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What Does the _____ Say?

It’s been a couple years since this went viral:

It doesn’t answer the question, does it? What does the fox actually say? And for that matter, what do some other animals say? Aren’t you curious about that? Let’s find out.

The fox:

Rabbits are pretty quiet, aren’t they? Just wait until you hear this:

How about a giraffe? Do they make a sound? This is interesting.

And what about river otters?

And porcupines?

Ever wonder what a wolverine sounds like?

How about a skunk?

And here are some raccoons.

And finally, from Japan, the tanuki, which is also known as the raccoon dog. It’s actually a type of wild dog.

And just for fun, dumb-sounding birds of North America.

What did you think? Any surprise you?

Writing Sound Effects

Imagine your character is riding in the pocket of a giant.  Or your tiny character is riding in the pocket of a normal-sized person. What would he or she hear? Probably something like this:

You see, I accidentally left my iPhone’s screen on, and I made a pocket video. It recorded everything from my pocket. So, after hearing what’s on the video, you may be wondering why I posted it.  I’d like to challenge you to do something.

How would you write the sounds heard in the video in a scene? There’s more than just the walking sound, so listen closely. Write a brief scene in the comments that incorporates those sounds. Or just write a sentence or two that describes those sounds as they would appear in a book.

I look forward to reading the descriptions.