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Lee’s Taiwan Kitchen – Karaage and shrimp dango

Lee’s Taiwan Kitchen (李さんの台湾名物屋台) is a fast food place that we found in a food court in Minami-Osawa in Hachioji, Tokyo.  From the name, it appears it’s Taiwanese style food.

The food court’s directory information for Lee’s Taiwan Kitchen.
Just go up to the counter and order, then wait for your number to be called.

We ordered two kinds of karaage (fried chicken), the spicy karaage and the sweeter negi karaage (with onions).  We also had ebi dango (shrimp dumplings).  I liked both of the karaage, though the ebi dango was a bit plain tasting.  However, I enjoyed it.  I think my favourite was the spicy karaage.

Left to right: ebi dango, spicy karaage, negi karaage

This shop was on the 5th floor of Paole, in the Meatrea food court in front of Minami-Osawa station in Hachioji.