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T.G.I. Friday’s – Jack Daniel’s Salmon

Last Friday, we were in Machida, Tokyo, and went to T.G.I. Friday’s.  Of course, this is a popular American restaurant, especially with foreigners living in Japan.  Most staff speak English, and it seems that nearly half of the customers are foreigners.  My wife likes going here, because of Jack Daniel’s Chicken (or as she calls it, JD chicken, similar to my name).  I usually get ribs or steak, but I tried something new.

To start, we had some appetizers.  First was the fried macaroni and cheese.  I’d been curious about this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I liked it quite a bit.  Too bad it was only 6 pieces!

Fried macaroni and cheese.

The other appetizer is a favourite of ours, fried mushrooms.  It’s lightly battered and fried, and it’s always very hot.

Friday’s fried mushrooms.

That brings us to the main course.  I decided to have a new item on the menu, Jack Daniel’s Salmon.  It was covered with Friday’s Jack Daniel’s sauce.  It was served with cheddar mashed potatoes and vegetables.  I really like the mashed potatoes, and the salmon was pretty good, too.

Jack Daniels Salmon.

This was a pretty satisfactory meal.  We like T.G.I. Friday’s quite a bit, and it had been months since we’d eaten there.  Definitely recommended.