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Now I Want to Go Birdwatching

You know the story about the weasel that was riding on the woodpecker from a few months ago? Well, there’s a new one. This time, in Cornwall, Ontario, a man caught an incredible series of photos of a woodpecker fighting with a squirrel.

What’s funny is that this has me thinking about an old field guide to western North American birds that I have back in Canada. I used to look at it all the time, reading it, studying the birds that live in Alberta. I want to see that book now.  I want to go birdwatching like I always imagined I would, but never got around to.

A grey heron I saw last week.

Here in Japan, I look at the birds, and for most of them, I still don’t know their names. I’ve seen mejiro (Japanese white-eye), white egrets, cormorants, crows, black kites, and grey herons, but for most other small birds, I have no clue what to call them. And I still haven’t seen a kingfisher! I’ve been living in Fujisawa for four and a half years, and I haven’t seen this city’s official bird yet.  People I know see them regularly. Maybe I just need to go walking through forests and pay attention to what’s in the trees.

So, anyone ever try birdwatching?