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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! And welcome back to the blog. I’m rejuvenating the blog this year, and I have many exciting things to come. Many of them are things you already know about, but there will be some new things, as well.

First of all, I’ll do a minor refreshing of the design. I’ll make it look more bookish. Second, more of my own writing on this blog. Third, a desire to do some collaboration with others. And fourth, a bit more of an integration with my YouTube channel.

But I think the biggest thing is that I’m going to concentrate a lot on writing. In particular, Ariadne and short stories. I really need to focus on the main reason for this blog, my writing.

Another thing I’d like to do with YouTube is profile booktubers (book vloggers) who I subscribe to, and think you should watch if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

I’m going to leave you tonight with a video of mine, which is all about the year 2018. It’s all about plans related to my writing, YouTube, and business. While watching, I’d like you to think about what your plans are for 2018. Let me know what they are in the comments section.

Happy New Year!!

A Completely Impulsive Change

After much thought tonight, and a sudden realisation, I’m completely changing something. You see, I’m quitting vlogging.

But, hold on! What exactly do I mean by this? Well, you know about my vlog channel, right? I haven’t posted any videos on it in a couple weeks. I’ve come to a realisation that the daily vlogging thing wasn’t something I wanted to continue much longer. Everyday life isn’t interesting enough for it. I need topics or stories to be able to continue.

My main channel, where I do videos about books, Japan, and Star Trek continues on as usual, of course. I’ll be adding the occasional vlog on that channel, though. When I go on vacation, I’ll put travel videos on there, as well. The title is Jay Dee’s Journeys after all. But it’ll primarily be about books and writing.

So, what am I doing with my vlog channel? It’ll get a new name and a totally new focus. You see, I’m not going to start a new science channel, as I said before. I’m going to change this channel into a science channel. I have few subscribers, so it won’t affect a lot of people. The existing videos will go private. I won’t delete them, but I’ll keep them there and if I get back into vlogging, I’ll re-upload them on a new channel.

I’ll be doing a video on my vlog channel explaining all of this. If you want to get ahead of the game and subscribe to it for the science, then I definitely invite you to do so!

It’s a Good Feeling

This morning, I took ten minutes to record a quick video. It’ll be up tomorrow. But during this video, I was acting far more naturally and having fun with it. I realised this is how I want my videos to be. I think I found my voice. 

It’s a really good feeling making something I’m very satisfied with. Of course, there are still improvements I want to make, such as better video editor, better camera and microphone, and adding end cards. However, with what I have now, I feel good about it.

I want to bring back that feeling to this blog, too. Next month will be busy, but for a good reason. I’ll be releasing a video and doing a blog post about it next week. You’re going to see a more relaxed and conversational me. Look forward to it!

Daily Blog? How About Daily Vlog?

I blog twice a day. I’ve been doing that for a long time now. But how about vlogging every day? I’m going to attempt that this week! Here is the first video.

But just wait for tomorrow’s video. I’ll be going over a decision about what to vlog about. That’s been a question I’ve been trying to answer. What do I vlog about? My main channel is about books. But my vlog channel needs some sort of direction, too.

Any ideas? What would you like to see in a vlog? Let me know in the comments below. Keep in mind that I don’t want to stage or script anything.

Income from YouTube

As you all know, I’m making videos on YouTube, and have already done three new ones in the past week. That’s a pretty good pace for me. It’s a pace I’d like to keep up. I’ll be doing short vlog style videos for a while about our move to Canada. They’ll mainly just be me talking and maybe showing you what I see (especially when we’re on the move, going places).

The videos for A Taste of Japan will be coming, don’t worry. I’ve found them difficult to work on because of the amount of time required to edit them. They are big videos with many pieces to stitch together. I’ll be doing another video for that this weekend, actually. Going to Kawazu in Ito City, Shizuoka. It’s on the Izu Peninsula, which is famous for hot springs and resorts. We’ll be seeing the Kawazuzakura, or Kawazu cherry trees, which should be in full bloom. We’ll be spending a night with my wife’s parents at a hotel there, and we can enjoy some hot springs. Believe it or not, that’ll be the first time I’m experiencing hot springs in Japan! I’ll be sure to take whatever video I can for another installment of A Taste of Japan.

But what I want to mention is that once we get to Canada, I’m going to have my YouTube channel monetized. That means that I’ll be getting advertising income from Google/YouTube, though it’ll be incredibly small. That is unless I can get more subscribers and views. I currently have 45 subscribers (the 45th subscribed yesterday!), and haven’t been consistent in creating content, so I understand that small number. But now that I’m getting serious about it, I hope to increase that number by quite a bit. So, this is where you come in. If you haven’t already done so, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would be incredibly grateful. And whenever you can, please share my videos.

The future of my channel looks bright. In addition to the immigration vlog, I’ll be doing travel videos for Japan and Canada in the short term. I also plan on doing a lot of videos related to books and writing, though I’m not sure what direction to take that yet. Actually, if you have any suggestions about what I could do, that would be great. I’m always open to that. You can leave your suggestions in the comments below. And thanks to those of you who subscribe!

What to Do With YouTube

As you may know, I have a couple YouTube channels, one under my name, and one for family videos. I don’t have a lot of subscribers, and I don’t have a lot of views. In fact, I haven’t done much with them lately. So, what do I do with them?

Well, first of all, I don’t really have a focus for either of them. I think for my main channel, I was thinking I’d do some videos on books, and then I thought it’s not exactly exciting to have only that. I have several videos about Japan there, too. But I don’t want that to be the focus, either.

But then I watched S. R. Carrillo’s video on absentee guilt and channel expansion. It made me realise something. What I should be doing is having my YouTube channel basically reflect my blog. Do some videos about books and writing, but also do videos about living in Japan, dealing with immigration, and travel. Throw in some other miscellaneous stuff, and you have something that resembles this blog in a way. I will have various series, of course. One I plan to do is a video version of my Life in Japan series of blog posts. But also, I plan on showing interesting places I visit in Japan, and once we move to Canada, show interesting places in Canada. I will also do updates on my writing, and once I have an actual book for sale, do videos about that. In Canada, I also want to get a dashcam when we get a car. If there’s something interesting, maybe a video from that can go up (or on a new channel).

So, what do you think? Any suggestions?

August’s To Do List

This month is busy.  I feel like I have too much to do, and not just at home.  It’s actually a fairly quiet month for work, but there are other things to do, as well as things I want to do.


I’m 6 books behind in my Goodreads challenge.  Only read 11 out of 30 books so far.  I should be at 17.  Well, thank the long books for that.  I’m currently reading A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin, a book that’s more than 1100 pages long.  I’m also reading an eBook called The Somali Doctrine, which is much shorter, and I should be able to finish it within a couple weeks.  After that, I have these to read:

  • The Seeds of Earth, by Michael Cobley (kind of long)
  • So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, by Douglas Adams (a short one)
  • 3001: The Final Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke (another short one)

That’s just the next three books.  The next three eBooks are:

  • The Circle of Sorcerers, by Brian Kittrell (no idea about this one)
  • First Contact, by Michael R. Hicks (really looking forward to it)
  • Blood Skies, by Steven Montano (again, I don’t know much about it)


Of course, I want to get Journey to Ariadne part 2 up, get part 3 critiqued, get part 4 written.  Also, try to get at least 3 flash fiction stories a week written. The “Daily” part of the name is my target, really, not the reality.

Home Stuff

I want to organise my library (that is, my book closet) and get a picture of it. It’s a mess right now.  Too many books for them to be arranged nicely.  I’ll need to stack vertically.  Also, I want to get my daughter’s toys organised.  They’re a complete mess, but she does that every day.

Official Stuff

I have to get my passport renewed.  Annoying to do, but necessary, considering I don’t live in my home country.  I also can’t believe how expensive it is.


I’ve been neglecting my photo blog recently.  I’ve fallen behind.  Lots of photos to post.  I also need to choose a new theme for that blog.  It doesn’t display images properly on the homepage.


Keep things going as always, but also try to interact more on other blogs.  More commenting, more following, especially amongst writing blogs.  I also need to update the rest of my reviews to the new format.  I haven’t been doing that recently.  And on the topic of reviews, I have two to write: Moving PIctures, by Terry Pratchett and The Sword and the Dragon, by M. R. Mathias.


Get more videos done.  Try at least two a week.  Also, try promoting my YouTube channel to gain more followers.  That means you! So, go over to it and subscribe.

Other Things

Continue with my exercising and finish level 1 for push-ups and sit-ups on Runtastic’s apps.  Read more to my daughter.  Welcome my new niece (my wife’s sister is having a baby this month).  And there’s just so much more.  I also have to start preparing to get my daughter’s Canadian citizenship sorted out.  But that can wait.  It’ll happen, though.

So, how’s your August?  Busy?

The Challenge of Vlogging

I have a problem.  And that is finding the time and place to record video.

I have several options.  Some are possible, some are nearly impossible.

At home – This is nearly impossible.  I get no privacy and will be interrupted constantly.  I can’t get anything done.

Walking outside – My first video was done like this.  This is possible, but I feel a bit awkward whenever people walk past.  I need a quiet area.

Sitting in a park – This may be my best choice.  There’s a nearby park with a bench, and while most of it is busy, there’s one area where people rarely go.  I may get some privacy and little noise.

But I want variety, as well.  I think the park is the best bet for now.

Vlogging, aka What Do I Say?

The thought of appearing on video to say what I want to say instead of typing it out on my blog is actually a bit daunting to me.  Even though I may want to say the same thing, it’s completely different.

Blogging allows me to hide behind my keyboard.  I can also say things more eloquently, as I have time to think about what I want to say.  Vlogging is immediate.  I don’t have much time to think.  It’s more difficult to get out what I want to say.  I also don’t like to listen to my own voice.  I’m sure many people feel the same way when they hear a recording of their own voice.  They think, “That’s how I sound?  It’s horrible!”

Another big problem for me is that vlogging is, in a way, public speaking.  I potentially have a large audience.  Even though I’m by myself talking to a camera or my phone, I’m speaking directly to a large potential audience.  That makes me uncomfortable, thanks to my INTJ tendencies.  I guess the more I do it, the more comfortable I’ll get.

Now, the biggest issue I have is figuring out exactly what to say.  I had this problem when I started this blog.  I wasn’t exactly sure what my focus was, other than books.  I feel like I’m in the zone now with this whole blogging thing, now that I’m writing posts up to twice a day (this month it is slightly more than twice a day).  Before, I had trouble writing once a week.  But the more I write, the more ideas I get.  I have several things going on, including the writing challenge I started a couple weeks ago, my worldbuilding series, my moons of the solar system series, and more.  And of course, the heart of this blog is book reviews.

So, what do I say in the vlog?  I had an idea today that I may talk about the books I’m currently reading, my writing process, my thinking process, ramble about some what-if scenarios, and of course use the video medium to show you what’s around me.  Pictures are great, but video shows everything is alive.

I’d like to give a mention to Sierra, a fellow blogger who also just started vlogging today.  She’s a very frequent commenter on this blog.  So, go on over to her blog and check out her first vlog.