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My Daughter’s First Day at School, Sort of

Tonight, we’re going to my daughter’s school. While she’s visited it when we registered her for kindergarten, this will be her first time seeing her classroom and meeting her classmates and teacher. While we don’t know which teacher she’ll have, and we don’t know which classmates will be hers, she can spend some time at the school that she didn’t want to leave before.

When we visited it the first time, my daughter cried when we left. She didn’t want to leave at all. She saw kids having fun, and she wanted to start right at that moment. Tonight, I wonder if she’ll cry when we leave.

When she starts school in September, I think she’ll be okay. She’s been in the situation where she’s been picked up by a driver and dropped off at a place full of kids. And she had no problem coming home, either. She’s used to this. She’ll be able to socialise with other kids, and hopefully, she won’t behave selfishly like she often does with toys. She’s more cooperative than she used to be, but I wonder if she’ll listen to her teacher.

Another thing is that she’s only four years old. She’s starting kindergarten earlier than most of the other kids. She can handle being in the class with other kids and a teacher, but can she handle doing what she learns? Her English isn’t the best. However, the teachers are experienced with kids whose first languages aren’t English. While she’s only four, there is a choice we must make at the end of the year. Another year of kindergarten, or is she ready for grade one at five years old? Only time will tell.

Anyone else have young children starting school or recently started? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

Extreme Learning

I hadn’t heard of the term “Extreme Learners” before, and was curious about what it was. There’s a website for it, actually. Extreme learners go beyond the traditional ways of learning. They take charge of how they learn. They even do their own research, book time at labs, create their own curriculum, and do whatever they can to learn. From what I’ve read, they are not geniuses. They are not gifted. They’re just extremely ambitious about learning, and will do whatever they can to learn.

I wondered if I could ever be an extreme learner. I mean, I’m always interested in learning something new. I’ve taken online courses, I’ve been looking at languages a lot recently, and I’m constantly reading up about science. What I haven’t done is gone out and done my own research in the field. I could, though. That might be fun.

But could I be an extreme learner? Perhaps. Do I have the time to do it? I don’t think so. But whenever I have the time, I do my best to learn something new. I guess you could say I’m a student for life. If I could, I’d go back to university and study something new, probably a major in geology and a minor in Japanese. I often think that’s what I should have studied. But who knows? It may be possible.

Would you ever try to be an extreme learner? Do you enjoy learning new things? And would you ever go back to school? Let me know in the comments.

Student for Life

I am a student for life.  I’m not officially a student of any school, but I consider myself a student of many things.  I am certainly not a career student, who continues to study at university accumulating degrees, but never working.  I will always be working, but also trying to learn.

Ever since I joined Coursera and FutureLearn, I’ve enjoyed studying new things, mainly in my field of study in university (astronomy), but also in my second choice (palaeontology).  But I’m not sticking with the familiar, I’m branching out.  I’m expanding my horizons.  Along with the astronomy and palaeontology courses, I’ll also be studying history, writing, philosophy, engineering, geology, and anything else that interests me.

I am also studying various languages, including Japanese, French, and Spanish.  I’ll be starting German, as well.  I’m considering Italian and Portuguese in the future.

Some people choose to stop studying once they finish school.  Not me.  I want to learn as many things as possible.  I want to know as much as I can.

There are some major benefits to studying for life.  It keeps the mind sharp and young.  It lets you keep up on new developments.  It helps prevent you from forgetting the things you’ve learned if you take similar subjects multiple times.  Learning languages has been shown to help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  Language skills are also very helpful for travel and future job prospects.  Knowing about many subjects can help prepare you for a return to university, if you choose to do so.

If money was no object, and I had time, I would go back to university to study geology and possibly move on to a Master’s degree and PhD, focusing on planetary geology.  Planetary science is my passion, and geology would not only help me achieve that dream, but could also be used for more earthly purposes.

Most of all, I am learning for the pure joy of obtaining knowledge.  I love to know.  I have an insatiable desire to know many things.  I’m anxiously awaiting Dawn’s arrival at Ceres.  I can’t wait for New Horizons’ arrival at Pluto.  I look forward to reading about all the new exoplanet discoveries.  I’m hoping for a Europa mission.  I would love to see a Mars colony start in the next few years.

I also want to know how I can help improve our world.  I want to be a part of helping the environment, the people, the plants and animals.  I want to be a voice of reason and to be someone who can use knowledge and reason to help resolve problems.

I learn to better myself, and in turn, better the world.  At the very least, I want to enjoy it.

Now, the questions for you is, do you want to be a student for life?