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Canada’s Early Olympic Domination

What is going on?  Ever since I was a kid, I watched the Olympics and saw Canada either perform poorly or somewhat mediocre.  Well, things sure did change in 2010.  The Vancouver Olympics gave Canada a huge boost in performance and they won more gold medals than any other country.  Now, only four days into the Sochi Olympics, Canada leads the world in both gold and total medals, with 4 and 9 respectively.  It just seems that Canada has gone from an underachiever to a powerhouse.  Incredible.

You know what?  Although I love watching the Olympics, and I’m really cheering for Canada, I haven’t watched any of it.  Ever since I got married and had a kid, I haven’t watched the Olympics at all.  The London Olympics were in the background all the time, just not on my TV.  The Sochi Olympics should be something I want to watch, and I do want to watch it, but with my family sleeping in the next room, I’m reluctant to turn on the TV.

But you know what?  I think I will watch it for a while, just with the sound turned down.