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Star Wars Soft Drinks?

In Japan, Star Wars mania is everywhere. There are posters, ads, products, and toys everywhere. Japan loves Star Wars. With the upcoming movie premiering in only a month, the ad campaign has many people excited about the movie.

Well, there’s a campaign with Kirin (it’s a drink company) where they are selling Star Wars themed soft drinks. They come in two flavours: Mets Blue Force and Mets Red Force. From what the label says, the Blue Force is refreshing, and likely a somewhat minty flavour. Red Force says spicy/dry (they use the same Chinese characters). It also says cayenne, which makes me think it’s spicy. I have to wonder if it truly is spicy.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I’d like to. I’ve seen them everywhere, so it’s only a matter of time. I’ll probably take videos to taste test them. So, look forward to that.

Which would you like to try?

A New Fanta Flavour

One thing I love about Japan is seasonal flavours. And one of the drinks that gets new flavours all the time is Fanta.  This time of the year is known for strawberries.  They’re everywhere in supermarkets.  I’ve had strawberry soda before, especially one by Sapporo called Ichigo no Soda.  It’s actually 10% real strawberry juice.  It’s quite good.  But this new Fanta flavour isn’t just strawberry, it’s strawberry cream soda!


Just look at that bottle.  The text in the gold part near the bottom says “Strawberry Cream Soda” while the text on the bottom right says “No real juice.”  It’s all artificial flavouring!  But what else would you expect from Fanta?

So, how does it taste?  Very sweet.  It’s not the same as the cream soda I’m used to from Canada, but it’s decent.