Links: Websites I Like

In addition to book review and author websites, I also like some others of various types.  Here they are.  Some are friends, some are just plain interesting.


  • No Page Left Blank – Tracey Lynn Tobin is a frequent visitor to my blog, and a fellow writer.
  • Permashift – S. R. Carillo’s a frequent commenter on my blog, and she’s also getting herself published.
  • Tom Slatin – I like his notebook section, and he also has good photography.
  • Winter Bayne – She’s a frequent visitor to my blog and great commenter.  Also a fellow INTJ.


  • Bad Astronomy – Astronomer Phil Plait’s blog providing space news and combating bad science.
  • The Planetary Society – I read their blog everyday.  CEO is Bill Nye the Science Guy!
  • – A great space news website.
  • Universe Today – Excellent source of space news and a blog.

2 thoughts on “Links: Websites I Like”

  1. Jaydee, it’s very kind of you to link to me. I do love this new site. The layout flows well and there’s tons of places to get lost. In a good way.

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