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A Dirty Situation

This dog gave us a lot of trouble today.

His name is Romeo. He’s my sister’s dog, and he’s sixteen years old. He’s getting on in age, quite deaf, and has bad eyesight. But he’s still quite healthy. Today, he created a very, very dirty situation. Just a warning that this story may become graphic.

Romeo was outside doing his thing not so long ago. When he came in, we noticed he had a huge piece of poop stuck to the underside of his tail. We immediately put him back outside, and I went to get some paper towels. I followed him outside, but he ran away from me. I think he knew what I was about to do. I wiped off as much poop as I could, but there was still a lot stuck to his backside.

I brought him in and took him upstairs to the bathtub. I sprayed his ass with the shower and chunks of poop came off. But he was fighting. He was very hard to control, and I couldn’t get him to stand still. I was wearing gloves, so I tried grabbing pieces of poop off his butt, but it wasn’t easy. He tucked his tail between his legs, so I couldn’t get easy access to the poop. I needed three hands! So, I enlisted the service of my wife.

My wife came in and held his collar while I pulled up his tail and scrubbed his butt and sprayed off the poop. However, he splashed poopy water into my eyes, and I had to go wash them out. Both my wife and I were wet. I finally got the poop out of his butt, dried him off, and got him out of the bathroom.

My wife and I had wet shirts, the gloves ended up getting wet inside, and I had poopy water in my eyes. Lovely.

He needs a haircut so this doesn’t happen again.


Going to the Embassy Is Always an Adventure


Someone is asleep. She wasn’t always like this today. We went to the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. It’s in a nice neighbourhood called Akasaka, which is known for its embassies. It’s near the high class Omotesando shopping area and the popular Roppongi, which has many bars that cater to foreigners, especially Americans.

But our day was at the embassy. It was definitely an adventure in parenting. This is what I had to deal with.

First, she kept singing. In the train, in the post office, in the embassy. Not quietly, but loudly. Second, she demanded to stand up on the train. And then loudly complained when I put her back on the seat. And she did this many times. Third, she played with the cover of her stroller, the one to block out sun and rain. She pulled on it so hard while I was talking with the embassy staff that it broke. It’s not possible to fix it. That’s when I had it with her behaviour. The problem is, she didn’t listen. She was very stubborn today. When she saw I was angry, she finally said sorry. I then told her that she broke the stroller, and she started crying. The staff offered her a toy to play with and she just threw it on the floor.

On our way out, she told me she pooped. We went to the bathroom to change her, but she hadn’t pooped at all. We left the embassy and as we walked to the station, she told me she pooped. Another check and nope. No poop.

She fell asleep on the train, so the rest of our trip home should be uneventful.

There were some positives, though. A high school boy waved at her on the train and she waved back. Some high school girls kept looking at her and saying she was soooooo cute. And at Aoyama-itchome Station, we had to get up to street level through what is a maze-like station. Many stairs up and down. She can walk up and down stairs very naturally now. No more carrying her up or down!

At least we should look at the positives even if it was a trying day.