Urban Development Fascinates Me – Rogers Place and Skyscrapers

Yesterday, I was downtown Edmonton with my wife, and we went past some major construction sites. Downtown is filled with cranes, and one of the biggest projects is the ICE district, which includes the new home of the Edmonton Oilers, Rogers Place. It also includes the two new tallest buildings in the city and right next to it is the City of Edmonton tower.

I enjoy seeing urban development and watching how it changes the area. Construction is fascinating, and I always wonder what kind of businesses are going into the new buildings. I took a couple pictures of Rogers Place, which you can see below. And notice the halo around the sun?

In this picture, you can also see the City of Edmonton tower under construction. It’s the one with the crane. It has an interesting curve on the south side.

Anyone else interested in architecture and urban development? Let me know in the comments below.

Authors Answer 78 – When Authors Get Superpowers

Writing isn’t easy. Crafting a story is a difficult process. But we’re only human, so mistakes may be made. We’re not perfect. But what if we had superpowers? Not like superheroes, but literary superpowers. What would an author like to have as a superpower?

320px-Modern-ftn-pen-cursiveQuestion 78 – If you could have a literary superpower, what special ability would you like to have that would help your writing?

S. R. Carrillo

The power to instantly read any revision with fresh eyes. I have a tendency to think of my own writing as droll and dull after reading it over and over and over and over. It’s only after I’ve spent months away from a manuscript – usually spent working on a different manuscript in the meantime – that I get to see what I’ve written is actually exciting and engaging and emotional and GOOD.

If I could cut out the long wait period for those new eyes, it would greatly hasten the editing process in all its forms – copyediting, structural, etc.

Elizabeth Rhodes

Can I consider maximum caffeine efficiency a superpower? I’ll go with that. It would combat that “not enough hours in the day” feeling and I could write more as well as catch up on my reading and work through my shifts without feeling (as) exhausted.

H. Anthe Davis

I would like to have the superpower of not being lazy and inert.  Can I get that please?  What, I need to learn to exercise my own willpower?  Fine.  If I were to have an actual superpower, I would like the ability to insert my consciousness (as an observer) into other people’s heads, so that I could have by-proxy experiences to better understand other people and also activities that I can’t participate in — like climbing Mt. Everest.  Because I am a keyboard knight only, and I worry that my imagination doesn’t paint the picture right.  Also, I swear I won’t use my power for evil.  …Often.

Eric Wood

Ooh. Tough question Jay Dee. I though writing itself was a superpower! I suppose the superpower I would like to have is the power to weave obsession between my lines. The kind of obsession you get when you only intend to read one more chapter but instead stay up until 3 am on weeknight to finish the book. The kind of obsession that makes you want to tell everyone about this great book you’re reading. The kind of obsession that makes you want to read it over and over and over. That’s the superpower I’d like to have.

Tracey Lynn Tobin

At first I was thinking something along the lines of Flash-level writing speed, but that power really depends on whether or not I can think as fast as I write, since it wouldn’t really do me much good if I had to stop every ten seconds to let my brain catch up.

So now I’m thinking something that isn’t necessarily a literary superpower, exactly: the ability to get a full night’s sleep and be totally well-rested and alert in, oh, let’s say ten minutes. If I could do that and have an extra 7-8 hours more to every day, I would write so much that no one person would be able to read it all. It may sound weak when given the choice of any superpower, but honestly, the need to sleep is the biggest roadblock to my writing right now, so that’s what I’m sticking with.

Jean Davis

This is a great question! I’d love the power of engaging description. The ability to describe a room, a meal, an outfit, all the little bits that flesh out a world without making my own eyes glaze over would be great, bonus points if readers also are entertained.  So, when are we handing out the superpowers?  I could use this right now.

D. T. Nova

The ability to instantly know the words that most perfectly describe the images in my head.

Linda G. Hill

The innate knowledge on where to place a comma would be awesome.

Allen Tiffany

More time.

Gregory S. Close

Literary Power… ACTIVATE!  I choose: PROLIFICNESS!

I would love to immediately transfer my thoughts to the page as passable prose.  Once it’s on the page, I don’t mind editing the hell out of it, but sometimes getting the complexities down on paper before it gets bogged down, distorted and/or forgotten is a huge challenge.  I hate to think of good ideas and characters being squandered by my inefficiency.

Paul B. Spence

Hmm, a literary superpower? Okay… My mind works faster than my hands. I often drop words when writing. I suppose I’d like to type as fast as I think.

Jay Dee Archer

So many things I’d like. But I think what I’d like is some kind of barrier in which no outside distraction can enter. That means outside sounds like TV and people. Also, people can’t enter my barrier. Wherever I am, I can create this barrier and adjust it to whatever size I want, preferably the entire room I’m in.

How about you?

If you could have any literary superpower, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

TV News: 2017 Star Trek and Wheel of Time

A couple bits of TV news have popped up recently that I thought may interest a few people.

2017 Star Trek TV series

The new TV series will start filming this fall in Toronto. The first Star Trek TV series to be made in Canada. But I think the biggest news is who is running the show. It’s Bryan Fuller, who was involved in Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Also, Rod Roddenberry will be executive producer with Fuller. With these two working on it, it sounds like it won’t be part of the film reboot. And that’s true. It’s going to be in the prime universe. When? Well, earlier rumours have said between the original series and TNG. Another more recent rumour said fifty years after TNG. But either way, we have a prime universe Star Trek TV series next year!

The Wheel of Time Optioned

It looks like we may get to see The Wheel of Time on TV in the near future. A studio has optioned it for TV and film, which I would suspect be an incredibly long TV series. Robert Jordan’s wife, Harriet McDougal, recently announced this.

What do you think of this news? Let me know in the comments below.

It’s Green, and I Like It

The last few days wouldn’t convince anyone it’s spring. It’s been a mere three degrees the last three days, but finally above ten today. Yesterday, out in the cold, I did see one sign of spring: green leaves. 

Looking nice! In the past week, it’s become very green here. But the cold weather is over, at least for now. Just look at this forecast. 

It’s going to be hot next week! Three days of twenty-seven to twenty-eight degrees. Wow!

How’s the weather in your part of the world?