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Top Ten Time Periods in Historic Novels I Want to Read

I love to experience different cultures through books. Seeing what life is like in different countries is very interesting. However, while we can experience those easily in modern times, it’s much more difficult to experience times from the distant past. Here are the time periods (and places) I’d like to visit through fiction:

  1. Ancient Greece, more than 2000 years ago
  2. Ancient Rome, more than 2000 years ago
  3. Ancient Japan, around 1000 years ago
  4. Mayan civilisation
  5. Incan civilisation, pre-Columbus
  6. Norway, around 1000 years ago
  7. Scotland, more than 1000 years ago
  8. Australia, before European colonisation
  9. North American plains, before European colonisation
  10. Mesopotamia

What are some time periods and civilisations would you like to read about in fiction? Let me know in the comments below.

Coming Soon: Top Ten Tuesday

When I say soon, I mean tonight! Although it will be Wednesday my time when I post it, it’ll be Tuesday in most if the world.

I am starting a weekly Top Ten series that will focus on science and geography. Sometimes they’ll be factual, other times, they’ll be my opinion. But I will always provide you with some interesting information about each entry. And I intend it to be full of pictures.

Interested? Let me know what you think.

Top Ten: Countries I Want to Visit

I’m going to do something a little different tonight, and do a top ten list.

There are a lot of countries I want to visit.  Actually, I’d love to be able to visit them all, but some are slightly inaccessible due to some dangers and instability.  But here are my top ten countries I want to visit.

1. New Zealand

This is the top country I want to visit for several reasons.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful.  It’s also one of the most remote countries in the world, and has unique animals.  It ranks high in many lists of standard of living, happiness, and more.  It seems like a wonderful place.

2. Ireland

My love of history and the colour green (although blue is my favourite colour) make this a top destination for me.  I want to see the castles and the historic towns.  I want to experience an authentic Irish pub.

3. Norway

The land of my maternal grandmother’s ancestors.  The historic city of Oslo, the picturesque fjords, and the chance to travel north of the Arctic Circle make this one of my top choices.

4. Germany

The land of my maternal grandfather’s ancestors.  Beer and sausages are a big draw for me, I think.  But also the castles, the scenery, and I just have this urge to see Frankfurt.  I like modern cities.  But I also like historic places, and Germany has a lot.

5. Iceland

This country has some amazing scenery.  Absolutely beautiful.  I’d love to see the glaciers, the mountains, the hot springs, and the intriguing capital city of Reykjavik.  This is one country I’d love to go hiking in.

6. Australia

The land of unique animals and incredible scenery, Australia is one of my top choices to visit.  I want to visit the outback, see the desert, check out Darwin, and explore Sydney.  There’s a lot to see.

7. Italy

Mainly for the incredible history, Italy is a top choice for me.  I especially want to explore Rome, but I’m interested in the scenery around the southern part of the country.  I’d love to see some volcanoes while I’m there, too.

8. Costa Rica

This country is a great place for eco-tourism, and has a lot of amazing nature to see.  Being a fairly stable country in a somewhat unstable Central America, it sounds like a nice place to visit.

9. Mongolia

I’ve had this fascination with this country that’s historically been populated by nomadic people.  Ulaan Bataar seems like an interesting city to visit, and the landscape in Mongolia would be amazing to see.

10. Peru

The history here is incredible, and that’s what I’d like to see.  Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines are top things for me to see there.  I’d probably enjoy the hike up to the mountain city, even though it would take quite a while.  I’m willing!

What do you think of my list? What are your top ten countries to visit?