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Are You Into Sports?

I don’t think people have the image of writers, bloggers, frequent Internet users, and readers as people who enjoy doing sports. Well, as a person who is all of the above, let me tell you about my sports history.

As for playing sports, I took one swimming lesson when I was little and didn’t like it. I quit. But I later started playing hockey.

I actually played on one of these. A real one, not an image file.
I actually played on one of these. A real one, not an image file.

I’d been skating since I was very little, and when I was eight years old, I joined a team and started playing as a defenseman. The next year, I switched to right wing, and played at that position until I was twelve. That’s when I quit.

Around that time, when I was eleven or twelve, I started golfing. My dad worked on a golf course, and I could play for free. I continued golfing until I was eighteen, then moved away to go to university. I haven’t played since, but I want to get back into it.

In junior high school, I did a little intramural volleyball at lunch time, then in grade 9, joined the ski club. I’d already been skiing for about three years, so I had the basics down very well, but we still had to take lessons, which I didn’t need.

I haven’t played any sports since high school, but I do want to golf, swim, and I also enjoy badminton.

As for watching sports, I’ve always loved hockey, and my favourite team has always been the Edmonton Oilers, even through the difficult years. I also enjoy watching the Olympics, sometimes golf, and I have been known to watch Wimbledon. That’s about the only time I watch tennis. I’ve been to some baseball and Canadian football games, too.

How about you? What do you play or watch? Let me know in the comments below.