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A Day in the Country

Today, we spent the day at our close friends’ house east of the city, and their home is surrounded by trees. We had hot dogs for dinner, and we cooked them over a fire. But I took a few pictures, since we don’t get out of the city often.

Leaves are already starting to change colour

A new trail that they created.

A young peacock that they have as a pet.

A male turkey and a chicken.

This female turkey seemed to like me.

The tree is looking at you!

Do you live in or near the country? Or do you spend most of your time in the city?

Birds and Bikes

Softbank difficulties aside, it’s been a good couple of days. Yesterday, we visited a family friend’s house and their new birds. Check them out.

They have chickens, turkeys, and peacocks. I got to see a couple eggs, too. There was even a turkey egg. The chicks were pretty cute. When holding them, they kind of vibrated as if they were purring. But they’re not cats.

Today, after going to an interview, I took my daughter out for her first real ride on a bicycle. But first, more birds! A couple Canada geese sitting next to the pond.

And of course, my daughter riding a bike.

She started off pretty shakily. She couldn’t get any speed, and she had difficulty starting. But she got the hang of it pretty quickly. She’s a fast learner! She won’t need those training wheels soon, I think.

But tonight, back to trying to figure out the Softbank problem.