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A Day of Downtime

My sister and I have both caught colds, and we’ve been on the go every day this week. Since it’s raining today, we decided to just stay home and relax for the day, as we still have another week of running around and sightseeing to do. I recorded a brief video about this.

So, I will get to the videos. They just take time to do, since each one contains many individual videos, and I don’t really have that much time every day to do them. They’ll come soon, though.

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Sightseeing While Sick

Today’s our first real big sightseeing day, and what happens? I wake up with a barely there voice.  I find it hard to talk, and I have a sore throat. I won’t let that stop me, though.

Today is Enoshima. It’s a big day, because we tried going to Enoshima three times last year, and something always came up to stop us. But we will go today, explore the island, then see the aquarium. I’ll be making a couple videos, but I may not be talking much on them.

Here’s an Enoshima picture just to show you what it looks like.


Energy, Why Have You Left Me?

Yesterday was the worst day for allergies so far this year.  Today looks pretty bad, too.  As a result, the medicine didn’t work at all.  I have been completely sapped of energy, too.  It’s possible I may have a cold at the same time.  I can’t tell, they’re so similar.  Today’s going to be fun.

I’d intended on doing some writing today, but just didn’t have the energy.  I’m also behind on replying to comments.  I’ll get caught up, don’t worry.  My fingers just don’t want to move very much at the moment.

Well, must get ready for work.