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Twice a Day No More

It was bound to happen. I’m no longer going to be posting twice a day. A day like today, with its long commute and my desire to do some other things, shows me that I can’t do two quality posts in a day.

I will continue to post every day. And more often than not, I will post twice a day. I just want to give myself permission to post less than twice a day. If I’m going to focus on writing my book, I can’t post twice a day, anyway.

But don’t worry, this is not a decline in this blog. On the contrary, I’m working to improve the blog. I will be able to spend more time on improving some aspects, including making sure everything is updated and keeping up to date on comments and social media. I can also focus on worldbuilding posts, reading, YouTube, and watching more Star Trek. And my job is a big reason for this change, too.

So, look forward to some changes for the better!

I Seem to Have Forgotten a Couple Updates

On Sunday, I neglected to do the Week in Review update. On Monday, I forgot to do The Star Trek Project update.

I blame No Man’s Sky!

Well, there were issues with Steam, which caused big problems with my sister’s computer, and it’s been uninstalled. We may have lost progress in No Man’s Sky, but I have no idea yet. Anyway, we just started, so no big deal.

What I have to do tonight is a booktube video and a vlog, which includes some of the computer issues. I’ll elaborate more on it later. Through a lot of research, it seems these problems aren’t uncommon with Steam.

Anyway, expect the regular updates to happen on their regular days next Sunday and Monday. I’ll just have two weeks of information to tell you.

Other things I plan on doing are a couple of updates with Authors Answer index and a new page for The Star Trek Project. And I’ll do some socialising on YouTube to meet new booktubers.

How’s your day?

39, but Not Admitting It

It’s my birthday. I remember when my parents were my age. Now I’m that age. Weird. But you know what? I don’t care. Age is just a number, and I feel totally different than my age.

People are expected to be or act their age. I may act it in some ways, but I’ll still do fun things younger people do. I’m not going to be an age, I’m going to be me. Besides, with my daughter being only four, I have to be young at heart.

In other topics, the trip this weekend was amazing. The hotel was amazing. The hot springs were amazing the view was amazing. I have a lot of pictures, but also around four videos to add to A Taste of Japan. I’ll try focus on those videos before we go to Canada, but no way I can finish them all. It’s about thirty-three videos to make.

Wish I could take that holiday over again.

My weekly report is delayed, and will be done tonight, as well as the weekly science video, and another post with a video I recorded this morning. Lots to see!

Monthly Writing Updates

My author site gets an update! I’m going to make sure to update at the beginning of each month with a plan for the month. I’m going to attempt to stick to the schedule for writing.

These updates will not be on this blog (actually, I’ll reblog), but the main updates will be on the author site.  If you haven’t already, please go there and follow it.  You can get there through the link below, as this is a reblog of my October update.

Jay Dee Archer

Journey to Ariadne is going to have a good month.  I have submitted Part 3 to Critique Circle for critiquing after doing some editing.  I’d had a brief delay thanks to a lot of things going on in September, but I also added a bit to the story that will help it mesh nicely with some main plot points in the future books after colonisation.

I’d like to start doing some weekly goals, so at the beginning of the month, I’ll post them here.  The date shown is the final day of the week.

October 4th – Part 3 submitted for critiquing (this is finished)

October 11th – Writing of part 4 is completed.

October 18th – Part 4 is edited and submitted for critiquing.  Part 5 begins.

October 25th – Critiquing of Part 3 is complete. Writing of Part 5 complete.

November 1st – Part 3 is published here.

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The Power of a Headache

You ever have plans to do a lot, but a headache thwarts those plans?  That’s happened to me tonight.

I had a book review planned for tonight.  I can’t really concentrate on it.  So, I’ll do something else.  I’ll let you know about a couple things.

First, What Will You Write? #6 will be finishing in a few days.   You still have time to get your entry in.

Second, I’d still like some comments about my official website.  Please go here and leave some comments about what you’d like to see.

That’s about it.  I think I should probably get some sleep.  Sleep off this headache.  Good night everyone!

Major Updates Coming

I’m kind of excited about this.  I’ve finally found a new theme for this blog, and I like how it looks.  It looks more modern than this current one, and it looks very customisable, so that’s a great bonus.  I have holidays coming up starting next week, and I’ll probably do my work on the theme then.

In other update news, I’ll finally be getting a couple more reviews up, and probably a third, as I’m nearly finished one my current books in progress.  Other updates will be cleaning up some of my widgets and menu options, adding some reading challenge pages, and continuing to update my review posts.

As far as writing goes, I’m going to try to do some of it in notebooks during my breaks at work. Not sure how much I’ll get done, but I’ll try.

And now, to wash the dishes, my non-writing project.  Well, it’s not a project, just a job that’ll take a few minutes to do.

A Couple of Updates

I’ve been working a bit on some things in the background of the blog, something you won’t really notice right away.  However, they’re useful things, which I hope you’ll use.

First is a dedicated page to my Worldbuilding series of posts.  So far, three posts have been written, but you can easily access them from the new page.  More will be added.

Second, I’ve started my book review tweaking.  The first review I’ve done it with is Running with the Demon.  Check it out and let me know what you think here.

Updated About Page with Contact Information

I’ve just updated my About page with a contact form in case you’d like to email me.  You can use my email address or just fill out the form.

Check it out now!

I’ve also got some other updates in the works.  I’ll be making some individual pages for reading challenges.  I’m also considering a change in the theme of this blog.  It’s been this way for two years, and I’m interested freshening it up.

Any comments?  You know what to do.