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ATM Pet Peeve

I’m normally a patient person. I can wait in line at a restaurant for 30 minutes, I can wait for a train or bus, and I can wait for a doctor. But there’s one thing that irritates me: ATM hogs.

These people use the ATM for everything. Not just to withdraw or deposit money, but to also take care of all of their banking. It’s worse when there’s only one ATM available. The worst is at an actual branch and only one or two ATMs are available. They spend ten minutes doing everything while twenty people are behind them. If they have that much to do, they should do the courteous thing and go to a bank teller! Many people are on a lunch break and have limited time. It just ticks me off.

Them and people who stop in doorways for no good reason. Don’t get me started on them.

What makes you feel impatient?

Immigration – The Wait Begins

Well, it’s done. We’re off to mail the visa application to Canada.

The actual address it’s going to! Note the wonderful shadow.

If things go well, we’ll hear from them with a case ID so we can track the progress. However, the length of time it’ll take to process can be up to 17 months, though I’ve heard of them being done within 9 months.  The package will go to Mississauga, Ontario, then will be forwarded to the visa office in Manila, Philippines. Why Manila? Well, that’s where visa applications for East Asia are processed (except China).

Things that may happen include my wife having an interview at the Embassy. And there’s a possibility that we’ll be in Canada before the visa is approved. In that case, we’ll have to get my wife a visitor visa, though she may be allowed a temporary work permit (new rules as of last year!).

So now, we just wait. And try to enjoy our last year in Japan.