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Tiny Houses and More

Lately, I’ve been getting into watching videos on YouTube about tiny houses. You know, a house smaller than your entire living room. What fascinates me about them has a lot to do with wondering how they deal with living with such a small space. How do they organise everything? How do they make such a small house look bigger by optimising space? It’s all very interesting.

But I think another reason I wonder is because my family often went camping when I was a kid, and we had a trailer that we stayed in several weekends every summer. I have fond memories of playing in the sand, eating small boxes of cereal, and going down to the river to play on our private beach (a sandbar).

But back to tiny houses, here’s a sample that’s very interesting. It’s a pretty unique design.

This video and many others can be found on the Tiny House Giant Journey channel on YouTube.

Want something a little more futuristic? How about this guy’s Star Trek themed house?

Sometimes just looking at people’s unusual homes is very interesting. What do you think about living in a tiny house or a themed house?