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Life Isn’t Always Fair

Some things aren’t fair. Everyone goes through things like these. You know, you just stare at yourself in the mirror and nitpick at every little thing you see that’s out of the ordinary. Or you stand there debating about what to do next, and none of the options seem particularly appealing. Here are some things I’ve gone through lately.

Why is there more hair around my right nipple than my left? Why do I always get itchy the moment I start washing dishes? Why is it that when I take my phone out of my pocket, it’s upside-down about once a week? Why do birds fly away the very moment I want to take a picture? Why does it rain when I don’t have an umbrella and it doesn’t rain when I bring one?

One time, while I was walking, my phone recorded a video in my pocket. But I couldn’t see anything. My pocket deserves its 15 minutes of fame. Why did there have to be no light? So unfair! I mean, just look!

My pen is being totally unfair. I get refills, then they stop working after a couple weeks. I use my phone, and as I’m using it, a wi-fi signal is detected and used, but on the lowest level, so what I was viewing suddenly stops, and I have to turn off wi-fi and reload the page. And just the other day, Windows moved one of the files on my desktop from the right side to the left.

Life is so unfair.

Teacher Fired For Giving Zeros Treated Unfairly

A couple years ago, Lynden Dorval, a teacher in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was suspended, then fired for giving students zeros on tests they missed and assignments they didn’t hand in.  Sounds unfair, doesn’t it?  Well, the provincial appeal board agrees with him, it was unfair.

So, why was he fired?  Well, it was against school policy to give zeros.  Then what was he supposed to do when students failed to hand in assignments or missed tests?  Give them endless extensions until they finally did them?  What if they never do? Give them a passing grade anyway?  This policy is ridiculous.

It seems that these days schools are being incredibly soft on students.  They don’t want to hurt their feelings by giving them failing grades.  They are precious snowflakes that need to be protected from failure.  It’s a terrible lesson to students to say that they can fail and suffer no consequences.  If they don’t do their work, they should fail.  They should get a zero.

Mr. Dorval was right in this, in my opinion.  The school’s policy is flawed, and it only encourages false reporting of grades.  What’s ridiculous is that the school board is going to appeal.  So they want to strip this good teacher of his pension and pay for their unethical treatment of him?  The Edmonton Public School Board needs to go back to school and learn how to treat people properly.  They are wrong in this, and I encourage any parent in Edmonton to complain to the school board about their intention to appeal.  It’s inexcusable.

If this happened in your area, what would you do?