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Who Has the WordPress Dashboard?

After looking at my sister’s WordPress account, and having heard from a couple other people, I’m a bit curious about this. Take a look at this picture.

wordpressadminIf you have WordPress, go My Sites and look at the left column. Do you have the WP Admin link? That’s where the red arrow is. This link leads to the Dashboard for your blog. It’s completely missing from my sister’s account and from some others I’ve heard from. I have it, though. In fact, I always use it. I never use any of the options below in this column shown in the image. There are so many menu options missing. Honestly, I don’t think I can fully utilise my blog without the Dashboard.

So, if you don’t have that link, here’s how to get to your Dashboard: type in your blog’s URL and add wp-admin/ after it. So, for example, it could be https: //yourblogurl.wordpress.com/wp-admin/

Give it a try, and let me know if it works. And just so you know, that’s where you can access the old editor, which is far more useful than the new one, if you ask me. Can’t stand the Beep Beep Boop editor.


The New Reader and Page Views

Some of you may have noticed that the WordPress Reader has changed again. This time, it gives you fewer options to view blog posts on the actual blog. This is a problem for those who run blogs and want to keep track of view and visitor stats. I know I do.

As a default, the Reader allows people to read the full blog post in the Reader. This does not count toward the views, so you never know if someone actually read it. Also, you may notice that a lot of short posts tend to have more likes than views. Why? They just liked it through the Reader.

Well, there’s a way you can force your readers to visit the post on your blog. What you want is this:

visitYou see where that red arrow is pointing? If that appears in the Reader, that means that you cannot read the full post in the Reader. Click on that link and you go directly to the blog post on the blog. This allows the blogger to have the views registered, and it also encourages the reader to explore the blog more, instead of just skimming through in the Reader.

So, how do you do it? Go into your Dashboard. If you’ve been using the newer interface, you need to go to My Sites, then click on WP Admin. This takes you to your Dashboard.  Then go down to the Settings option on the left-hand side. Hover your mouse over it and then click on Reading. You should see an option called For each article in a feed, show. Change it from Full text to Summary. This will force the Reader or any feed to only display the first few lines of your blog post, and require everyone to click on the link to your actual blog post.

Just one word of warning, on the My Sites page, there is a Settings option on the left-hand side.  That does not allow you to change many settings. You want the full version in WP Admin.

I hope you found this useful.

New WordPress Stats Insights Are Nice, but…

I like the new Insights part for the WordPress stats page. It shows which day of the week you’re most active, and what time of day you get the most views. That’s quite helpful. It also finally shows you the total stats, not just daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. I can finally see the total number of views.

But you know what? There’s something missing.  There’s one thing from the old stats page that I want back, and that’s the tables with the averages.  You know, you can see the average number of views you received for each month, and it’s in a nice table that shows you the progression of the numbers. Extremely useful for me.  But it’s nowhere in the new stats. They had a link to the old stats page up until yesterday, but now that’s gone.  Well, if you want to see the tables I’m talking about, you can go here. And this is the old stats page, in case you can’t find it.

And while I’m at it, I’d like to mention notifications.  In the top right corner, WordPress users can see the notifications. They’re neatly organised now, and they finally added something I’ve been wanting them to do for such a long time, I always used the old notifications page. Now it shows you what you’ve replied to. Up until recently, I saw nothing like that.  Nice to see it’s in the new notifications now.

So, WordPress bloggers, what do you think of the new stats page?

Thanks for Visiting, Even for Just One Time

I’m fascinated by statistics.  WordPress does a good job with providing stats for blogs, and one that’s interesting is the Views by Country stat.  I get a lot of views from a handful of countries.

There are two countries in particular that I get about half of my traffic.  Those are the USA and Japan.  The first is obvious, as most English speaking internet users are American.  As for Japan, well, I live in Japan.  A lot of my regular readers are foreigners based in Japan.  The third country also takes a good chunk of my views.  That’s Canada, my home country.  Most of my views are probably from friends and family.  The next two also are pretty significant, the UK and Australia.  They’re both English speaking countries.

Then things drop off quickly and it’s mostly non-English speaking countries, though there are some that speak English.  Rounding out my top 20 are:  Germany, Norway, India, the Philippines, France, Singapore, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, Ireland, Taiwan, and Spain.  Most of them are pretty populous countries or have a good number of English speakers.

But what about the countries I’ve had only one visit from?  I’d like to give them some love.  There are 18 countries (although two are overseas territories) that have had a single person visit this blog only once.  And for this list, I’m going to link to a blog post related to each place, if one exists.  Maybe you’ll find an interesting new blog.

  1. Kenya (English speaking African country)
  2. Moldova (not very well-known, but was part of the USSR)
  3. Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly part of Yugoslavia)
  4. Jordan (would love to see Petra)
  5. Honduras (Spanish-speaking Central American country)
  6. Bermuda (not a country, but a British territory)
  7. Sri Lanka (island country south of India)
  8. Mongolia (I find this country fascinating for some reason)
  9. Sierra Leone (African country that had a civil war 11 years ago)
  10. Mauritius (small country in the Indian Ocean that was home to the dodo)
  11. Papua New Guinea (north of Australia and shares an island with Indonesia)
  12. Reunion (an overseas department of France)
  13. Tunisia (north African country where parts of Star Wars was filmed)
  14. Czech Republic (surprisingly few people from this eastern European country visited this blog)
  15. Malta (English speaking island country in the Mediterranean)
  16. Belarus (a former Soviet republic)
  17. Trinidad and Tobago (an English speaking Caribbean country)
  18. Nigeria (an African English speaking country with plenty of difficulties)

I hope you found something interesting in those countries.  Oh, and please come back here for a visit!