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Severe Thunderstorm Here Right Now! (Edmonton)

At this very moment, the second severe thunderstorm in the last couple hours is coming through. Strong wind, heavy rain, and very loud thunder accompanying the lightning which has been striking very near here. I recorded some of the first storm on video and posted it on YouTube. Have a look.

While that storm is done, the second one is going through now. The wind was so strong that it made me wonder if there was a tornado. I found out that the tornado that passed through Edmonton in 1987 actually went through the neighbourhood I live in, only about two or three hundred metres from here!

The weather today is crazy. But I love storms. Do you?

The Sky Right Now

As is typical for Edmonton weather, we have another thunderstorm. The forecast says thunderstorms all day until about 11 pm. This is the sky right now:

Nice, huh? The clouds are behaving like a very slow boil. They’re moving around a bit, but slowly. It’s interesting to look at, but since it’s started raining, it’s hard to see how the clouds really look.

Well, tomorrow is Canada Day, and we’re hoping to see some fireworks. Thankfully, the forecast is good for tomorrow. But it’s the only good day over the next six days. Every other day is expected to be stormy.

It’s a good thing my daughter now says she likes thunderstorms. She’s not afraid during the day.

A Storm Was Brewing

You may remember that I love thunderstorms. One thing I love about Edmonton is that there are thunderstorms often in summer. Well, last night, while I was sitting in the living room, a strong wind suddenly came, and dark clouds moved in. I went outside and this is what I saw.

Very dark! The weather news said a thunderstorm was moving along the south side of the city and coming in this direction. I was very interested in seeing some lightning. It didn’t happen. It rained, but no lightning. I was disappointed. The dark clouds came, but they didn’t deliver.

Tonight, there’s a 40% chance of thunderstorms again. Not great odds, and I don’t expect it to happen.

Anyone else like thunderstorms?

So, a Typhoon Is Coming

On track for hitting the Tokyo area on the evening of July 26th or early morning July 27th, we have a typhoon. How fun.


Though Japan doesn’t normally use the names of typhoons, this one is named Halola. In Japan, it’s known as Typhoon Number 12. We just had a typhoon come through Japan last week, so this is pretty frequent for typhoons around here. Don’t really know what the strength will be like when it arrives, as it’s still five days away.

For me, typhoons are an interesting thing. I actually enjoy them, as long as they aren’t destructive. I wonder how many we’ll get this year.

Strange Weather

This is a little departure from my usual post, but yesterday, we had a typhoon, and I experienced one of the strangest weather events in my life.  Watch this video, where I explain what happened.

Okay, finished?  That was some strange rain in the morning.

I remember another time I experienced a strange storm.  It was several years ago back in Canada.  We experienced the storm of the century, except that it happened twice in one month.

I was on my way home from work on the bus, and a sudden storm hit, dumping rain so heavy that the driver couldn’t see out the windshield.  It was like a waterfall.  The wipers didn’t help at all.  Very slowly, he drove.  We finally got to my bus stop, and once I got out, I ran as fast as I could to my apartment, which was only about a 15 second run away.  It was raining so hard that my clothes were soaked all the way through.  I later found out that in some places, it had rained 160 mm in one hour.  The freeway flooded in places, West Edmonton Mall had a big leak, flooding part of the mall, and plenty of other flooding.  I’ll never forget that storm.

What’s the strangest weather you’ve ever experienced?

I Am Fine, the Typhoon Went Away

If anyone was worried about how things were going here with the typhoon, well, there’s no need to worry.  It was very anticlimactic.  It was far weaker than expected, but this is probably due to the fact that it spent so much time stalling around Kyushu and lost a lot of energy going over the island.  It missed the Kansai area, but made a direct hit here in the Tokyo area.  But it had weakened so much that not much actually happened.  Check out the video I made about it: