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Uncomfortable, but I Can’t Look Away

I went to work for the third time this year. I’ve been working every day so far. It’s January. And it’s cold. Not only that, it was humid last night, so everything got frosty. This is what I saw near work.

Looks like some nice scenery, doesn’t it? But it was -19 degrees Celsius at the time. Cold! It can simultaneously be beautiful and very uncomfortable.

That had me thinking, have I ever been unable to stop reading, yet uncomfortable about what I was reading? Yes, I have.

When I was reading Wizard’s First Rule, some scenes with Darken Rahl were incredibly uncomfortable, as he was a completely asshole. He was a monster. Some of the things he did were so bad, I really hated the character. Yet, I couldn’t stop reading.

Have you ever been in this situation? Let me know in the comments below without revealing any spoilers.

Can I Quit Winter Now?

It’s only the beginning of December. And this is the forecast for the next few days. 

I’m not a fan of this weather. This is my first “real winter” since the winter of 2004-2005. This is the first time I’ve felt this temperature since Christmas 2010. Can I have Japan’s winters, please?

How’s your *insert season* going so far? Cold? Hot? Just right?

A Big 300! The Jay Dee Show 9

My main channel reached a big milestone. 300 subscribers! And then after that, the number of subscribers increased fairly quickly. 13 new subscribers in a week! Things are looking pretty good.

On my main channel, I was able to post 8 videos, which is more than usual.

We start off with my daughter’s questionable sense of humour in a library book haul.

And then we get to the 300 subscriber video. Actually, part 1! It’s a special video where I talk about some of my best stories from Japan.

The next day, I posted part 2, which has some more stories from my life in Japan.

With the end of the month, I talked about my November Wrap Up, what I read during the month.

And then it was the books I plan to read in December, my TBR video.

Then I followed that up with a brief video, showing my failed attempt to go up Tokyo Skytree.

As usual, Friday had the Retro Book Review, this time The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

And last, I talked about what would stop me from writing in Authors Answer.

On to my vlog channel now. I’m still behind in posting videos, but I’m attempting to catch up. Some videos are covering two to three days at times.

I had an issue with the internet one night, and complained about it in a vlog.

And then I did a lot of walking one day. Most of this vlog was outside.

And finally, my daughter had  performance at her Japanese school. Although I don’t show the performance, I talk a lot about it. And there’s a zamboni!

That’s it for this week! If you have a favourite video, please let me know in the comments section below. I also invite you to subscribe to my channels so you can see them as I upload them. Thanks for watching!

Authors Answer 109 – Seasonal Writing

Winter is coming. I’m not talking about A Game of Thrones. The seasons are changing. Weather and seasons can affect what people do and how they do them. But can seasons affect writing? That’s what we talk about this time.

img_3296Question 109: How do seasons and weather affect your writing?

H. Anthe Davis

I’ve spent the majority of my series in either autumn or winter (mostly winter now), so it’s not so much that the seasons affect my writing as that my writing affects my perceived season.  I live in the desert, okay, so it’s never actually winter here — not as I knew it when I lived in New England — but the story has kept New England-style winter trapped in my head for several years now, to the point that I actually forgot what season it was while I was talking to my boss once in October.  I’ve gotten seasonally displaced like that a few times, just in my mind — I don’t walk around in winter clothes in July or anything.  But if you asked me what season it was off-the-cuff, while I was distracted, I might blurt that out no matter the month.

C E Aylett

Massively, actually. I get most of my writing done in winter. I live in a really rural area, jobs are seasonal, and not a great deal happens in the darker months because most people live out in country lanes and don’t want to drive 10kms to get to a bar (which they can’t guarantee will even be open). And it’s just too cosy in front of the wood burners! But I love it. When I get fixed on a project it’s all I want to do. Plus no one nags me to get out and get some sunlight as it rains so much and so heavily, so I’m practically hibernated.

In the summer I get nothing done on writing projects. The world and his wife arrive to their holiday homes, family and friends come to visit, there’s an event going on every other day and a million invites to dinner. Not least, the kids are off school for a whole two months — ten weeks some years! I get quite grrrowly that I can’t write, even though it’s something I should anticipate by now. I keep up with my editorial commitments at The Colored Lens, though.

I should have a ‘Beware of the Writer’ sign up in my front window, and a scalped crocodile’s skull to back it up. Basically, for the safety of the public, I need a camper van so I can drive off somewhere quiet. I’m working on that plan. Seriously.

Beth Aman

It depends.  Sometimes, summer or Christmas break means I have tons of time (and motivation) to write.  Other times they seem to mess me up.  Really, it just comes down to me being committed to my story and making time to write.  Or my story being loud enough in my head that I have to write it whether I’ve made time or not.

D. T. Nova

I definitely write better in the summer, and think that whoever decided that NaNoWriMo should be November (which is often the most stressful month) made a mistake.

Despite barely being able to see light from outside from where I write, I still write better when it’s sunny, though there’s no impact if it’s just cloudy or raining for the day. Extended periods without sunlight are what weaken my ability to get motivated.

Eric Wood

The seasons don’t really affect my writing. Other than I might write more in the winter when it’s cold and dark.

Jean Davis

In the few weeks of spring and summer when the weather is nice, I just want to be outside. That means I don’t get much writing done. But as far as the dark of winter or rainy days, weather doesn’t affect me. My writing room doesn’t have windows so it’s always comfortable, sunny creative time in here.

Elizabeth Rhodes

They honestly don’t.  When I was an active participant in NaNo I could really get in to the spirit around autumn.  Now, I can procrastinate all year long.

Paul B. Spence

In oh so many ways. Since I’ve broken most of the bones of the bones in my body more than once each… rainy weather and cold seasons are not my friends. Also, as an archaeologist, I often spend nice days outside working. You can see how this would make writing difficult sometimes.

Cyrus Keith

Well, that’s a hard one to answer, to be honest. I might think that summer gives me a little more freedom to do outdoor things with the family. But once I’m in the Zone, that’s pretty much it, no matter what it’s doing outside.

Gregory S. Close

I think the weather can affect my mood in good or bad ways, which can then have an impact on the style or content of writing.  I wrote a lot of winter scenes while buried under a snowstorm in Boston, but then again – also wrote a lot of the same while living on a tropical island under swaying palm trees.  The experience of the seasons and climates is definitely a plus, though.  Although a lot of writing comes strictly from imagination, having direct experience with tropical storms or blizzards or tornados does hep describe them all with a little added nuance and realism.

Jay Dee Archer

When I lived in Japan, the seasons definitely affected how I wrote. When it was winter, thanks to the poor insulation in typical Japanese apartments, I tended not to write much at all. When I write, I want to be comfortable. I need to be at a comfortable temperature, and I can’t concentrate on writing when I’m cold. I’m able to do a lot more in other seasons. Now that I’m in Canada, and it’s warm inside in winter, the effect should be a lot less.  The main difference is how much privacy I can get. In summer, my daughter’s off from school, so she’s around a lot more.

How about you?

If you write, how do the seasons affect you? If you read, do you read more or less in different seasons or weather? Let us know in the comments below.


An Introvert in Winter! The Jay Dee Show 8

Oops! I got a little behind in my vlog again. Attempting to catch up again this weekend. Actually, I did a few vlogs that cover two or three days instead of one. My main channel is updated as normal, though!

First up, with my main channel, I posted seven videos. Let’s take a look at them.

The library book hauls have returned! This time, my daughter is acting as silly as ever.

Lots of milestones. My channel reached 20,000 views! Also, 6 months is coming up, and my channel is just about to reach 300 subscribers. I also made the science channel announcement.

My next Opening Up video is a big one. I talk about being an introvert.

Since the weather has become wintry, I made some book suggestions based on winter weather.

Returning to Japan, I uploaded a quick video about the architecture of Ginza in Tokyo. Some of it is really unusual!

Continuing as usual, I posted my next retro book review, His Majesty’s Dragon, by Naomi Novik.

And finally, just two hours ago, I posted the latest in my Authors Answer videos with my goals for writing.

Moving on to my vlog channel, I only posted three videos. I should be posting another one later tonight, though. It’ll be after midnight, though.

First off, I talked about some vloggers who are quitting or changing their channels, as well as what’s going on with my channel idea for science.

Then I show you a bit about the wintry weather we’ve been getting, but something odd happened. Geese were flying the wrong direction!

And I had an issue with recording, but I did get to talk about something! It’s a short video, but worth watching.

That’s all for this week! If you have a favourite video, let me know in the comments below. If you watched all of them, thank you! And if you haven’t subscribed to either of these channels, but you’d like to, then please click on the links above and subscribe.

A Snowman or a Snow Rabbit?

With all this snow we’ve been getting this weekend, it’s looking like winter. But it’s early October, there are still leaves on trees and green grass. Today, I enjoyed driving to work on almost empty streets that were covered with snow. But in the afternoon, I went out to the supermarket and made this:

Just a tiny snowman. But up the hill a little bit farther, we saw this:

Snow rabbit? With the spruce cones in the face melting the snow, it looked rather creepy.

Has anyone made a snowman yet?

The Weird Valentine’s Day Weather

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day when women give chocolates to men in Japan. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about. This is what I see right now.


This is Shonandai Station. The rain is heavily beating on the roof of the station. It’s a downpour. It’s currently 18 degrees Celsius, which is highly unusual for winter here. Today is expected to be sunny in the afternoon, very windy, and 23 degrees.

What’s going on? Is it climate change? No, a strong low pressure system has taken root over the Sea of Japan, and it’s pulling up warm tropical air from the Taiwan region. It’ll be a beautiful afternoon.

It won’t last, though. Tomorrow, it’s expected to snow in the evening. Sudden change, isn’t it? Well, Friday’s forecast is for 19 degrees now. Up and down. It’s too springlike.

How’s your weather?

It’s Dry Here

Look at my hand.


Dry, isn’t it? It happens every winter here in Japan. It’s quite dry. It’s almost always sunny, and the air usually doesn’t get humid. My skin loves the hot and humid summers. But I dread the winters.

Washing my hands hurts. Getting my wallet out of my pocket hurts.  Thankfully, typing doesn’t hurt. But typing while using moisturiser isn’t the best for my keyboard.

Well, that’s about all I had to say. Looking forward to more humid weather.

I’m Cold, and It’s Killing My Creativity

Ever feel like you just don’t want to do anything? Or you want to do something, but you don’t want to put in the effort? That’s how I feel right now. Of course, I managed to push myself to write this blog post, but my mind doesn’t seem to want to think about much at the moment.

The problem? I’m cold. It’s cold in my apartment. But that’s the way homes are in Japan during winter. Insulation isn’t very good and there’s no central heating. Our heat source is an air conditioner. It dries the air, so gives us sore throats if we use it during the night. So, I’m sitting here on the sofa with my feet off the floor. And I’m cold. It took a lot of effort just to reach over to my keyboard and type this. Sometimes, this is how I feel in winter here. I don’t want to move. I just want to cover myself up and remain immobile. I don’t want to leave bed in the morning, either.

When I was a kid, and it was cold, I’d always lie down on the floor or sofa wrapped up in an afghan. It helped keep me warm while I enjoyed watching TV or doing something else. But now, I live in an apartment that has wood floors that get cold in winter. I don’t want to be down there on the floor.

Cold is my kryptonite. It makes me shut down. I’m from Canada. Some Canadian, huh?

What keeps you from doing what you want? Share your personal motivation killer in the comments below.

It Snowed! And It’s a Mess

The first snow of the season. Doesn’t everyone look forward to that? I know I did, as long as it wasn’t too early. But in Japan, especially in the warmer areas, it’s not something to look forward to. Look.


It’s nothing but slush. To top it off, the snow changed to rain, and it’s causing trains to be delayed. I have to work today and take a train. Hopefully, it’s fine. I’ll be leaving early to get there.


The snow may look nice in some pictures, but believe me, it’s soaking wet. When my daughter was picked up to go to her nursery, she slipped on the driveway and got completely soaked. Good thing she has a couple changes of clothes in her bag.

Well, time to get ready for work and go.

Do you like snow? Do you look forward to the first snow of the year? Let me know.