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TV Review – The Walking Dead Season 1

The Walking Dead is a TV series that has received a lot of praise in the past, especially its first season. I was living in Japan when it became popular, and I had access to it through Hulu. I was able to watch up until about the middle of the third season, then stopped watching for some reason. I’ve now decided to start watching it again, starting with season 1. As I have watched this before, there were no surprises.

When I watched it the first time, I enjoyed it a lot. The second time around, some of the jump scares still worked. I hadn’t remembered some of them. But I found that it’s more than just a zombie show. It’s a show about people. It’s about humanity. It’s about how humans cope with extreme situations which seem impossible to survive. People do things they would never do in normal circumstances.

Although Rick is a police officer, he shows fear and breaks down emotionally. Shane shows how much a person can change in situations like this. Glenn shows how resourceful a person can be, even if he was a pizza delivery driver. There are a lot of characters with unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Daryl is a popular character, and I like him more in later seasons. However, he comes across as a hotheaded man who wouldn’t hesitate to kill. I also like Dale. He seems very compassionate and cares deeply for Andrea and Amy.

I felt that episode 4 was emotionally powerful. Without giving any spoilers, something happens that I don’t know if I’d be able to get through it emotionally. Incredibly difficult. It has a strong impact, even when watching it for a second time.

Throughout the season, you feel both hope and despair. You wonder who will die and who will live. Below, you will see spoilers!

Most emotional deaths

I’d have to say that Amy’s and Jim’s deaths were the most emotional. Especially Amy’s. I can’t imagine what went through Andrea’s mind when she shot Amy as she became a walker.

Death I was happy about

Ed’s death with satisfying. The abusive asshole deserved it. And his death was particularly gruesome.

Overall Impression

I think it was a solid start to the series. I enjoyed it a lot, and was looking forward to season 2. I still am. I’d give this a very solid 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

How about you?

What did you think of The Walking Dead season 1? Let me know in the comments below.


Authors Answer 22 – Writing Apocalypse

It’s the end of the world.  Authors have all become zombies, and are no longer writing.  What do we do?  Oh wait, there are still some authors around.  But what are they going to do, stop writing or ignore the undead?  This week’s question is brought to us by H. Anthe Davis.

Zombies_NightoftheLivingDeadQuestion 22: Barring a zombie apocalypse, is there anything that could make you stop writing?

S. R. Carrillo

Absolutely not. Not even if it were detrimental to my health (which, sometimes, I think it may be). I would find a way. I always have.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

I don’t even think a zombie apocalypse could stop me from writing. The truth is that aside from the obvious things like wanting to be read (and hoping that income comes as a result), I mostly write because it’s something I enjoy with all my heart. Even if I were told today that no one would ever read any of it and nothing would ever come of it, I would still write because it makes me happy.

That said, if we’re talking about all possibilities, I suppose going blind would probably make me stop writing. Or if I became so destitute that I couldn’t even afford pens and paper. But I’m gonna go ahead and sincerely hope that neither of those things ever happens.

Paul B. Spence

Do you really think a zombie apocalypse would even slow me down? No, nothing would stop me from writing. I have stories that need to be told. I’ll tell them. I don’t think any true storyteller could ever stop.

H. Anthe Davis

I intend to write until I die of old age, or get smooshed by a car, or whatever ends up happening.  I have also made plans with one of my writer-friends to keep my notes in a shared folder, so that if I do get smooshed by a car, she can finish off some of my storylines.  Since I have a long series in the works, making sure it ends properly is my first concern.  Will I eventually run out of ideas?  ….Doubtful.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Why should a zombie apocalypse stop me?  What else am I going to do when I have downtime in my shelter?  Besides, with the apocalypse being one of my favorite topics for writing, it’s perfect for subject material.

Jean Davis

The only thing that has ever made me totally stop writing was having babies. I have a hard time being creative in any manner when I’m utterly exhausted and there’s another being that utterly reliant on me for survival. Asking someone to watch them while I was off doing my own thing led to guilt, and while exhausted, that just led to depression, and that is not a good place to be in. Once those beings were in a mobile and even remote state to provide for themselves, I was back at the computer, even if that meant blocking out twenty screaming kids so I could write for ten minutes between them crying because they got hit in the head in the McDonald’s ball pit.

Amy Morris-Jones

I’ve actually tried to stop a few times—mostly because of time issues and guilt. It’s hard to be a parent and a writer, I’ve decided, since writing takes me away from my kids at times. However, I’ve never succeeded for long. I may stay away from my writing projects for a few days or even a few weeks, but I swear they call to me. I find myself obsessed with some idea, and the next thing I know, I’m writing again. So, I guess my answer to the initial question is I doubt anything could make me stop writing.

D. T. Nova

Completely with no chance of starting back? I don’t think so. Well, maybe if I totally lost my ability to focus, or lost my hands or something.

Caren Rich

Too many things could make me stop writing. Seriously sick children, my husband losing his job, a massive hurricane.  I have the time to write because everything else is OK. I don’t treat it as my job, I should but I don’t.  I do it because I want to and I enjoy it. I write in small bits of time between work, school, and family obligations. If one of those responsibilities is thrown out of whack, writing is put on hold. If you are talking about a permanent stop….death.

Linda G. Hill

Honestly, I think I’d write through a zombie apocalypse. In fact I’d make sure to give the zombies a pen along with my brain so I still wouldn’t have to stop. But in all seriousness, the only thing that could stop me from writing would be if something happened to my kids. They are the only thing in my life that’s more important than writing.

Jay Dee Archer

Would zombies even stop me?  Well, I need an audience, so I would hope we’d win the war against the zombies and repopulate the world, then I’d have many books to publish.

But really, I’ve been rather slow at writing while I have little privacy at home.  But it doesn’t stop me from writing.  If I lost my hands or the use of my hands, I’d probably dictate.  If I could only move my eyes, I’d do what Stephen Hawking does.  I think the only way I’d stop writing is death.

How about you?

What would stop you from writing?  Would anything stop you?  Let us know in the comments below.