now.  I will update as I write, maybe release some brief flash fiction related to the stories.  Thanks to my future readers!