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So My Daughter Is a Superhero

It’s often interesting talking with a three-year-old child. You never know what they’re going to say. My daughter is no exception.

We get the usual refusal of food, then anger because she didn’t get the food. She screams because the show she wants to see on TV isn’t on at that time. She gets angry at us because it’s too hot or raining, and she really, really wants to do “shabondama (bubbles)” in the park.  Well, here’s a new one.

Tomoe: “Mama to papa kirin-san” (Mommy and daddy are giraffes)

Me: “Then what are you?”

Tomoe: “Spider-man!”

That’s right. My daughter is Spider-man. She has an interest in superheroes now. She’s watched some of the animated Avengers on TV, and has them associated with their colour, rather than their name. Ironman is red, for example. But her biggest obsession is Spider-man. She loves to see him on TV.

Anyone with young children that have obsessions?

The Marvel and DC Movie Challenge

With all the comic book hero movies coming out, I thought I’d add a new challenge. I’d like to watch every Marvel and DC Comics movie ever made. I don’t mean any TV movies or direct to video movies. Only theatrical ones.

I have some favourites. I loved the first couple of Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. I also really liked Michael Keaton’s version of Batman. The first couple of X-Men movies were pretty good, too.

Growing up, I was always a DC superhero fan. I loved Superman and Batman, but I was also interested in others that joined the Justice League. But then, I also liked Marvel’s Spiderman, and watched the old cartoon a lot. I’ll be interested in seeing if I like Marvel or DC movies better. I should keep score.

What’s your favourite and least favourite superhero movie?