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Help Me Write a Story

I had an idea a couple days ago, and I thought I’d let you help me write a story! Here’s how it’s going to happen. I give you a list of word types, and you respond in the comments with all of those words. I’m not giving you much time to do this, as I’ll be writing these stories in a couple days. However, I’m going to try to do it in a way so that I can’t see what’s been written. It’ll be a mystery to me until I read it.

That’s right, I’m doing a mad lib story! I’ve already written the short story, but now it’s time for you to give me the words. So, in the comments section, please enter the words. Keep it PG? Actually, write whatever you want. Let’s see how silly or crazy this can get. Here are the categories:

  1. name (famous person)
  2. noun
  3. feeling
  4. noun
  5. adjective
  6. verb
  7. adjective
  8. adjective
  9. adjective
  10. adjective
  11. plural noun
  12. verb past tense
  13. verb past tense
  14. noun

I will be doing this all on video, by the way. You’ll see my reaction to the stories as I read them. I’m going to see if I can get someone to just copy and paste them into the story so I have no idea what they are until I read them.

So, let the insanity begin!

Looking for a Writing Competition in 2016?

2016 is the year I become much more serious about my writing. After moving to Canada, I want to focus on Ariadne and get as much done as possible. However, there is a possibility I may join a writing contest. I found this list of contests on the Almond Press website.

Some of them are free, but most you have to pay to enter. There are some good sized prizes available. The very first one catches my eye, actually. It’s only 750 words, though it closes on January 15th. It’s very soon. The grand prize is €50, which isn’t a huge amount, but it’s something. I may give it a try.

Although many say International, the one by Readers Digest is only open to the UK and Ireland. Another has a prize of a four day holiday in Provence. Interesting! And then there’s the one that’s held every month, the 99 Words contest, which has no monetary prize, just your story getting published on their site.

Do any of these contests catch your eye? Do you know of any other writing competitions? Let me know in the comments below.

How to turn a short story into a novel

Some more writing advice I found. This time, if you’re having trouble writing a full-length novel, and it keeps ending too early, this may be for you.

Nail Your Novel

I’ve had this question from Kristy Lyseng:
I have trouble when it comes to depth and expanding my writing. I always end up with short pieces. Are there any tips or tricks I could learn for writing longer pieces instead of short ones, both fiction and non-fiction?

Oh what a good question. Here are some ideas.

Stonehenge replica proved disappointingly small in This Is Spinal Tap Spinal Tap were hoping it would be bigger

How much do you plan?

Maybe you’re confident you can keep control of short pieces, and bring them to a satisfying conclusion. With a short piece, you can keep it all in your mind in one go, but with a novel that’s much harder. So to write something longer, you need more detail, to spend longer in the planning or you’ll run out of puff. (Or, if planning hasn’t been part of your method until now, you’ll probably need to start.)

Most novelists plan. They might…

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Fractured – An Unedited Excerpt

Camp NaNoWriMo started three days ago, and I have spent only a little time on April 1st writing anything.  I haven’t written anything since.  I’m not worried.  My target is only 15,000 words over the month, and I’m pretty sure I can get it done.

The story I’m writing is a fantasy short story that is an introduction to a novel series I have planned.  The provisional title is Fractured.  I thought I’d share with you an excerpt from this story.  Keep in mind that this is NaNoWriMo, where people write as much and as fast as they can without much thought to finer details.  That comes later with editing.  This is very raw and unrefined writing.  But I’d like to show it to you anyway.  This is the first paragraph of the story.

I would like to tell you a story. My name is not important. Where I’m from is not important. You may call me the storyteller if you like. I have told this story many times in my life, and this will not be the last time. It is a story of caution. A story of legend. Legends have some truth in them, do they not? This is a story that takes place before the fracturing, when the lands were whole. This was a time of wars and suffering. The three nations were ready to destroy each other. They killed anyone and everyone, young and old. Women and children were raped, men were tortured. This is a story of the greatest change in the land’s history. It is only the beginning. The ending has yet to be written.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

Camp NaNoWriMo Begins!


Only 2 hours old, Camp NaNoWriMo has begun for me.  Being in Japan, April starts earlier for me than most other people in the world.

My project is a short story with the provisional title Fractured.  It is a fantasy story that is actually a prequel to a full length novel I plan to write in the future.  My target is 15,000 words for the month.  If I achieve it, I’ll be quite satisfied.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in my Cabin, but I hope to get to know them over the month.  This will be an interesting experience, and I will hopefully stick with it and achieve my goal.  I’ve already started writing, and did a measly 280 words tonight.  However, it’s a start.  I’ll post a weekly update on my progress here.

Winter Bayne has posted a list of participants on her blog.  I’d like to wish them luck with their writing.  Let’s have a great time!


Inspiration is a wonderful thing.  I just wish I knew how to make it happen more often.

As I was walking home tonight, I was pondering an idea I had for the novel I’m planning.  I’d been struggling with one very crucial part of the entire setup of the book and how I’d go about it.  I realised I was thinking about implementing the idea the wrong way.  My modified idea is a bit more down to earth, quite literally.  Not only that, it provided me with a short story idea I can use to help introduce my science fiction world.

I’ve also had some other inspiration recently that I’d like to get started on soon.  I’m going to write some very short stories based on dreams I’ve had.  These are some rather unusual dreams, but I felt that they could make good short stories or even flash fiction.  When I have time, I’ll be working on them and posting them to this blog.  They’ll be more of a writing exercise than something I want to publish.

Inspiration has been coming to me slowly lately, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been working a lot with not much free time.  I only have one day off every week.  But I find that my inspiration comes to me at two very different times.  One is while I’m walking home from the train station, and the other is when I’m taking a shower.

When do you get inspiration?