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Science Channel – What’s Going On?

I remember saying I’d start my science channel around the beginning of February. It’s three months into February already. So, what’s going on?

Don’t worry. It’s coming. In fact, I have a couple videos already recorded, and they’ll be going up this week! But not until Thursday and after. The delay has everything to do with the name of the channel. I’ve finalised the channel’s name: Science: Not Just a Theory.

What you’re going to get this week are the channel trailer and an introductory video about who I am and what the channel is all about. I discuss what kind of videos to expect. I also mention things like Patreon, which I’ll be refocusing on the science channel. Of course, the channel will be renamed and the vlogs will be made private.

Some of the videos to expect include:

  • Weekly science news
  • Videos on specific topics every week (The one scheduled for March 11th will be about earthquakes, as it’s the sixth anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami)
  • Occasional vlog-style science news updates whenever there’s big news that can’t wait for the weekly science news.
  • 26 shorter videos in April featuring a different science topic based on the alphabet

I also have future ideas, including visits to science-related places in the area, experiments that are easy to do at home or outside, and Q&A videos where I answer science questions asked by the viewers.

What would you like to see? It’s your chance to ask some questions. You can ask them in the comment section below.

Week in Review – February 20, 2017

I’m a day late! It’s been a very busy long weekend, and I was just tired last night. This week will continue to be busy, as will next week. So much going on offline at the moment. But let’s find out what’s happened in the past week.


There’s been some progress in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I’m now at 13% in the book. So far, I’m enjoying it.


I haven’t done any, but I have been pretty busy.


A lot of things have happened. I started the new World Building series on my main channel, and I’ve been using new thumbnails! I’m going to continue using them. I like the clean style, and they look a lot bolder. I uploaded 5 videos, and I’ve been working on a few other videos that’ll be up this week. This includes the channel trailer for my main channel and the channel trailer and intro videos for my science channel. I don’t think I’ll be recording any new videos until next Sunday, though. I have a busy week.


I’m updating it! I’ll be shifting Patreon over to my science channel, as that channel will require more advanced editing and better equipment. The quality may not be great at first, but as the patrons increase, I’ll be able to buy new equipment and more.


I actually studied French a little!

The Blog

Nothing really exceptional in the past week. Authors Answer continues with its story summary challenge, though.



The Next Week’s Goals

It’ll be a bit quiet, as there’s a lot going on offline at the moment. I’ll upload a total of three videos, I think. They’re the ones I mentioned above. I’m also going to focus on getting the Patreon page completely set up and prepared before uploading my first science channel videos.

How was your week?

New Thumbnails! The Jay Dee Show 20

Upgrading! There have been a few changes to the channel. The biggest one you’ll notice is that the thumbnails have completely changed! Second thing is that I’ve started using Filmora, but only for one video so far. And third is a new series about World Building. But there’s more to come this coming week on both channels. That’s right, both channels!

On my main channel, I uploaded 5 videos, all with new thumbnails. They’re bolder and look a lot cleaner, I think.

First up is my latest Star Trek Project video with a review of episode 9, “Dagger of the Mind.” Check it out!

Next up is the first world building video. In this one, I introduce the series.

And the same day, I uploaded episode 1 of the world building series, this one talking about how to choose the star for your new world. I used Filmora to edit this video. It uses an overlay!

Up next is my regular weekly Retro Book Review, now with an all new thumbnail. The review is for The Great Hunt, by Robert Jordan. Loved the book! Check out the review.

And finally, the regular weekly Authors Answer video. And this one is all about different types of publishing.

There was nothing for my science channel, but I have recorded a couple videos that will be up in the next few days. Those are the channel trailers for my main channel and the science channel. As time permits, I’ll be recording an introductory video for the science channel, as well. Due to a busy work schedule, there will be few videos over the next week.

So, what did you think of the new thumbnails? Let me know what you think of them in the comments below. And also let me know which videos you enjoyed.

World Building Now on Video

I’ve started adapting my world building posts for video! I’ll be bringing the information to a whole new audience. For those of you who haven’t read my world building posts yet, you can also watch the videos.

Here’s the introductory video, which I never made a post about:

But the second video, or should I say the first episode, is based on a blog post. You’ll find that the post is more detailed, but the video has the most important points. Check out how to choose a star.

This is also the first series of videos I’m making that uses thumbnails that I hope will be eyecatching. Let me know what you think.

Not Just a Theory

My science channel has a name! Maybe.

I’d like your opinion. It’s very difficult to choose a name for a YouTube channel. I was trying to think of something that would not only tell you that it’s science, but also to tell you that it’s combating science illiteracy. The name?

Not Just a Theory

I’m not 100% certain about this yet, so I wanted to ask you what you thought. Do you like the name? Or do you think I should include the word “science” in the name? Let me know in the comments section below.

Week in Review – February 12, 2017

My cold got worse, then it got better. But that’s how it goes, right? But big things have been happening in the past week. Something new is coming very soon!


I’ve made a little progress reading, but not much. I’m now at 7% in Theft of Swords by Michael J. Sullivan. I’ll be taking the bus more this week, so I expect more.


No writing, but I’m working on some world building. And that’s another story for another section below.


There’s been an improvement here. On my main channel, I posted 3 videos. However, there’s a big video coming this week. My first world building video! My science channel is coming around, as well. No videos yet, but I’ve got my channel trailer planned, and I’ll also be doing a lot of videos in April for the A to Z Challenge.


Nothing. Major revamp coming very soon!


Nothing, but I noticed that Japanese is finally going to be coming on Duolingo.

The Blog

Like I mentioned before, I’ll be doing the A to Z Challenge in April, and my focus will be on science. I’ll be doing a 10 facts list for each science topic, plus videos that’ll be on my science channel.



The Next Week’s Goals

I should have 6 videos going up on my main channel this week, and I plan on making the channel trailer for my science channel. On the blog, the usual will be happening, but I’d like to do another Read the World post, as well as more Star Trek.

How was your week?

I Have Returned! The Jay Dee Show 19

I have now returned to regular video-making. The second half of the week has returned to normal, and will continue next week. There will be at least five videos a week from my main channel. Also, my science channel has a lot of ideas. Thinking about the channel trailer a lot, and I’ll be watching a lot to get some more ideas in terms of tone. It’s coming soon!

As for my main channel, there were three new videos this week. It started off with my January wrap-up and February TBR.

After that, my regular Retro Book Review series resumed, this time with Speaker for the Dead, by Orson Scott Card.

And finally, you’ll get to find out which books I think changed or influenced history.

Moving on to my science channel, well, there are no videos. But I am going to be writing the script for my channel trailer, and soon will be writing scripts for my weekly videos. The weekly news videos will also be scripted, but not as strictly as the other videos. And in April, I will have 26 videos based on the alphabet. It’s the A to Z Challenge, and I’ll have science videos featuring 10 facts of different scientific topics. That’ll take a lot of planning and recording ahead of time.

So, which video do you enjoy the most? And any comments about my science channel plans? Let me know!