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I’m Back!

Let me update you on what’s been going on. You may have noticed that I stopped the A to Z Challenge, as well as a lack of posts other than Authors Answer. And the last one wasn’t even posted! Well, a lot has happened.

Early this month, I caught a cold that completely stole my energy. I still cough because of it, so it’s not completely gone. At the same time, I lost my appetite, and often felt sick to the stomach. I couldn’t eat a full meal for two weeks. I’m glad that’s over. But that’s not all!

Since April 14, I’ve been working every day. Today was my last day (ten days in a row) during this stretch. I was working more than 8 hours a day, as well. And the work I was doing was very physical. I came home exhausted and sore. I tried working on Authors Answer two days ago, but I was just so tired I couldn’t focus on it.

Now that this is over, and I have some time off, I’ll be back to the blog! Don’t worry about Authors Answer. It will be posted today. The first time in 129 weeks I missed posting on schedule. I’ll also continue with the A to Z Challenge and complete it, although not on schedule. I’m hoping to get the remaining 22 videos and posts done within the next couple weeks.

And you know what? I missed this month’s Commentition!

So, that’s what’s been happening. Expect a lot of things to happen.

2015 already trying to compete with 2014 for most measles outbreaks!

Education is a very important thing to me. Using our knowledge for good is extremely important. Spreading misinformation can be potentially extremely dangerous. Take the anti-vaccination movement for example. It’s helping diseases make comebacks, such as measles and pertussis (whooping cough). The latter is incredibly dangerous for young children who are too young to be vaccinated. Herd immunity is a necessity for them. Vaccinations do not cause autism. Never been proven or even remotely linked to autism, other than by a fraudulent doctor whose research proved to be completely fabricated. If you believe Jenny McCarthy and are actively promoting what she says, you are a bloody idiot. That is all. Please read this post.



Looks like 2015 is starting early with outbreaks of measles… perhaps continuing last years’ trend (see above).

Today there were reports of a potential outbreak of measles in Colorado Springs that may include exposure of ~300 people. The Colorado case is related to the measles outbreak and exposures at DisneyLand in California.

More than two dozen cases of measles have now been linked to Disney theme parks in Southern California.

The California Department of Public Health reported seven more cases on Monday, bringing the total number to 26 people in four states.

Health officials say at least 8 of those infected had not been vaccinated.

Measles outbreaks like these, and those last year, serve as a stark reminder that measles is a serious disease that needs to be continually vaccinated against. The dangerous and anti-science trend of not vaccinating children against measles and other diseases will continue to raise its…

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Things Making Me Go “Argh”

Having one of those nights.

1. My daughter has had a fever off and on over the past three days.  It’s pretty high tonight.  It has me worried sometimes, especially when remembering her hospitalisation last year after a febrile seizure and suffering from pneumonia.  Scary stuff.

2. Immigration headaches are argh-worthy.  CIC website says to use the latest Adobe Reader to view the new forms.  Adobe Reader is updated to the latest version.  So when I try to view the forms, all it says is to upgrade my Adobe Reader.  I try again, and it is the latest version.  The forms still don’t believe my fully updated Adobe Reader is a fully updated Adobe Reader.

3. Immigration wants me to provide them with 9 recent photos of each person in my family, accompanying and non-accompanying, with the size of 35mm x 45mm.  Accompanying what?  How vague is that?  Do they want two people in the same photo?  If so, that doesn’t seem to fit the photo specifications they want.  So unclear.  I really dislike unclear instructions on government forms.

4. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and this post on the Huffington Post.  This has been a problem for a while now, and every time I see something about the muzzling of Canadian scientists by the Canadian government, I want to shout at Stephen Harper that his policies on scientific research are making Canada the laughing stock of the world.  Our scientists can’t do their jobs properly because of this moron.  Yes, I called him a moron.  Environment Canada is being stripped of vital funding because, to him, profit is more important that trying to combat climate change.

Well, I gave you some stuff to discuss.  Comments very welcome!

What Having a Sick Child Does to My Writing

Today, my daughter’s nursery called me while I was at work.  They also called my wife.  She had a fever.  It’s now late evening, and she still has a fever.

Back in late April, she had her worst fever.  39.8 degrees.  She had a febrile seizure that night.  Two taxi rides and an ambulance ride (it’s a long story), a three hour wait in the emergency room, a spinal tap, a chest X-ray, and a CT scan later, we discovered it was pneumonia.  She stayed in the hospital for a week.  Well, I got no writing done that week other than blog posts related to her condition.

But now, she has a fever and is crying.  She won’t sleep.  I can’t concentrate on writing.  I’m not sure how well I’ll sleep, either.  I have to go to work in the morning.

On the other hand, she often does sleep when she has a fever.  I get more quiet times and more time to write.  When she’s awake, she’s usually active, but sometimes irritable.  Not much I can do during those times except try to entertain her.

It’s after 11 pm, and she needs to sleep.  She’s crying in her bed.  She won’t stay in our bed.  She tried getting out of our bed to come and see me.  It’s too late for her to be up, so I put her in her bed.  While she cries, I write this.  But her crying is becoming less.  Maybe she’ll sleep.  Or maybe I’ll hear another wave of crying.  She does that sometimes, crying on and off.

No writing tonight, except for this blog post.  I need to go to bed soon, anyway.

She’s quiet now.  Oh.  Sorry.  She just cried a little.  But I think she’ll fall asleep soon.  I hope.

Are you a parent of young children?  How do you balance your time between writing and your children’s demands for attention?