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Appreciating Small Booktubers! The Jay Dee Show 35

I put a lot of effort into one video this past week. It was a big one, and I’m pushing it out to many people. You see, just like here on this blog where I like to shout out other bloggers, on YouTube, I want to do shoutouts for smaller booktubers. I actually uploaded 4 videos, though 2 are the same, just on different channels.

On my main channel, I uploaded 3 videos. It’s not as many as I’d hoped, but the third one I uploaded I did a lot of planning for.

Starting off with some Authors Answer, I talked about my writing process.

And since July 1 was Canada Day, we enjoyed some of the events that were going on.

Then it’s the big one. The Small Booktuber Shoutout Tag. I talked about 12 channels that have fewer than 1,000 subscribers. And I tagged many people.

The other channel that I uploaded to was Tommy and Dad, the one for my daughter and I. But it was the same video as the Canada Day one above.

Over the next week, I’m going to get some more Japan videos up, and hopefully a couple Star Trek videos. I’ve been getting behind on the videos. Authors Answer #34 will be coming later today.

Which videos did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments section below!

Where’s the Vlog?! The Jay Dee Show 11

Another week has passed, and we’re lacking something. Where’s the vlog? Well, I am behind on it, and need to catch up, but I haven’t even recorded a vlog in the past week. That’s because I’m reworking the vlog channel. I’m no longer going to do daily vlogs. I’m changing it to be a vlog about how my life has changed from Japan to Canada, but I’ll also do vlogs whenever anything interesting happens. And I’ll definitely vlog while traveling. Also, there will be a focus on my family.

On my main channel, I did some tags and the monthly shoutout video. Actually, I have a lot of tag videos to do soon. So many!

First up is my monthly booktuber shoutout video. Check out these three booktubers!

And then I talked about buying books in the Book Buying Tag.

What would happen if I became the ruler of books? Well, as King, the Ruler of Books Tag describes how I will rule.

Read the World continues with another country. This time, it’s Argentina!

And then I showed The Railway Museum in Saitama, Japan. It’s a great museum to visit!

Up next is another Retro Book Review. This time, it’s Ringworld, by Larry Niven.

And finally, I talk about what I would like to brush up on or take a course on in relation to writing and English in Authors Answer.

As I said, the vlog channel was quiet this week. However, more videos will come in the next week. And they’ll definitely be coming regularly when I’ve figured out how I want to do the new style videos.

So that’s all for this week! If you’ve found an interesting video here, let me know what you thought. And to see more, please subscribe to either channel, or even both!

Thanking My Subscribers

You know how I’m always thanking my readers on this blog? I always do the Commentition every month to thank my top commenters, as they’re part of what makes this fun. But it’s not only the top commenters, but everyone who does. And also my readers.

But on YouTube, it’s a different kind of experience. My face and voice are out there for everyone to see. But it’s also very similar. That’s why I want to thank all my subscribers. I just reached three months doing booktube videos (basically my blog in video format), and about to reach 200 subscribers. I did a video about my three month milestone.

But you know what? This blog may reach 1,500 followers this month! And it should reach 100,000 views by the end of the year. Those are some big numbers. While the numbers aren’t important, I still think it’s worth thanking everyone.

So, thank you to all my readers and subscribers!

Some Book Channels to Watch

Interested in watching videos about books on YouTube? Well, I have some recommendations. I do this every month, so expect to see one of these videos every month.

This time, I have channels called Connor O’Brien, Cherrie Walker, and TurnThePage. Check out the video and the channels. You can click on the info cards (the i in the top right corner) to go to their channels.

I hope you enjoy them!

Booktube Recommendations

Every month, I’m going to promote three Booktube channels that I find very interesting. Today, I posted my first video on that, and you’ll see me being a bit silly. So, enjoy it!

The channels I recommended are:

They’re all very unique and entertaining channels. I really enjoy watching their videos. Also, they’re all relatively new. Peter Likes Books started shortly before I started doing Booktube videos. SamTheBookDragon is a bit older, and bedtimebookclub is quite new.

So, if you enjoy watching videos on books, these are highly recommended. Are there any you recommend? Let me know in the comments below.