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1,500. That’s a big number. That’s how many followers this blog now has. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. And I have to thank you very much.

Without my regular readers who keep coming back, this wouldn’t be as much fun as it is. For those of you who leave comments, thank you! For those of you who like my posts, thank you! And for those of you who read my posts, thank you!

I started this blog for myself, to keep track of the books I read, and to write out reviews. I also started this blog for you, all the people who read it. I wanted to do a couple things, show you my writing and create a community of people who have similar interests as me. The community is now the size of a small town. 1,500! My hometown has a bit more than 2,000 people, so it’s quite comparable. It’s kind of amazing, come to think of it.

But I think the thing I have to say about reaching 1,500 followers is this: I appreciate every one of you who has followed this blog. Again, thank you very much!

200 and 16,000 – What Does It Mean?

Today, I passed a couple milestones! Isn’t that nice? Two in one day. But what are they?

Let’s look at the smaller number. 200. This video will explain it:

My YouTube channel reached 200 subscribers! Actually, it sits at 203 right now, but it reached 200 this morning. I like numbers. But it’s really not important. I just want to thank the people who keep me doing what I do.

But what about 16,000? It’s about this blog! And it’s about you, my readers. More specifically, it’s about those of you who comment. The blog reached 16,000 comments today! That just seems so unbelievable. With a bit more than 2,000 posts, that means about eight comments per post. But still, that’s a big number! I can’t really imagine it.

The biggest message I have to give to you is thank you. I love the community I have on this blog, and I love the community I have discovered in the booktube corner of YouTube. I’m looking forward to much more in the future!

Thanking My Subscribers

You know how I’m always thanking my readers on this blog? I always do the Commentition every month to thank my top commenters, as they’re part of what makes this fun. But it’s not only the top commenters, but everyone who does. And also my readers.

But on YouTube, it’s a different kind of experience. My face and voice are out there for everyone to see. But it’s also very similar. That’s why I want to thank all my subscribers. I just reached three months doing booktube videos (basically my blog in video format), and about to reach 200 subscribers. I did a video about my three month milestone.

But you know what? This blog may reach 1,500 followers this month! And it should reach 100,000 views by the end of the year. Those are some big numbers. While the numbers aren’t important, I still think it’s worth thanking everyone.

So, thank you to all my readers and subscribers!

2,000th Blog Post Q & A Extravaganza!

From the moment I started this blog until now, I have done 1,999 blog posts. This is the 2,000th blog post! A couple days ago, I asked you to ask me some questions for a major milestone, and this is it! It’s hard to believe that I’ve now made 2,000 blog posts.

So, let’s get into the questions. They’re not easy.

The first question comes from my sister, leeannarcher.

What is your favourite location on your world of Ariadne?

I can’t go into much detail about this, since I don’t have finalised names for a lot of the places, but I’d have to say for now, I like New Brasilia. It’s the second colonial site, and it’s situated on an inland sea in a tropical rain forest. It will eventually be a major city and a very important one in the series.

Next up are some questions from Myrea.

If you could be any animal in the world, which would it be and why?

Could you ask anything any more difficult? Well, I like living a long time, so I wouldn’t want to be a short-lived animal. I always thought I wanted to have a dog or cat’s life, but they don’t live long enough for me. Maybe a parrot. They live long, they can fly, and they can talk! That’s what I’d like to be.

What was your favourite book when you were a child?

The encyclopedia. And that’s the reason I named this blog I Read Encyclopedias for Fun.

Which “authors answer” is your favourite and which is your least favourite?

To be honest, I really, really loved #52, where I brought some much more established authors in to contribute for just one question. That was a lot of fun, mostly because I got to communicate with some well-known authors, even if they declined. Though this month has had some really fun Authors Answers. My least favourite is much more difficult, because I haven’t really thought about it. I don’t think I can answer that one.

Who do you look up to most in the author world? 

Also a difficult question. I have some favourites, but the one I was reading when I started developing my world is probably the one I look up to the most. But also partially because she is what got me into worldbuilding. And that is Anne McCaffrey, the author of the Pern series.

And finally, I got several questions from Gradmama2011!

If you could combine the best qualities of life in Japan and those in Canada, what would the combination be like?

Very interesting question! While both countries are quite similar in terms of quality of life, there are some things I prefer about Japan, and some I prefer about Canada. First of all, what I’d like from Japan are the transportation system and convenience stores. The way the transportation system is built make it so easy to get around quickly without relying on cars. I love the train system. As for convenience stores, there’s always one within a 5 minute walk from wherever you are. If I had to add anything else, I’d say that I love the atmosphere and history of the place. Oh, and the climate. And can’t forget the quality of customer service!

What I’d take from Canada are the friendliness of people, cost of health care and education, and central heating. People in Canada tend to be friendlier in public than in Japan. It’s real friendliness, while Japanese politeness is a social responsibility, and not genuine (a lot of the time, that is). People in Canada will say “hi” to strangers when walking down the street. That never happens in Japan’s big cities. Health care in Canada is free (paid for by taxes), but not in Japan. Our daughter’s birth cost a lot of money. In Canada, there would’ve been no cost to us. As for education, kindergarten is free in Canada, but not in Japan. Public school is free in both countries, but private schools and cram schools are extremely popular in Japan. I’m glad the public school system in Canada is good. And finally, central heating. I’m not cold in winter in Canada!

If it were up to you to choose what your daughter would be like when she is an adult, what would you prescribe for her?

First, I’ll just say that I would never choose how she would be as an adult. She’s her own person, so I want her to be her, not what we want her to be. But I would hope that she would be kind and considerate and go for what she desires. Life is short, so you should be able to live life to its fullest. I would also want her to be strong against any kind of discrimination or injustices.

When you sit down to write, do you have an idea in mind? Or do you just wing it and start out with what pops out? Do you keep a notebook or other list of things to write about?

Three questions in one! When I sit down to write, I always have an idea in mind, whether it’s my fiction or blog posts. I never wing it. However, I do let the story write itself, in a way. I don’t want to rigidly plan everything. I like it to flow naturally. And I do keep a notebook, but many of my notes are spread out between notebooks, my phone’s Notes app, my computer’s desktop, and a couple folders of loose papers.

If you were told that in 30 years you will be permitted to go out into space to a planet that is being colonized with Earth people…..how would you begin to prepare for that journey? You may take ten items besides clothing…what would they be?

Interesting question. Of course, it would be difficult for me to leave my family, unless they come with me. Hopefully, they aren’t one of the ten items. I would definitely make sure any loose ends are taken care of here on Earth. Ten things I would take:

  1. A Kindle filled with my entire to be read list.
  2. Computer
  3. Photo album of my life on Earth.
  4. A full set of Star Trek DVDs (or whatever format movies and TV series are sold on at that time).
  5. The player for those DVDs.
  6. A camera/video camera.
  7. A sketchpad
  8. Pencils
  9. A jetpack
  10. A personal water filter/bottle for when I go wandering and exploring the new world.

What if the people on the Colony all speak different languages, but otherwise are of similar age and educational background? Would that present a major problem for you?

I don’t think that would be much of a problem. I like languages, and have studied a small amount of several languages. I’d definitely study a lot more in the next 30 years, though. But I would wonder about a colony of people who are all around 70 years old. It would be unsustainable!

If it is up to you to decide who, what…etc. gets to go to the new planet, how would you decide? Lets say you have complete say-so, who gets to go, where they are from, what they know, all features. No relatives or friends…just all the people of the world to pick from.

I don’t care about where they’re from, but I would hope they’re all educated and have skills that are useful for a colony. They must have ambition, but are well-balanced and not power hungry. They’d need to pass psychiatric tests to make sure they are well-adjusted people. I’d like them all to be generous, excellent at teamwork, and not self-absorbed. I’d need a good balance of scientists, engineers, construction workers, farmers, teachers, planners, artists, architects, and doctors. Of course, there may be more kinds of people we need, but no politicians or career military. Some ability to use weapons for defense only may be required if there’s hostile life on the planet, though.

So, those are all the questions! Thank you everyone for all of your questions, and I especially thank all of my readers for coming here regularly. That’s 2,000 blog posts, and hopefully we can do something again when it reaches 3,000 (in about a year and a half, I think).

And of course, comments are always welcome! I look forward to reading them.

100 Subscribers on YouTube!

Wow. That was pretty quick. Three weeks ago, I started doing Booktube on my YouTube channel. I had around 50 subscribers at that time. I just hit 100! I know, that’s kind of small compared to a couple other things. This blog has 1,371 followers and I have 3,486 followers on Twitter. However, doubling my subscribers in such a short time is pretty nice, even though it’s only 100.

So, for my 100 subscriber celebration, I want questions! Ask me anything! You can go to this blog post and ask me there. I want a lot of questions, so please ask! Or you can ask me on this post. That’s fine, too.

Authors Answer 52 – A Big Thank You

This is it, number fifty-two. It has been a year since I began Authors Answer, and what better way to celebrate it than to say thank you. I have some special guests in addition to our regular contributors. I hope you enjoy reading what they have to say. I would like to thank the guest authors who agreed to participate. I love authors who take the time to respond to fans and interact with them. I would also like to thank the authors who responded to me, but could not participate due to busy schedules. And of course, thank you to all of our regular contributors for sticking with this for all these months. You’ve been wonderful!

fireworksQuestion 52 – What would you like to say to your fans and readers?

Janny Wurts

In gratitude and with great admiration, I bow to readers for ignoring the misguided notion that imagination and a sweet step outside of the limitations of day to day reality fall under the stigma of what some revile as a lazy escape. If no one, ever, embraced anything other than what they knew or were taught, if nobody stepped outside of their claustrophobic personal envelope,  we would all face stagnation, in fact. Reading is not an avoidance, but all about embracing the dreams and the nightmares of where we might yet come to tread.

But more than this, my particular thanks goes to you who ventured a step farther into the unknown: those who embarked on a starting series, ahead of the plodding noise of the crowd. You who laid your money on a new venture, not knowing where, or when, or even if, that story might wend its way through the publishing world to reach a last page in conclusion. You, who stayed open minded enough to not revisit the sins of every other dangling project — left hanging for whatever reason, including an author’s untimely death — to your outstanding credit, such enthusiastic daring and support make a significant contribution, not small, toward bringing such long-term creations to term for the rest to enjoy. Pause here and realize you are the real time adventurers who sustained the journey along the way.

Thanks, above and beyond, to those readers who explore the books on the fringes, and greet eccentricities with an open mind. Your personal choice, made alone, against peer pressure, opens the path to unbounded diversity. Special thanks to the readers who will return to a book that perhaps, on first try, disappointed them. Sometimes the timing, the topic, or the concept were not in synch with that moment’s personal needs or a particular stage of life where a story line mattered. Re-examining differences and embracing change against prejudice are the rarest of skills in a complex world that cries for understanding.

As readers we have the gift and the ability to step outside of our skins. That gift of experience, borrowed from others, holds the power to re-stage the forseeable future.

Brian Staveley

When I started writing The Emperor’s Blades, I had no idea how hard it was to write a big fantasy trilogy. In fact, fool that I was, I imagined writing a seven-volume series. It seemed straightforward to write a book, then another book, then another book until it was all done. By the time I got to the start of The Providence of Fire, however, I was feeling the heat. I had a cast of dozens of characters scattered across two continents, and the plot was only growing more complex. There were a lot of things that got me through the second and third books of the trilogy, but right up there near the top of the list were my readers. Almost every day I hear from someone, often many folks. Some people just want to say hi. Some have a question about a character or the world. Some write to point out a mistake I’ve made, about anatomy, or veterinary medicine, or whatever. These interactions kept me going through all the darkest times. Whenever I wanted to trash the whole damn file and move to Fiji, I’d remember that there are readers out there, thousands of them, tens of thousands, who are excited to see how this all ends, who are rooting for the characters, and so, by proxy, for me. And every time I remembered that, I’d get another cup of coffee, sit my ass back in the chair, and keep working. This is as good a time as any to say thanks, so there it is: thank you. Without all of you, I’d probably still be dithering with the first chapter of the second book.

Andrew Rowe

Earlier this year, I released my first novel, Forging Divinity. I’ve received tremendous support since my novel’s launch, and I’m very grateful to everyone who has been willing to take a shot at a first time novelist’s work. As a result of the success of my first novel, I’ve been able to work on a second, and my sequel – Stealing Sorcery – will be coming out early in January of next year.

For other would-be authors out there, my best advice is to keep writing about what you’re passionate about. I wrote five other novels before I finally published Forging Divinity – it can take a lot of work and dedication to finally make it to the publication stage, but the effort has been very worthwhile, at least for me.

Baye McNeil

Hi! This is Baye McNeil aka Loco in Yokohama, and I just wanna thank all the readers who’ve supported me over the years, through my blogging, publishing and now journalism efforts. You guys mean everything for what’s a writer without readers? In the very near future I’ll be coming out with a couple of books. One will be almost exclusively for my Japanese fan base that I’m hesitant to speak of just yet. Just know it’s gonna be awesome (god willing). And another for my English speaking readers, a coming of age book based out of NYC. Hope you guys dig it! Thank again.  よろしくおねがいします

Erica Dakin

A very big thank you to all my readers for the support and lovely reviews, and for the constructive criticism. When I first started writing I really didn’t think too much of what I produced, but it’s been a great boost to get positive feedback. My Theft and Sorcery trilogy is finished, but I hope some of you are excited to hear that I’m working on a collection of erotic short stories centring around the protagonists of my second book, The Conspiracy. Please come and say hello on my blog.

Amy Morris-Jones

Most importantly, I’d like to congratulate Jay Dee for his success with the Authors Answers series. I appreciated being included in the “authors”–especially since I’m a higher ed professional who’s just beginning to stick a toe into the waters of fiction writing. It’s been great to read the thoughts of participants in the series and the readers’ comments. Personally, I’d like to thank those who’ve put up with my ramblings as I try to find my way on this new journey. I’ve been publishing some short fiction this past year, and I’m fervently working on a revision of my most recent novel (the third I’ve written) in hopes of seeing how it fares in the world in 2016. For those interested in seeing how it all works out, I love to chat with people on Twitter (@amorrisjones) and have some randomness at https://amymorrisjones.wordpress.com/.

H. Anthe Davis

The only thing I have to say right now is Thank You.  For your interest, for your patience, and especially Thank You to my readers for your willingness to pick up a book by an unknown author and give it a serious go-through.  Internet communities have been my life since I was a kid, and the thought of building one of my own — based around my own work — is daunting, but everyone I’ve met so far in the process has been fabulous.  Every little bit of encouragement counts, so…thank you all for being here, even if you’re just passing by.

S. R. Carrillo

Write hard and clear about what hurts.

Paul B. Spence

Thanks for reading my books, really.

I’m currently working on a fourth Awakening novel and also another novel that isn’t set in that universe but isn’t unrelated. I’m hoping to have a couple of new free short stories to give away for the holidays, so keep watch on my blogs, Facebook, and Smashwords.

Caren Rich

Thanks to all of my readers and the readers of Authors Answer. Keep reading and spread the word about new writers that you like. Buy more books.

Elizabeth Rhodes

To my readers and fans (if you’re out there,) I want to say THANK YOU!  While I’d probably keep writing without you, you’ve all given me a reason to put myself out there and share my stories with the world.  It’s a scary thing we do, especially for reserved people like me.  But you make it a little bit easier.  Stay tuned, because there’s more to come.

Eric Wood

I still haven’t figured out exactly why I started blogging, but I do know why I continue. I would like to say thank you. Thank you for coming back again and again. I enjoy writing, but you make it easier to keep writing. You help me justify the time I spend at the keyboard. You make it easy for me to share my stories, my ideas and opinions. So please keep reading, keep commenting and share, share, share!

Allen Tiffany

Obviously a big “Thank You” to all those who bought my book, and especially those who wrote me and provided feedback or shared their own experiences in Vietnam. Given the reviews, it seems like buyers feel like they are getting their money’s worth, which also makes me happy.

As my first full-length novel nears its publication date, I hope to hear more from you all, and that it meets your expectations.

Jean Davis

I would like to thank all of the Author’s Answer readers for joining us each week. I hope you’ve learned some interesting or at least entertaining things here. I would also like to thank my readers for their support during this past year, which was full of stress and not much writing. Next year is looking much more promising on the creative front. However, this year is winding down on a good note. I’m happy to announce the release of my novel A Broken Race, and the publication of two of my short stories in the Brewed Awakenings II anthology, both out this month.

D. T. Nova

Thank you for reading my blog, and despite some delays my first novel is basically on track, though I can’t say when it will be published.

Gregory S. Close

A big THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has taken a chance and tried out my work.  It’s very gratifying to know that someone has enjoyed the characters, worlds and stories that popped out of my muddled brain.  Sharing them is truly a profound joy for me.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

What can I say to my fans? How about a good old fashioned, “Thank you”? Thanks for the support! Thanks for following me on my blog and various social media outlets. Thanks for watching my YouTube videos. Thanks for talking to me in the form of comments and “Likes”. And a million thanks to everyone who has read my zombie apocalypse novel, “Nowhere to Hide“.

For my next trick I’ll be releasing the first book in my young adult fantasy/adventure series, “The Other World“. There’s a bit of work to do yet, but I’m hoping to have it released early 2016, so keep your eyes open! Love you all! ^_^

Linda G. Hill

I appreciate anyone who reads anything I write. I’m constantly astounded that I’m able to keep anyone’s attention past the first few sentences – so if you wouldn’t mind reading my 700 page novel… Haha! Actually, it’s not published. Yet. I plan to try going the traditional route before I self-publish but either way, please keep an eye out for anything with my name on it but particularly a novel called The Great Dagmaru. It’s a paranormal romance with lots of twists and turns. Also, a very short humorous romantic novelette which will probably be released before that, titled All Good Things.

Jay Dee Archer

I must thank all of you great followers of my blog. You’ve been wonderful this past year, and Authors Answer has become a great success. And with that said, I’m happy to announce that it will continue for a second year!

I’d also like to thank of you future readers of mine who will read my books. It’s a difficult time for me at the moment to concentrate on writing, but after my family moves to Canada next March, I’ll have a far better chance to focus on my writing. So, you can expect to see a lot of Journey to Ariadne available on my official blog next year. I may be able to finish it, too. I will also begin working on my first novel, which has the provisional title Knights of Ariadne, as well as a novella or novelette series about a dying man’s wish to see the planets. Next year should be exciting, so I hope you keep coming back and will enjoy my books! Thank you to everyone.

How about you?

Do you have anyone to thank for their support in your writing? Anyone have any announcements about books they want to make? This would be a great opportunity for you to do that. The comments are yours! Thank you.

Thank You to My 500 Followers

In the past couple of days, this blog finally reached 500 followers.  Thank you to everyone who has followed and reads this blog.  I hope you’re all enjoying it.

As part of my thank you, I’d like to ask you a survey question.  This is kind of a state-of-the-blog kind of thing.  I want to know what my readers think.  So here’s my question:

If there’s one thing you could improve, or something you’d like to see more of, or something you’d like to see added, what is it?

Please leave your answer in the comments.