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My Must Watch YouTube Channels

Other than book vloggers, there are a few YouTube channels I like to watch daily (or whenever they have a new video). I thought I’d share them with you.

Bad Lip Reading

Although updated irregularly, some of the music videos, The Walking Dead, and movie lip reading videos are hilarious.  My personal favourite is Morning Dew.


These brothers have gathered together various YouTubers, teenagers, kids, and seniors to do React videos.  Those are my favourites.  They also have a REACT channel dedicated to just that.

Improv Everywhere

This group does massive public pranks and experiments, including the No Pants Subway ride and the various musicals in public places. They’ve done a lot. Watching the reactions of people is pretty fun.

Screen Junkies

These guys are all about movies, basically. I love their Honest Trailers. They say what we’re all thinking, but would never be in an official trailer.  Quite funny stuff.


You may be wondering why I watch this channel. It’s all about what this guy records on his dashcam while driving in South Carolina. Well, South Carolina apparently has the worst drivers in the United States. He sees a lot of them. I have no idea why I’m entertained by his channel! He gives a lot of commentary while driving, too. Check it out and watch a video of Bad Drivers of South Carolina. And here’s a compilation of his favourite clips.

Geography Now

Finally, this has got to be my favourite channel right now. It’s a one of a kind channel. Paul Barbato is going through every country in the world in alphabetical order and making an approximately 10 minute video each, outlining various aspects of the country’s geography (physical, political, demographics, etc). Highly informative, educational, and entertaining. He has a good sense of humour. Love this channel!  Here’s his latest video about Belarus.

Now that you’ve seen some of my favourite YouTube channels, what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below.


One Seventeen-Year-Old Girl Can Influence Millions – Malala

I’ve been following TheFineBros channel for quite some time on YouTube, and most recently, they posted an episode of Teens React about Malala Yousafzai.  If you haven’t heard of her before, where have you been?  She’s a Nobel Peace Prize winner (2014), only 17 years old, and one of the bravest and most amazing young women in the world.  Watch the video.

I like how some of the teenagers say they feel bad about complaining about going to school.  Once many people see just how hard Malala fought to be able to go to school, they often realise how stupid their own complaints about going to school are.  Millions of kids, especially girls, don’t have the chance to go to school because of poverty, and in some cases, religious extremists.  The Taliban don’t want girls to go to school.  I find that unacceptable.

I’m a big supporter of education, and I strongly dislike it when I hear teenagers say how school is lame, and that only losers go to school.  Must be wonderful to be too cool for school, huh?  I have to wonder how their lack of job is going.  If people are fighting to go to school, why is it we have selfish brats who think they don’t need school in their lives?  If they don’t want to go to school and don’t even attempt to graduate, then why should we pay for their welfare cheques?  Sure, some kids are deprived of an education due to no fault of their own.  Those kids need the support to be able to get their education.  But I don’t feel sorry for those who shun education and end up on the street with a very sad existence.  They brought it upon themselves.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that there were a couple of Muslim teenagers in the video.  They shared stories about how they or their families were targeted, with people calling them terrorists.  What sickens me is how this whole ISIS issue is causing people to turn on Muslims in general and call them terrorists.  For your information, ISIS is an example of an extremist organisation.  They do not represent Muslims.  This is much the same as the KKK or Westboro Baptist Church.  They do not represent Christians.  I am an atheist, and people like Stalin, Pol Pot, and Kim Jong-Un do not represent atheists.  I have Muslim friends, I have Christian friends, I have Jewish friends, I have atheist friends.  Do I care?  Not at all.  In fact, religion doesn’t even enter our conversations.  We are friends, and we respect each other’s personal choices.  That’s the way it should be.  We should not have religious extremists or fundamentalists imposing their beliefs on us.

I don’t care about a person’s religion.  I care about the person.  I care about people’s well-being.  I care about people’s right to a good education.  I care about healthy, well-educated societies.  I care about people getting along and celebrating diversity, not going to war over their differences.  And you know what?  This is something I want to show in my writing.

My advice to the world is this:  Let’s stop all this bullshit and just try to get along.  Stop with the idiotic antagonistic garbage.

Will they listen?  Probably not.  But at least I’m trying to do my part.