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Countdown to My YouTube Channel Going Crazy

Eleven days to go. That’s how long until my sister arrives in Japan. During this time, I also have nine more days of work, including today. In fact, I’m leaving for work in only thirty minutes.

What this means is that my YouTube channel will be getting a lot of attention over the two weeks that she’s here. Every day, I’ll be taking videos of the places we’ll visit, and every night, I’ll try edit the videos and post them on YouTube, here, and my Japan blog. I’m hoping you’ll see what kind of place I live in, and what you can do in case you want to visit the Tokyo area. It’s going to be fun!

Just so you know what to expect, watch this video again. Really. It’s a really good performance.

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The Always Energetic Yosakoi Festival

Last weekend, during my lunch break, I was able to go to the Ranbu Yosakoi Festival in Sagamihara, Kanagawa. Yosakoi is a type of dance that began in Kochi City in 1954 as a modern alternative to the more traditional Odori dance. This festival is held every year in September. They make plenty of noise! A lot of the music used is quite modern, and the dances are always very energetic. Very fun and uplifting.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did take a video. And here it is. This is episode 2 of A Taste of Japan. Be sure to watch all the way through, because I have a full performance in this video.

Interested in seeing more? I’ll have a lot more Japan videos coming in the near future, and lots from famous tourist sites in Japan in October. So, please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more.

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