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Join My Adventures in Japan

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this, but I’ve finally resumed working on A Taste of Japan. It’s a video series that I started last year, and then intended on doing for every place that I went with my sister when she visited us in Japan. However, I only did six videos, got to a video that turned out to have many parts to be edited together, and stopped.

Well, that intimidating video has been done. It wasn’t actually difficult to do! I enjoyed editing the video! I posted it on my main channel, and here it is:

I absolutely love Enoshima. It’s a place I’ve been to a few times, though most of the time, I stayed on the mainland. Although it’s a bit long, I encourage you to watch it. There are a lot of interesting things to see there, as well as many beautiful views. I’ll be doing a new video in this series every week. Next week is Enoshima Aquarium.

Let me know what you thought in the comments section below.

Edmonton Tour: The Arts District

Time for the third part of the downtown Edmonton tour. This time, the Arts District. Edmonton is known as a cultural city with a lot of music, arts, and museums. We’ll take a look at some of the interesting architecture in this area.

But first, the amazing river valley. Downtown is situated at the top of the valley, commanding this great view down to the North Saskatchewan River.

There’s a river boat called the Edmonton Queen. You can eat on it and go on a river cruise. It was recently sold in an auction.

A look in another direction. The river is quite green.

Now, on to the Arts District. One of the cultural buildings is the Citadel Theatre. There, you can watch plays and musicals. Not only that, there’s an indoor garden. It’s always warm in there.

And here is the Francis Winspear Centre for Music, a concert hall that features the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and other musical performances.

A look back across the street, you can see the Citadel Theatre.

Here is the Stanley A. Milner Library, the main branch of the Edmonton Public Library. It’s not a very attractive building, but will soon be undergoing a major transformation. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Right at the heart of the Arts District is the Sir Winston Churchill Square. It’s an open square with green space, cafes, and more. Several festivals occur here every year, as well as the occasional movie.

The Square has a large open plaza for festivals.

One of the newest buildings is the Art Gallery of Alberta. It’s a unique design, isn’t it?

And then we have Edmonton City Hall. This is one of the more attractive city halls I’ve seen. It has a large glass pyramid and a wading pool right in front. In winter, you can go skating on it.

This is a war memorial in front of City Hall.

This part of City Hall contains a restaurant and changing area for the pool/skating rink.

And here’s the pool. It was closed when I was there, even though it was a very warm day.

Another feature at City Hall. Nice shady outdoor corridor.

Looking up! Like the windows?

This is the pyramid from inside.

Also under the pyramid, take a look at some of the architecture.

To finish it off, looking back at City Hall from Churchill Square, you can see some food trucks. Edmonton has a fleet of these trucks offering many different kinds of food. They’re very popular.

And that is the Arts District. I missed going to the Royal Alberta Museum, but it’s currently under construction. Next time, I’ll show you the government centre, including the Alberta Legislature.

Let me know what you thought in the comments below.

A Video Tour of a Japanese Buddhist Temple

My YouTube video series, A Taste of Japan, continues! My first two videos were about festivals. Well, now we look at a place. This is more of an introductory look at what a Buddhist temple in Japan is like, rather than a look at this particular temple. It’s not a famous temple, which is good. I needed a typical temple to show you what you can find in any neighbourhood in Japan. So, enjoy the video.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below. I’ll also be making a Shinto shrine video when I can, hopefully before my sister is here. And then, many, many videos!

And if you haven’t done so, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I must sound like an audio file on repeat (a modern version of a broken record).

A Tour of the Redesign

You may have noticed over the past day that things are a bit different.  In addition to a new theme, I’ve moved some things around a bit.  The most noticeable difference would be in the menu at the top.  So, here’s a tour to let you know what’s different.

Starting with the menu, much is the same, but there are some differences.  First is the About page.  Of course, that’s pretty normal.  It’s always been there.  Then is the Reviews option, which includes five ways to find reviews.  Then the Writing option provides you with some of my writing and topics about writing, including the new Worldbuilding series that you can find in the dropdown.  Moving on down is the Food option, which takes you to my restaurant reviews.  Then it’s Links, where you can find links to other book review blogs and author websites.  Next is Challenges, which will show you the reading challenges I’d like to do, and I’ve written a couple of them out.  I’ll do the rest later.  Finally, we have the new Knowledge option.  This is where I consolidated the Encyclopedia, Studying, and Library Photo Project.

On the left side, I’ve got mainly blog-related topics, starting with a link to my official author website.  Below that are links to my other blogs.  Then there’s the spot where you can subscribe and follow my blog.  After that, we have the standard widgets, including Archives, Categories, Tag Cloud, and Calendar.

On the right column, we start with the most recent reviews I’ve done.  Under that are the most recent blog posts, which allow you quick access.  Below that are several ways to follow me on social media, including Facebook, Goodreads (showing my current books being read), links to Critique Circle, my Goodreads profile, and Writing.com.  After that, it’s my Twitter feed.

Please take some time to check out everything this blog has to offer.  I wonder how much you haven’t actually seen.