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My Daughter’s Writing

My daughter likes typing on computers. She just types random letters and numbers. She has a lot of fun doing it. But one day, she did something unusual.

Take look at this:

After typing on the computer, she decided she was going to write down everything she typed. She had typed “xezsoocewctfyeft” then wrote it down. Not bad for someone learning the alphabet.


You’re Probably Using Too Much Space After a Period

periodspacingI’ve been doing it wrong. Actually, I know I’ve been doing it wrong for a long time. You see the space after the period in these sentences? Double spaced. It used to be pretty standard. It was used to make sentences appear more separated. I was taught to do it that way.

You see, I was taught to type on a typewriter. When I started typing in school, we didn’t use computers with word processors. We used electric typewriters. And since their wasn’t variable spacing for the letters, and we only had one font, we used a double space after the periods. I got used to doing that.

These days, word processing software has made this obsolete. In fact, using a single space has been standard for many years. There was no need for me to learn to use a double space. But over the years, I was using a double space because that’s what I was taught and I was used to. Out of habit, I’d been using double spaces while knowing it was wrong.

Now, I’m typing with single spaces after the period. What about you? Do you use single or double spaces?

Pen and Paper, or Fingers and Computer?

Normally, when I’m writing, I use my computer.  But today, while I had some time before I started working, I wrote part of Journey to Ariadne on paper with a pen.  Occasionally, I’ll write notes in my notebook, but rarely have I written part of the actual story that I’ll end up typing up.

One of the pros of writing on paper is that I could do it anywhere.  It’s easy to pull out my notebook and pen and write something.  But for me, I think it’s also quite slow.  I can’t write that quickly, and when I do, it looks like a mess.

Writing on the computer is much, much faster.  I used to do data entry while I was in university, and my typing speed improved from around 80 words per minute to more than 100.  My typing speed has slowed somewhat, but I still type quickly.  This allows me to get my thoughts down on my computer far faster than if I’m writing on paper.

Some people say they feel pen and paper is more intimate or personal when they write.  I can see that.  But I find it so inefficient that I prefer typing.  What I’m writing is going up on my website in the end, anyway.  And it’ll be an eBook, too.  So, why take so much time with pen and paper?  Well, my computer stays at home.  I can’t bring it with me everywhere, as it’s a rather large desktop replacement laptop.  It’s not easy to take with me.  So, the only alternative is to use pen and paper.  Or I could try typing on my iPhone, but that’s even slower than writing.

What do you prefer when writing?