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Three Year Blog Anniversary

I missed this blog’s three year anniversary.  It happened three days ago, January 28th.  In fact, I started this blog three days after my daughter was born.  Check out my first post.

So, let’s take a look at some numbers and see how things are different three years later.

This month has 3,674 views so far.  In my first year, the blog had 2,531 views.  One month has more than an entire year!  In fact, this month has nearly 20% of last year’s total views.

This month has 629 comments so far.  My first year had 278 comments.  Another big difference.

The first year had 105 posts.  This month has 71 so far (72 including this one).

Over the three years, I have done 58 reviews, 17 of which were independently published.  26 were science fiction, 25 were fantasy, while 7 were in other genres.

There have been a total of 795 posts including this one.  72 this month means that I’ve done nearly 10% of my posts in this month alone.

So, happy anniversary, blog! Let’s see those number get much bigger.

Incredible Response

Holy crap.  That was my response when I checked the response I was getting for my post What Is the United States?  I really couldn’t believe I was getting so many comments.  I didn’t expect that.

I also didn’t expect the number of views I got yesterday.  225 views, 98 on that post alone.  Without that post, I would’ve gotten 127 views, which is also quite incredible considering I rarely got more than 100 views in a day last year.  Now this year, every day has been over 100.  In fact, for the past 9 days, 8 of them have been over 100 views.  I don’t know why I suddenly have so many views.  It’s not like I’ve done anything different.

But back to the post in question.  I’ve gotten some very interesting responses, and it seems that there are some very common answers.

In question 1, the most popular places seem to be national parks, the south (especially New Orleans), and small towns.

In question 2, the most common food answers are hamburgers and hot dogs, which was quite predictable.  I got a few barbecues, as well.

In question 3, the most common activities were watching baseball and American football.

In question 4, the most popular answer was Mark Twain.  Other authors that got a lot of attention were Edgar Allen Poe, Ernest Hemingway, and more than one mention for Kurt Vonnegut and Stephen King.

Great answers, and there are still more coming in as I type this.  I also looked at the stats for the day regarding countries.  Out of 225 views, 149 were American, which was expected.  There were 26 from the UK and 22 from Canada, as well.  And 10 came from Japan.

The next country I do probably won’t get such a big response, but we’ll see.  I’m interested in seeing what the answers are regardless.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to that post.  I’m just amazed.

2014 in Numbers

Let’s look back at the stats for 2014.  I already posted the Annual Report for the year a couple days ago, but I wanted to focus on the actual numbers.

Here are the basic numbers:

  • Total views: 18,801 (4,375 in 2013, 2,531 in 2012)
  • Likes: 3,110 (425 in 2013, 300 in 2012)
  • Comments: 3,005 (321 in 2013, 278 in 2012)
  • Posts: 479 (138 in 2013, 104 in 2012)
  • Busiest day: October 6, 2014 (257 views)
  • Busiest month: December (2,343 views)
  • Least busy month: February (551 views)

Now for some top 10 lists.  There should be some interesting things in here.

Top posts written in 2014:

  1. 613 views – INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality
  2. 329 views – The Power of Introverts – from TED
  3. 160 views – What Will You Write? #1 – Neptune
  4. 114 views – What Will You Write? #2 – Precipice
  5. 105 views – Robin Williams Dead
  6. 102 views – What Will You Write? #7 – Good Fortune?
  7. 93 views – Deadly Eruption at Mount Ontake
  8. 82 views – What Will You Write? #4 – Electrical Box
  9. 77 views – The Best and the Worst of 2013
  10. 75 views – Live-blogging Typhoon Phanfone

Top posts and pages written before 2014 (number of views in 2014):

  1. 645 views – Book Review – Macbeth
  2. 441 views – What does an earthquake feel like?
  3. 314 views – About
  4. 111 views – Are Writers Introverts or Extroverts?
  5. 80 views – Costco – Bulgogi Bake
  6. 52 views – T.G.I. Friday’s – Jack Daniel’s Salmon
  8. 41 views – Word Count
  9. 40 views – Sushiro – Conveyor Belt Sushi
  10. 38 views – Book Review – The Grand Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System

Most popular reviews (all years):

  1. 645 views – Macbeth
  2. 38 views – The Grand Tour: A Traveler’s Guide to the Solar System
  3. 37 views – The Kingdom and the Crown
  4. 35 views – The Somali Doctrine
  5. 34 views – 2061: Odyssey Three
  6. 28 views – A Storm of Swords
  7. 28 views – Life, the Universe and Everything
  8. 27 views – Speaker for the Dead
  9. 25 views – The Sword and the Dragon
  10. 25 views – 2001: A Space Odyssey

Number of views by country:

  1. 12,092 views – United States
  2. 1,855 views – Canada
  3. 1,130 views – Japan
  4. 1,088 views – United Kingdom
  5. 433 views – Australia
  6. 318 views – India
  7. 147 views – New Zealand
  8. 114 views – Singapore
  9. 113 views – Norway
  10. 103 views – Germany

There’s plenty that’s interesting there.  Macbeth is not only my most popular review, but also my most popular post.  But in general, my reviews get a modest number of views, while other discussion-based and writing-based posts get more views.  Authors Answer also does quite well, though not in the top 10.

How are your numbers?  Go ahead and post some of your numbers in the comments.  I’ll even accept links to your top posts.  Why not?  Self-promotion is fine!

Where in the World Are You From?

Where are my readers from?  This is from yesterday.


As you can see, the United States is first by a long way.  Most of my readers are American.  However, I’m Canadian and I live in Japan, so my next two tend to be Canada and Japan.  Usually, the UK and Australia follow behind in fourth and fifth place.  But what if I look at the top five of each continent?  Sounds interesting.

So, here are the stats for visitors by continent, starting back on February 25, 2012, when WordPress began tracking visitor countries.

North America

  1. United States 11,975
  2. Canada 2,342
  3. Mexico 19
  4. Guatemala 12
  5. Costa Rica 5

No surprise about the top two, though everything from Central America was uncertain.  They mostly speak Spanish.

South America

  1. Brazil 65
  2. Argentina 25
  3. Chile 8
  4. Guyana 6
  5. Colombia 6

Again, no surprise about the top two.  Guyana is English speaking, though.


  1. The United Kingdom 1,245
  2. Germany 171
  3. Norway 163
  4. France 102
  5. Netherlands 79

Top one is obviously going to be the UK.


  1. Japan 2,451
  2. India 374
  3. South Korea 264
  4. Singapore 145
  5. Philippines 130

Since I live in Japan, a lot of expats visit my blog.  My Japan blog is mostly views from Japan and USA with Japan edging the Americans by a little.


  1. South Africa 64
  2. Egypt 17
  3. Nigeria 14
  4. Ethiopia 11
  5. Morocco 7

Just don’t get much from Africa, other than South Africa.


  1. Australia 605
  2. New Zealand 167
  3. Guam 1

Well then, I’m not popular in the Pacific Islands.  Not that they have much population.

So where are you reading from?

Half Year Review

June is almost finished, so let’s take a look at how the first half of the year has gone.  It’s been an incredible first half of the year!

New things that have started include my Worldbuilding series, which I will get back to now that my writing course is finished.  I also started What Will You Write?  This writing challenge is a lot of fun, and the response started out great.  I also started doing Encyclopedia Entries on the moons of the Solar System.  I’ll get back to this soon, too.  I also started vlogging, so subscribe to my channel!

Looking at the numbers, the number of views has been steadily rising.  Take a look:

  • January: 1259
  • February: 551
  • March: 1082
  • April: 1388
  • May: 1441
  • June: 1715 (projected to be 1890)

I’ve reviewed a total of 10 books this year, but hoping that I can reach my target of 30 books.  That means 20 reviews in the next 6 months!  Best book so far is The Rise of Endymion by Dan Simmons.

Tomorrow night is the end of the fourth What Will You Write?  So, get your entries in!  On Monday night, I’ll get the monthly review done.  And I’m thinking another round of introducing you to other blogs.

How’s your half year been?

Blog by the Numbers

I love statistics.  I often look at numbers whenever I can.  I want to see how they change and look for reasons why.  I also enjoy seeing other bloggers post their numbers.  It’s just fascinating to me.

So, here are some statistics related to this blog.  First, let’s look at the number of views.

Since I started this blog in January 2012, I have reached a total of 9,744 views.  This isn’t a big amount.  My Japan blog has far, far more views, and regularly outperforms this blog even when I don’t update it while posting daily here.  My audience is steadily growing here, though.  Before November 2013, my best month was July 2012, when I did a post a day.  I had 512 views that month.  In November 2013, I did another post a day and had 730 views.  The majority of those views came in the last half of November.  December 2013 was a great month, because I continued posting on a daily basis, and achieved 1,152 views.  I continued doing the same for January and got my best month to date at 1,259 views.  February dropped a lot because I didn’t post much.  I had computer problems and I was preparing for my sister’s visit.  I had only 551 views.  This month isn’t finished, and I already have more than 1,000 views. This year, I have more views in this past 3 months than I had in all of 2012.  I’m on pace for 11,680 views this year, though it’ll likely be more.

I love comments.  This blog currently has 1,077 comments.  But who comments?  My top 5 commenters are:

  1. Carl V. Anderson
  2. winterbayne
  3. Sierra
  4. kamo
  5. Tom

Who views my blog?  The top 5 countries of my readers are:

  1. United States (4,213 views)
  2. Japan (1,665 views)
  3. Canada (946 views)
  4. United Kingdom (533 views)
  5. Australia (305 views)

Rounding out the top 10 are: South Korea, India, New Zealand, Germany, and Norway.

My top 5 viewed posts this year are:

  1. Book Review – Macbeth (198 views)
  2. What does an earthquake feel like? (168 views)
  3. INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality (128 views)
  4. The Best and the Worst of 2013 (69 views)
  5. Are Writers Introverts or Extroverts? (39 views)

Interesting that a review is my top viewed page.  And it’s Shakespeare!  But the second highest is actually a long-time favourite of my readers.

Going off this blog for a bit, let’s look at a couple other things.  First of all is my Twitter account.  I currently have 1,829 followers, and the number is growing quite steadily.  It’s been increasing more quickly recently.  I should be reaching the magic 2,000 barrier fairly soon.  On Twitter, I have made 5,485 tweets.

Looking at Alexa, this blog’s global rank is 3,464,696.  In the past 3 months, I’ve improved by 91,163 places.

On YouTube, since I’ve been pretty inactive and have merely used it for some rather random and unimpressive videos, none of my videos have more than 1,000 views.  My most popular video has 749 views, and it shows what I see during a lull in a typhoon.

In the future, I’m going to be very interested in seeing how my book sales go.  It just seems really interesting to me.

Thanks for Visiting, Even for Just One Time

I’m fascinated by statistics.  WordPress does a good job with providing stats for blogs, and one that’s interesting is the Views by Country stat.  I get a lot of views from a handful of countries.

There are two countries in particular that I get about half of my traffic.  Those are the USA and Japan.  The first is obvious, as most English speaking internet users are American.  As for Japan, well, I live in Japan.  A lot of my regular readers are foreigners based in Japan.  The third country also takes a good chunk of my views.  That’s Canada, my home country.  Most of my views are probably from friends and family.  The next two also are pretty significant, the UK and Australia.  They’re both English speaking countries.

Then things drop off quickly and it’s mostly non-English speaking countries, though there are some that speak English.  Rounding out my top 20 are:  Germany, Norway, India, the Philippines, France, Singapore, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, Ireland, Taiwan, and Spain.  Most of them are pretty populous countries or have a good number of English speakers.

But what about the countries I’ve had only one visit from?  I’d like to give them some love.  There are 18 countries (although two are overseas territories) that have had a single person visit this blog only once.  And for this list, I’m going to link to a blog post related to each place, if one exists.  Maybe you’ll find an interesting new blog.

  1. Kenya (English speaking African country)
  2. Moldova (not very well-known, but was part of the USSR)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly part of Yugoslavia)
  4. Jordan (would love to see Petra)
  5. Honduras (Spanish-speaking Central American country)
  6. Bermuda (not a country, but a British territory)
  7. Sri Lanka (island country south of India)
  8. Mongolia (I find this country fascinating for some reason)
  9. Sierra Leone (African country that had a civil war 11 years ago)
  10. Mauritius (small country in the Indian Ocean that was home to the dodo)
  11. Papua New Guinea (north of Australia and shares an island with Indonesia)
  12. Reunion (an overseas department of France)
  13. Tunisia (north African country where parts of Star Wars was filmed)
  14. Czech Republic (surprisingly few people from this eastern European country visited this blog)
  15. Malta (English speaking island country in the Mediterranean)
  16. Belarus (a former Soviet republic)
  17. Trinidad and Tobago (an English speaking Caribbean country)
  18. Nigeria (an African English speaking country with plenty of difficulties)

I hope you found something interesting in those countries.  Oh, and please come back here for a visit!