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Childhood Cartoons

Yesterday, we talked about comics. Now, let’s talk about cartoons, especially those we watched when we were kids.

I was born in the 1970s, so I was a child of the 80s. And that meant I got to experience the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons! The 80s were a great time to watch cartoons.

I was a big fan of The Transformers, and watched all the episodes, the movie, and had lots of toys. In 2004, I bought the complete DVD set, which I enjoyed just as much as when I was a kid. It had been so long since I’d seen it, it all felt fresh and new. I also watched MASK and had toys for that. I loved Garfield and Friends, Inspector Gadget, and the old Spider-man. And I also watched Astroboy, which is known as Tetsuwan Atom in Japan. I had no idea it was Japanese, and definitely didn’t know I would visit his neighbourhood in Tokyo, Takadanobaba. There’s even a big mural under the station dedicated to Osamu Tezuka, the creator of Tetsuwan Atom.

What did you enjoy watching when you were growing up? Share your answers in the comments!

So My Daughter Is a Superhero

It’s often interesting talking with a three-year-old child. You never know what they’re going to say. My daughter is no exception.

We get the usual refusal of food, then anger because she didn’t get the food. She screams because the show she wants to see on TV isn’t on at that time. She gets angry at us because it’s too hot or raining, and she really, really wants to do “shabondama (bubbles)” in the park.  Well, here’s a new one.

Tomoe: “Mama to papa kirin-san” (Mommy and daddy are giraffes)

Me: “Then what are you?”

Tomoe: “Spider-man!”

That’s right. My daughter is Spider-man. She has an interest in superheroes now. She’s watched some of the animated Avengers on TV, and has them associated with their colour, rather than their name. Ironman is red, for example. But her biggest obsession is Spider-man. She loves to see him on TV.

Anyone with young children that have obsessions?