Worldbuilding is a passion of mine.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been drawing maps and creating new worlds.  Now, with fantasy and science fiction writing comes some very serious worldbuilding.  So, I’m writing a series on worldbuilding starting with the basics of the world and going on through the social aspects of worlds.  So far, this is what has been done.

  1. Choosing a Star – what can support life?
  2. The Planet – creating the planet
  3. Mapmaking – the physical world
  4. Climate and Weather – making a climate map
  5. Countries – making the political map

14 thoughts on “Worldbuilding”

  1. I like this subject because I’ve always been interested in how biology interacts with the development of intelligence. I’m working on the first in a series about an alien civilization involving several species that are forced to change when the environment changes. When the idea first came into mind, I stopped to think: How did they become the creatures they did in the first place? How did the civilization develop? How do the species interact? And then it became: How do the changes to environment change the civilization and the species?

    1. There’s a lot to think about, isn’t there? I’ll be taking a look at a lot of things like that in future installments of this series of posts.

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